The peaces of the Asian countries seem so calm over the years. The land was bright and wealthy and the people were at a time of enlightenment.

China and Japan the princes of his land stood at there home and looked out to there country. Japan smile was soft enjoying the moments of peace, but china's mind seemed to be so far away.

Japan looked at his brother," Yao what's on your mind"?

Yao sighed and looked at japan, his eyes showing sadness and worry,"Kiku, my brother, I sense that the moments of peace will not last long".

"What do you mean"?

Instead of answering him he looked on at the sea, the waves hitting the land with great force making him glare daggers at it.

"There coming".


"Captain I see it"!

The men on the crew howled as the land came into view on the sea.

A tall blond man in a long red coat and hat with a long pure white feather pushed past them and looked of to the land.

A smirked played over his lips,"Men there is our prize"!

The men howled and cheered as there captain pointed to the land, "There is the crown of the Asian countries"!


Well this is just the opening to a England x Japan Fan Fic that's been buzzing in my brain for a long time. It's just the prologue, but what do you guys think?

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