A SasuSaku Love Story: The Scarlet Letter Chapter 1: Departure!


One day while Naruto is out on a 2-day mission and is presumed dead, Sakura ends up sleeping with Sasuke and is carrying Sasuke's child, Yuna. What will Sakura do? Who will she choose? Naruto? Or Sasuke?

"Lady Tsunade... HUH?!" cried Shizune with anime-bulging white eyes as Tsunade had fallen asleep. "Oh... good morning." said Tsunade as she was drooling from snoring. "AAAHH! YOU SPENT THE WHOLE TIME SLEEPING WHILE I HAD TO RUN AN ERRAND FOR YOU WHILE YOU WERE SLEEPING ON THE JOB?! MAN! THAT IS SO UNLIKE YOU!" shouted Shizune. "Heh... heh... heh... sorry Shizune. Anyway, bring Hinata, Kiba, Naruto, and Guy in." said Tsunade. "Yes Ma'm!" cried Shizune as she motioned the signal to come in her office. "So... what's the mission Grandma Tsunade?" asked Naruto as he put his hands behind his head. "Your mission Naruto, is to rescue Princess Zelda of Hyrule from the King Of Evil, Ganondorf. This mission will take 2 days to complete. You guys will be gone for 2 days. Hinata Hyuga! Kiba Inuzuka! Naruto Uzumaki! Might Guy! Good luck to all of you." said Tsunade as the team headed outside to The Village Gate.

Later that day...

Naruto was saying goodbye to his fiance, Sakura. You see, after Sasuke had left Konoha 2 years ago, Team Kakashi had returned Sasuke safely home to Konoha 10 days earlier. Now, 10 days later, Sasuke was back home in Konoha and vowed never to betray Konoha again. Now, Sasuke was working as a minister in the Konoha Church while living in his old childhood home to where he, Itachi, and their parents had lived there. "We've waited so long for this haven't we, Naruto?" asked Sakura. "Sakura, I promise... we'll be married when I return. After all, it's only for two days." said Naruto. "Alright. Naruto, Naruto. Naruto, I Love You." said Sakura. "And I love you Sakura." said Naruto as he and Sakura shared a 10 second kiss. "Don't worry Sakura! I'll be back! Dattebayo! Believe it!" cried Naruto. "Naruto... good luck." said Sakura to herself.