Kiku ran from his room quickly as his home started to shake forcefully. He panted run as fast as he could looking for his brother.

"Yao where are you"!

He turned a corner and saw Yao looking out of the high window of there living room.

"Yao what's going on"?

"There here Kiku, they have finally come for me".

He gripped Yao's hand, "We have to run"!

But Yao didn't move, his eyes were looking down at the floor, "What's the point, there is nothing that can stop them".

Kiku didn't let him talk anymore. He dragged him to the kitchen and got on his knees pulling the wood from the floor.

"Kiku what are you doing"?

He pulling the wood away faster," I won't let you get caught Yao, your the next in line for the family".

Kiku kissed Yao's forehead and covered the hole with the wood.

"Kiku don't, you'll die"!

Kiku stood up and ran into his room and grabbed the swords off of his stand. He rushed back to the kitchen but was stopped with a sword cutting into the wood of the door.

"Where do you think your going"?

Before kiku could speak he took a hard blow to the head making him fall to the ground.

The world went back.


I know its short please don't get mad T-T I have been having writers block but I cant really think of anything right now DX and you all have been asking for a new chap so here it is :D

Injoy :D