So…I would continue more with the cabin, but I happen to have no inspiration for that. Reviews with ideas would be greatly appreciated :) So, instead you get plotting by Percy. The Camp Half-Blood Christmas play that I was going to do will be continued later.

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I was suspicious when Annabeth had asked (very sweetly, might I add) if I would come back to Camp Half-Blood for winter break. As much as she and I love the camp, we don't usually prefer to spend our Christmases there, considering Mr. D can ruin anyone's holiday spirit. I found out when I arrived that it was perfectly reasonable for me to be suspicious. She wanted me to be in the annual Christmas play.

"Are you joking?" I asked, staring at her dumbly.

"Come on, Percy. Everyone has already unofficially decided that you're going to play Perseus. He is your namesake, after all."

"What does the story of Andromeda even have to do with Christmas in the first place?" Honestly. It was about a sea monster. Sea monsters and Christmas don't really mix well, even though for a half-blood like me, they're probably not all that uncommon.

"We're taking a modern, Christmas-based twist on it." She crossed her arms stubbornly.

"No. Absolutely not." I copied her motions.

"Do you really want to ruin it for all the kids who want their hero to play another one of their heroes?"

"Don't be ridiculous. I am not their hero." Just then, a gaggle of giggling girls (A/N: Ignore my alliteration, please) passed by, looking at me and whispering. My face heated up as I turned to Annabeth, who gave me a knowing look. "They could be talking trash about me." I protested weakly. One of the girls separated herself from the group and walked up to me.

"Hey, did you get those jeans from Hot Topic?" She asked, and the groupies exploded into laughter. I'm not going to lie to you; I was a bit more than weirded out.

" Macy's, actually. Why?" I knew it was never a good idea to ask why, but I really was wondering.

"Because they're making you a hot topic." With that lousy pick-up line, she gave an exaggerated wink and swaggered off as if that was supposed to be attractive. I turned to Annabeth helplessly, who was glaring at the girls.

"I'm scared."

She rolled her eyes at me. "Because that's such a frightening thing."

"It is!" I exclaimed. Then I looked down. "If these jeans are really making me a hot topic, should I burn them?" Annabeth followed my line of sight and answered quickly,

"No, you're fine." There wasn't any innuendo in her tone, but the way her gaze lingered on me, there might as well have been. Her eyes came back to mine after a few more awkward seconds, and she grinned. "But if they're going to make a line about it, they should've just said hot instead of a hot topic. It works equally as well." My face turned red after that, making her laugh. "You get embarrassed so easily."

"Oh, and you don't?" I challenged, fully turning toward her. She raised an eyebrow coolly.

"Nope." She said, popping the p.

"Really? Anything I could do, right now, wouldn't embarrass you?"

"I think you forget that I am the epitome of cool." With that she strode off toward the amphitheater. I quickly followed, coming up next to her and raising my hands in mock surrender.

"Alright, alright, if you say so." I refrained from mentioning how red she used to get when we would see Luke, but talking about Luke now was a big no-no. Not just for her, but for everyone, including me. "However…do you see all of these people, Annabeth?"

"Of course I see them, Seaweed Brain. What are you getting at?" A wicked smile lit up my face at her suspicious tone. I leaned closer.

"Oh, never mind." Her eyes widened in realization but my lips were already on hers; my arms now encircling her waist. Deepening the kiss, I moved us out into the open where everybody was, ignoring Annabeth's protests. The loud chatter stopped, whispers began, and one loud voice yelled the ever familiar line, 'Get a room!' I moved one hand up to her cheek, which was steadily getting warmer, and whispered, "Nothing can embarrass you, huh?"

"I never said that." She murmured against me. "I said nothing can embarrass me easily."

"I'm not easy?" I asked, causing her to smile, and repeat,


Alright, so that was more fluffy than funny, but I still hope you enjoyed it :) As I said, I was going to write about a Christmas play, but I haven't got all the details figured out as of yet. I know this is a short one-shot, but hopefully it should hold you off until Christmas break.