Edit : Alright, since you people actually liked this story, I've decided to make it into a series of one-shots that I will only write on snow days that I get. Otherwise I'd have no inspiration or time. Since this was technically the first, I'll just add the rest on :)

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"Percy! Annabeth! Go shovel the driveway!" my mom called from the kitchen. I groaned and looked over at my blond-haired best friend, who was forced to stay over last night due to a Level 3 Snow Emergency. It was the first snow in our new house in the suburbs, and though I loved snow, I wasn't overjoyed, for obvious reasons.

"Should we listen to her, or continue our Scooby-Doo marathon?" I asked, stretching my arms. She gave me a pointed look.

"No offense, Seaweed Brain, but you mother can have the temper of a Hydra when she gets mad enough."

"True…but why did she ask you? You're a guest, so you shouldn't have to do any work…"

"I asked her, Percy," my mom began, walking into the room. "because she's practically part of the family already. I'm just waiting for the ring to appear on her finger." Annabeth and I both blushed.

"Mom!" I complained. "She's right here, you know!"

"Of course I know. Now, chop, chop! I have to go to work later!" I got up and began getting dressed, grumbling all the way. Annabeth just rolled her eyes and put on her outerwear that she'd brought along. After I'd finally found my missing glove, we were out the door, only pausing to grab the two snow shovels that my mom and I owned.

"So…" I started, looking out at the driveway. "Which side do you want to take?" Annabeth shrugged.

"Left, I guess. Doesn't really matter."

"Alright, sounds good." With that we began to shovel, but pretty soon I got bored. It was just a monotonous cycle. Shovel, lift, throw, shovel, lift, throw. Suddenly, a grin found its way onto my face as I watched Annabeth repeat the same motions I had just been doing moments before. I looked to my shovel full of the powdery white flakes, and an idea worthy of my nickname came to mind. As quietly as possible, I crept up behind her and right as she turned around, I dumped the load of snow right on her head. She stood there, shocked, for a few moments, before narrowing her eyes.

"You want to play dirty, huh?" she asked, swinging her snow shovel menacingly. "Hah!" There was a clang as the two steel handles hit against each other.

"I'm not stupid, Annabeth." I parried another hit.

"Really?" She panted, feigning towards my left. I'd fought with her enough times to know her tricks. "Because dumping a ton of snow on my head seems pretty dumb to me." I just grinned at her.

"My brain's made of seaweed, what can I say?"

"You can say," she huffed, lunging at me again. "Uncle!" I gasped in surprise as I felt my arm twisted behind my back. My other arm was pinned to my side by her knee.

"Which one? Zeus?" She twisted a little harder. "Ach! Okay, Hades? Ow…okay, okay, I'm sorry. But I don't think I have any more uncles…UNCLE!" She finally let go, and a triumphant smirk graced her beautiful features as I rubbed my arm gingerly. "Dang…I might as well start calling you man-hands." She glared at me, crossing her arms.

"Call me that again, and you won't even be able to be defined as a man once I'm done with you."

"Tsk, tsk, so violent…" I trailed off, shaking my head.

"Tsk, tsk, so stupid…" Annabeth repeated my actions. "Seriously, though, we need to get back to work." I sighed dramatically.

"Work, work, and more work. Learn to live a little, Wise Girl. Honestly, it wouldn't hurt to—" My sentence got cut off, however, as I was tackled into the 2 feet of snow that lay in the yard.

"Is this enough fun for you?" she smirked, pinning me down. I grinned up at her.

"Now, I know I look positively irresistible in my winter wear, what with my rosy cheeks in all, but really—wait, what are you doing with my pants. Annabeth! What are you—AH! That's freaking cold!" I exclaimed through clenched teeth. Annabeth just beamed at me innocently. "Did you really just put a handful of snow down my pants?" Her smile just grew wider. "I can't believe you…well, I suppose you were just having fun…but, the fun has to be shared, right?" Her grin faltered. Before she could speak, I rolled over, and our positions were switched. "Now, there's nothing more fun than a good bout of tickling, so…" Annabeth's eyes grew wide and she began struggling against my steel grip.

"Don't you dare—EEE!" I held her arms down with my elbows and began mercilessly tickling her. "Percy…hahaha…stop…ahaha…or I swear...mmp—" I could tell she was trying to stop the uncontrollable giggles that were threatening to break through. While she was distracted with this, I grabbed a fist of snow and swiftly deposited it onto her bare stomach. "Aiieee!" she squealed, squirming around as if it would somehow make the cold go away. I finally let her go, and she lifted her coat and shirt and attempted to brush all the snow off of her stomach. Then she looked up at me with fire in her eyes. "You. Are. So. Dead!" She snarled, before lunging at me. I dove out of the way, and held my hands in front of my face to defend against the oncoming blow. It came pretty quickly. "I'm going to—" Annabeth gasped as I grabbed her arms out from under her, and she landed on me with an 'Oof!'.

"You're the one who stuck snow down my pants, aren't you?" I asked, raising an eyebrow. She tried to yank her arm out of my grasp, but I held on tight, my gaze never wavering from her face.

"Well, you said that I needed to have fun." She retorted.

"True, true. But that did make me feel a little violated." She rolled her eyes.

"My stomach is still cold."

"And you think my..." I cleared my throat. "isn't?"

"Well…you still tickled me like mad! That was unfair!" I chuckled, but that only made her angrier. "You jerk! You just had to-mmph" Her rant was cut off as I pressed my lips to hers. I was about to pull away when I felt her arms, that I had accidentally let go of, wrap around my neck and bring me closer. She must've felt my grin against her lips, because she muttered, "Shut up, Seaweed Brain." I only grinned wider.

"Gladly." After a few minutes of this, we remembered why we were out here. "Ugh, shoveling," I groaned.

"Oh, yeah…well, let's get to it," Annabeth started to get up, but I pulled her back on top of me, closing my eyes.

"Just a little longer." I was answered with a light smack on my head. "Ow, what was that for?" I grumbled.

"We have to do it sooner or later." She said, ignoring my question.

"Alright, later." I tried to capture her lips again. I received another smack.

"Come on." I stuck my tongue out at her and finally got up. We spent a couple of hours on the snow, and managed to get it finished before my mom had to leave. We also had some time to build a snow fort, so now we were laying in it, just talking.

"So," Annabeth said, turning in my arms. "What was that whole kiss thing about?" I shrugged.

"You wouldn't shut up." That earned me a punch on the arm. "Ouch! I'm sorry, I'm sorry." Annabeth just rolled her eyes, as usual. Then she shivered, causing me to pull her closer to me. "You cold?" She merely nodded. "I know what could warm you up," I slyly added, wiggling my eyebrows.

"Oh, really? And what's that?"

"Believe me, I've been forced to watch one too many of my mom's racy romance movies. There were a few that included two individuals caught in a blizzard and their attempts to stay warm. Not a pretty picture, let me tell you."

"And you want us to stay warm that way?"

"No, not really. We could just go inside."

"Yeah, that'd be better." But, instead of going inside, we fell into another peaceful silence.

"Hey, Annabeth?" I asked suddenly, a thought coming to my head.


"Snow's pretty much just cold water, right?"

"Duh. We learned that in 1st grade, idiot."

"Then couldn't I have just used my powers to move the snow off the driveway?" Annabeth stiffened in my arms, then groaned,

"You can't be serious." I concentrated on a chunk of ice, then watched as it lifted and flew across the fort into the opposite wall.

"I am."

"Couldn't you have, you know, thought of this before we spent 3 hours shoveling it?"

"Hey, I'm a Seaweed Brain, remember? You're the daughter of Athena."

"Whatever. Let's just go inside."


So…yeah, there was a Level 3 Snow Emergency where I live today, so I couldn't resist. I didn't include the snow baseball, however, which I played yesterday. It's amazing, but it just didn't fit. Anyway…hope you enjoyed!