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Kurt POV

"I don't know if zhis is really such a good idea," I muttered cautiously, peeking out the door.

"Oh, it's fine. Trust me," Annabeth comforted.

I had been in that infirmary for about a week, waiting for my injuries to heal up enough to go outside. Really I had been looking forward to exploring the camp; I'd heard so many cool things about it from Percy, Grover and Annabeth. But now that I was actually about to exit the Big House… without my inducer.

That's right. Kurt Wagner was about to go out… into the midst of a summer-camp-type-place… filled with about four-hundred kids… armed with swords, maces, and other such deadly weapons… without wearing his image inducer.

And I was terrified.

I felt almost naked. Of course, I was wearing clothes; I would never stand anywhere within Annabeth's peripheral vision without them. But without my inducer, it was almost as if.

"Come on, Kurt. No one's gonna jump up and stake you. I promise."

I stared at her for a moment warily. "How do you know?"

Annabeth sighed. "Well, for one, obviously since you aren't dead and are going to be walking with me and Percy, no one's going to think you're a monster. Second, I don't even think this place has any stakes, unless someone were to go out with a knife and carve one or something. Third; I won't let them."

I smiled grateful at her. "Vell zhen… zhanks."

Annabeth grinned. "Hey, no prob."

I sucked in a deep, deep, deep, deep breath. Okay. No worries. No one is going to kill you. You're with Annabeth. You can teleport well enough now. Everything's going to be fine. One small problem; maybe no one was going to attack me, but I was sure that people wouldn't be too keen to get anywhere near me. After all, even some of the X-Men, my dearest friends… several of them, like Kitty, hadn't been fond of my appearance until a good long time after first getting to know me. It was my curse.

More deep breaths. Gosh, what if nobody likes me?

"Okay, Kurt, we're supposed to meet Percy at the arena. Then we'll take you to your cabin."

"Sure. The arena is where you, like, fight and stuff?"

"Yup. Okay, you ready?"

Another deep breath. Then I nodded. "Yeah. Yeah, I'm ready."

We stepped outside.

I already felt exposed. Now, everyone would stare at me. I probably wouldn't make any other friends. God, please, why did I have to be born like this?!

I was wearing a nice, light blue shirt that didn't clash with my… skin-tone. My pants are simply artfully-faded jeans, complete with a few splatters of white paint. I suppose those are supposed to be there, and are not just some random accident.

My feet are barefoot, of course; I always go barefoot. Plus, it's not like any brand makes shoes that would fit my two-toed, fawn-like feet.

My leg is still in a splint, and my arm in a sling, but other than that my wounds had pretty much healed. I'm sort of glad I don't have to meet everyone looking like some sort of mummy.

"Okay," Annabeth said as we walked around the Big House and began heading towards the camp. "There, that's the mess hall, and the climbing wall, the lake's out over there…"

And people started coming out and staring.

Actually, the only people I noticed was a group of tough-looking kids in front of an area of displayed weapons. I noticed the girl with brown hair from the hill… the one that had wanted to kill me.

The girl, Clarice, noticed me first. She grinned, tapping the shoulders of her friends and pointing in my direction.

"Hey Blue Boy!" she called.

I worked up my nerve. It was obvious that no one was going to run out and burn me at the stake, so I had nothing to fear, right?


Clarice looked slightly surprised, and I realized with a pang of satisfaction that she didn't really have a retort to reply with.

"So, nothing to say? That's fine. Oh, and by the way…" I continued. "Thanks ever so much for not murdering me the other night."

I tried not to sound sarcastic. It worked.

"Uh, yeah…" Clarice muttered. "You're welcome..?"

Annabeth grinned at me, then scowled in her direction.

"Hey, Clarice, you know who this is?"

Clarice seemed weary. "No. Who?"

"Well, his name is Kurt Wagner. He's from New Jersey, not Tartarus. And guess what?"


Annabeth smirked evilly. "Well, apparently all of the Big Three broke their pact."

And she led me away. I glanced back to see the girl frowning, concentrating on Annabeth's statement. Then, realization spread over her face and she looked up at me with her eyes wide. I smiled, revealing my fangs, my golden eyes glinting, and waved at her.

Other people stared in my direction as we walked down to the arena. I assumed it was my physical appearance, but Annabeth said several times that everyone stared at new kids. Natural interest. They were probably wondering which cabin I was going to be put in.

We reached the arena, and I saw Percy sword fighting a tall girl with black hair. It ended in a draw, with each of them with their sword at the other's throat.

They walked away, and Percy noticed us and walked over, wiping sweat from his brow.

"Hey guys!" he called.

"Hi," I muttered, my eyes downcast. No matter the reason, everyone staring at me was not a feeling I particularly enjoyed.

We continued together down to the circle of cabins.

"Okay, I'll leave you two at it," Annabeth said as we reached Percy's cabin. "I'll see you guys at dinner."

I was going to stay at Percy's cabin, for Poseidon, until something happened and a Hades cabin was built.

And, yes, I do see the connection. I mean, I don't really like it. It's sort of cliché, isn't it? The demon is the son of Hades? Well, I think so.

But… there's something there. I feel satisfied, knowing that I have a dad. And knowing who he is.

And maybe… I don't know, maybe he'd be a better dad than Mystique is a mom? I'd like that.

We walked into Percy's cabin, and the first thing I saw was my bed. It was nice… different than Percy's. It had a sort of black metal frame, with navy sheets the same color as the ones on my bed back at the Institute.

I didn't have any belongings when I came, but Chiron had gotten me some clothes and other random knick-knacks. There was an alarm clock on the bedside table, some books…

And a photo.

I walked over and picked it up, then waved it at Percy.

"Where'd you get this?" I asked, aghast.

"Oh… we found it. After Annabeth and Chiron fixed you up, we found the photo on your sheets. We assumed you'd waken up at some point and put it there."

I frown at the picture. "Um, no. This photo is on my desk back in Bayville."

It was a picture of me with all of the X-Men, gathered in our uniforms outside the Institute.

I turned back to the bed, holding the photo, rather confused.

And found something on the sheets that hadn't been there a second ago.

"Hey, now I'm really weirded out. Did you just put this here?" I ask Percy, pointing to the object.

"Um, no," Percy shakes his head.

I picked it up.

A sword in a sheath. A saber, actually. Pulling it out, I realized the sheath was made of some sort of incredibly hard leather.

"Hey, that's dragon skin," Percy says. I turn to see he'd wandered over and was standing directly behind me.

"Dragon skin? What the heck?" The sheath was black and sort of scaly, plated with some sort of dark, dark bronze metal. Drawing the saber out of the sheath, I noticed that the metal of the blade was pitch black. The handle molded perfectly into my hand, as if it had been crafted specifically for my tri-dactyl fingers.

On the blade was a symbol. The same one that had floated above my head when Hades claimed me as his son.

Just had to put in a gift from Hades… and just had to put in Kurt's saber. You know in the original comics he was an epic triple-wield sword-master, right? Well, he was. He had three sabers, one in each hand and one in his tail. He could even use his feet if he was upside down. Epic, huh?