Disclaimer: I do not own Chrome Shelled Regios, nor any of it's characters, though if I did, I totally would have had more episodes then they did.

Chapter 1

The five figures stood gathered about the hospital bed, watching the figure laying prone there. They were all members of the 17th platoon of the Regios Zuellini. They all had names; Felli Loss, Sharnid Elipton, Shena Matelna, Harley Sutton, and Layfon wolfstein Alseif. The figure in the bed before them was their captain, Nina Antalk. Though most of them only knew her from their time in the 17th platoon, some; like Harley, had known her for much longer then that.

What had lead to her current state was a combination of factors, starting with the damage the Haikizoku had wreaked during it's brief stay inside of her, Followed by the near torture she had experienced at Savaris' hands in order to extract the Haikizoku, she had been left unconscious for nearly half a day after Layfon had rescued her. As soon as she had regained awareness, she had moved off to help in the recovery from the filth monster's attack, pulling survivors from the wreckage, and carrying wounded to hospitals.

In the end though, the effort had proved too much and she had collapsed again. The doctor had said that the Haikizoku's ability to force a wielder to release large amounts of kei had left her body extremely weakened, even before Savaris had harmed her further. Further more, the damage done to her kei artery was enough that the doctor had said it had almost ruptured, which would likely have spelled death for Nina. Though she was stable now, they couldn't help but worry. One by one they left to contribute to the rescue effort until the only one left was Layfon. He sat done in a chair next to the bed and gripped the captain's hand, silently praying she would wake soon.