Chapter I:
The Present

"Roxas!" I hear my mother calling me from downstairs and I groan because I really don't want to move right now. I'm currently seated, and quite comfortably too, in front of my computer typing out a 10 page essay for the fifth time because apparently my cat is against my education and loves shutting off my computer.

"What!" I call back, keeping an eye on Oblivion, that damn devil cat, as she purrs and rubs herself against the extension cord that is currently keeping my computer alive. I hiss at her and try to reach her with my foot but I can't (damn short legs), so instead I look around my desk for something to throw at her. My search comes up inconclusive and I have nothing to whip at her to keep her from-

And she succeeds yet again in unplugging the computer. I feel like screaming, or shoving her down the toilet, or possibly doing both at the same time while having a noose up and ready, made from my mouse wire but then I remember its wireless and that I had set my computer to automatically save every 4-5 minutes. I send her a smug look which she chooses to ignore and instead goes off to rub herself against other things; hopefully she won't break anything…again.

"Come down here!" and this leads to a screaming competition, my mother screaming that she can't come up because she has her shoes on and I should be going down to see her and my father off, while I scream back that her shoes are clean and I can't move or else I'll loose my writing mojo.

"Oh Roxas, just come down here!" I decide to humor her and get up; she's the one paying for my expensive education after all so if my inspiration wears off and I write utter crap for the rest of my essay it is her doing. I know that won't happen though, I only have to write the concluding paragraph and I'm finished but she doesn't need to know that.

"Yeah, yeah I'm here," I say once I reach the landing and I realize they (they, being my parents) have small duffle bags at their feet meaning the trip will probably be a bit longer then just a few hours. I stare at them curiously and my mother is the first one to speak.

"We have to go pick something up a few cities over, we'll be back by Friday night so no parties," Pfft, yeah right because I am such a wild party animal. Chain me to the wall because I am out of control…God can you feel the sarcasm here? "Alright Roxas?" I realize I had tuned out the other half of her speech so I just nod and smile at her as she pecks my forehead and opens the front door, my father picks up their bags and heads out, walking down the stairs towards the parked car. My mother however, stays standing at the door for a few more minutes and when she looks at me, her smile is so bright I think I'm going to be blinded.

"I'm sure you'll just love it," is all she says before walking out and closing the door. I twist my lips up, wondering what in God's holy name she's talking about because as far as I'm concerned I already have everything I could ever want and/or need but if she wants to get me more things, well, all the power to her.

I'm not spoiled, just lavished with attention and presents.

I head back upstairs to find Oblivion rolling all over my keyboard, making my computer spazz, about a million and two windows are open and it's making that weird noise, the one that comes when you press the shift key one too many times and activate the 'sticky keys'. Has anyone else every realized how absolutely disgusting that is? I mean, what are they sticky from?

Anyway, I rush over and shove her off the keyboard which in turn makes her hiss and jump at me, claws out and going straight for the eyes. I screech and try to duck but alas, I'm too slow for her feline agility and she ends up stabbing her claws into my stomach, clinging on for dear life and ripping me to shreds. I scream and try to pry her off but the damn cat has a good grip. When I finally manage to get her off me it's only because she gives up, her mood swing disappearing as she retracts her claws and drops to the floor. I want to kick her, oh believe me I do, but I don't and let her walk away.

My cell phone suddenly starts up, effectively scaring the crap out of me and making me have at least 3 heart attacks in a row before I reach over and pluck it off the desk. I flip it open without even checking to see who it is, I figure that I'll know once I talk to them.

"Open your window!" comes the voice and I feel like fainting until I recognize who it is and turn to face my window only to find Sora there, brightly smiling along with Hayner, I roll my eyes and walk over, hanging up in the process.

"Can't you guys use the door?" I ask and Sora laughs as if I'm stupid or something, Hayner adds his own chuckles here and there, clapping me on the back like I'm some big, macho man who likes that sort of thing.

"No way, where's the fun in that?" Sora says, dropping onto my computer chair ungraciously while Hayner plops onto my bed, crinkling the sheets in every way humanly possible and even beyond that.

"Well, there is normality in it," Sora and Hayner are two of my best friends (Sora is my cousin), together we all attend Kings Hart Private School for the insanely rich and snooty although not everyone who goes there is snooty or even close to it. Olette, in fact, is probably so far from snooty she'd have to see it with a telescope and Naminé is the complete opposite of snotty, but believe me there are quite a few snoots and snobs.

"Where are your folks?" Hayner asks, staring up at my ceiling and popping his gum, probably day dreaming about his and Naminé's wedding or something equally displeasing to imagine.

"I have no idea, they just left a few minutes ago…said they were going to get me something," I say with a shrug and remember that I have my essay to finish typing. "Guys, I have that essay due and I haven't finished so…" I trail off, hoping they'll get the point and climb right back out of my window and head home, which really means they'll crawl out the window and Sora goes right a few feet while Hayner goes left. I know I'm pretty lucky to have them as next door neighbors but right now, I really need to finish this essay.

"Dude, relax! It's a P.A day tomorrow, remember? Long weekend!" Hayner sings excitedly, pumping his fist in the air while Sora howls like a wolf, spinning around in my computer chair. My eyes widen and I rush towards my calendar, practically throwing myself at it and seeing that yes, there is no school tomorrow.

"Thank fucking god!" I sigh, flopping over onto a near by bean bag chair and letting my body relax. For some reason during the week I'm always tense, when Friday comes around I visibly deflate and I'm ready for sleeping and doing nothing but lying around all day, until Sunday rolls around and I have to rush to get everything ready. I'm a procrastinator and yes, I know it's a filthy habit but I just can't seem to break it.

"Seriously dude! Anyway, Sora and I where planning on crashing here, watch a few movies you know, play a few wickedly awesome video games!"

"Sure, whatever. I hate being alone in this house anyway," I say, shivering at the memories of all the times I was forced to stay home alone. This giant house makes some scary ass noises when there is no one in the other rooms, especially when everything is dark and quiet, the noises seem to be amplified.

"Suh-weet!" Sora says, sliding off my computer chair and it is only then that I notice they are both in pajama pants and a flimsy t-shirt. It's not freezing out, but it's not warm enough to be parading around like that which clearly meant they knew they were going to be staying the night.

Even if my parents were here they wouldn't mind, they are all crazy about me having people over. My mom loves it when I socialize because she thinks she deprived me of a happy childhood simply because I have no siblings, which is really stupid of her in all honesty. I've lived all my life in this house and have grown up with the kids in the neighborhood; I really never missed out on anything. I've seen how Hayner gets along with his brother Seifer and believe you me; I wouldn't want to have to put up with that every day of my life. Still, my mom feels sorry because I'm usually alone after school and no matter how many times I tell her it's not her fault that she got sick and could no longer have children, she always asks me to forgive her for leaving me all the time. I don't really mind, I have Sora and Hayner next door, plus enough video games to keep me occupied until I reach the healthy age of 99. I also understand that they have to work in order to keep our house afloat, so I don't hold any grudges against them (my mother and father); I just relax and enjoy any time we spend together.

When I blink and refocus on life now, instead of the life in my head I see Sora and Hayner already playing God of War III, Sora currently swinging the Blades of Chaos around and cackling wildly as he cuts about a dozen of those dead Spartan warriors in half. I sometimes (all the time) worry about his mental health, but as I see Hayner ignoring it and just soaking up the blood lust and carnage, I decide to be a normal teenaged boy and do the same.

"This game…is too amazing for words, seriously!" Sora says, passing Hayner the control after he's killed. We have a system, one that I created ever-so-cleverly when I was younger, where when we play one player games, we only have our turn until we die then we pass the remote on to whoever is next and so on and so forth. It's worked marvelously so far, and no one has any complaints.

"I was waiting for it for an eternity in line," I respond, Hayner however takes to getting completely absorbed in the game, his eyes glued to the screen as he fights the big beastie that killed Sora. He's so engrossed in the game he doesn't even notice when we get up and head downstairs to the kitchen.

"So, what are your parents getting you that requires like an over night trip?" Sora asks while I rummage through the fridge trying to find us anything to snack on, if my mom was here she'd probably be cooking her little keester off but well she isn't and I'll have to make do and prepare my own snacks.

"I honestly have no idea, maybe it's some exotic pet or something…like a horse," I shoot a grin over my shoulder at Sora and he just laughs, rolling his eyes at me before jumping to sit on the counter. I pull out the ingredients I'll need to make a sandwich…or ten.

"First, wouldn't you know if you asked for the pet? And Second, you hate animals," Sora laughs when I glare at him because that is not true. I do not hate animals; I just am not too fond of them. Especially dogs, God how I cannot stand the things.

"Well I don't know, but my mom said I'll love it," I say and place the top bun on the third sandwich, Sora slides off the counter to help me finish making them.

"What the hell!" Sora jumps, and I screech (again), both sets of arms wrapping around one another as we cower in fear, until we both realize that it was only Hayner and we pull away a little awkwardly, blushing furiously when Hayner collapses on the floor from laughing too hard.

"P-p-priceless!" he cackles and I throw a piece of iceberg lettuce at him, aiming for his big, fat mouth but instead hitting him in the middle of the face. Close enough, really.

He just eats it, sounding completely satisfied when he's done and he watches us from the floor, clearly not bothered enough to stand up or even attempt to help.

"So, what are your parents buying you?" he asks the same thing Sora did not too long ago and I sigh before placing the sandwiches onto a plate that Sora got for me.

"If you wouldn't have been so entangled in trying to become Kratos you would have seen us leave, then you would have been a part of our conversation where we already covered this!"

"He doesn't know," Sora decides to interject when it appears that my statement only confused Hayner. I laugh at his stupidness before we all head back upstairs and continue playing video games, eating all the sandwiches and finally passing out.

I wake up only because my stomach has finished digesting those sandwiches and requires immediate attention. It's gurgling actually scared me out of my slumber and I roll over, only to come face to ass with Hayner. I quickly scramble to my feet and scowl at his butt, although it can't see the distaste on my face, I hope he feels in while he sleeps or something. Like a pin prick in his ass cheek or a nightmare about being chased by huge eyes that are only after staring at his ass. I know Hayner hates when people look at his ass, though I've never asked why because it's just weird. Anyway, I finish glaring at his cheeks and tip-toe over him, Sora is apparently M.I.A.

I know where he is though; really there is only one place to look whenever he goes missing in my house, or any house for that matter. Option A is the kitchen because Sora is an in-the-closet fatass, and Option B is in the living room because once he's done stuffing food down his gullet, he likes to watch absurd amounts of cartoons. I decide to go to the kitchen first because that's always where he goes first and I don't find him, instead I find the aftermath of him. Bowls in the sink and pancakes on the counter.

One plus to Sora loving food is that he loves cooking too, which in turn means I get fed whenever he's around. I pile pancakes onto my plate and drown them in enough brown sugar and maple syrup to put me into a diabetic coma then head out towards the living room. Lo and behold, he's sitting on the sofa watching SpongeBob which is weird because SpongeBob only plays after school which is around 4:30-5:00pm.

My eyes immediately dart around the room for a clock and Sora must see me standing there and he must know exactly what I'm looking for because he tells me the time. "It's 4:45, your mom called a while ago…they are on their way here," he says and he looks up at me, I drop down on the couch beside him and start shoveling the pancakes into my face, finishing in record time just as Hayner walks in with a plate staked up almost higher then his actual head.

"I'm excited you guys," I say happily and Sora smiles at me, and Hayner just cocks his head in my direction, meaning please, elaborate because I am still half asleep. "I get to see what they got me!"

Just as I finish my sentence I hear the door unlock, followed by my mother calling out to me and my heart is racing in my chest when I get up, Hayner and Sora coming right behind me to greet her. There are a lot more bags in the foyer then when they had first left and the strange thing is, they are all different suitcases, ones I have never seen in my life.

I hear a low whistle, and watch in horror as a mangey man, who looks like he just stepped out of Juvie, walks in behind my mother.

"Roxas, this is Axel!" My mother says happily, and my eyes lock with Axel's.

My mom did not just get me a man for a present.

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