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Chapter 16

Draco didn't feel right about Isabella. Something was off. Hermione suggested they have Harry Potter look into the matter. At first, Draco refused the help of one of his wife's good friends even if he was an auror; but Hermione persisted and finally Draco caved.

It was late at night when Harry arrived in Draco's hospital room. He hated barging in at such an ungodly hour, but he felt this couldn't wait. Draco couldn't sleep, so he was awake when Harry entered the room.

"Sorry to come at such a late hour, Malfoy." Harry pushed his glasses up with his knuckle. "But I thought you should know that an arrest will be made at Malfoy Manor tonight."

Draco sat up straighter in his bed. "Go on, what did you find?"

Harry took a seat next to the bed. Hermione entered the room with a plate of cookies and a glass of milk. She sat the food down and gave Harry a big hug. Draco rolled his eyes.

"Enough with groping my wife. Out with it, Potter."

Harry sat back down and cleared his throat. "Well, to be honest with you, when you asked us to look into Isabella's background, I thought we wouldn't find much. But during our research, we dug up this old newspaper article from a few years ago." He handed Draco the article about Isabella Rossi disappearing from a day of boating and her body never being found. There was a photo of Isabella above the article.

Draco read the article and handed it to Hermione. "So if Isabella's been dead all these years, who's been living in my house? Who's Blaise engaged to?"

Harry pulled a photo out of his folder. "That's where it gets interesting. We contacted several people that was on the yacht that day and came up this photograph." He handed the picture to Draco.

Draco studied the picture. Smiling faces and waving hands were abundant in the photo. He picked out Isabella. Obviously this picture was taken before she disappeared. There were several faces he did not recognize. Then his eyes fell upon one face that he did recognize.

Harry continued, "We've been able to interview everyone that was on the boat that day, with the exception of Isabella, of course, and…"

Draco looked at the photograph again and said with disgust, "Pansy fucking Parkinson."

"It must be some sort of polyjuice potion she's using to transform herself into Isabella Rossi," said Harry.

Hermione's cell phone rang. It was Rosie. She listened as Rosie explained what was happening at the manor and their findings about the ring. After she hung up, she explained, "Not polyjuice potion, but a polyjuice ring."

"A polyjuice ring? I've never heard of such a thing," said Draco.

"It's a very old and dark bit of magic. There are only a few rings known in existence." She stood up and grabbed Harry's arm. "We need to get back to the manor fast. Rosie said Caroline has gone off on a rampage to confront Isabella , or Pansy, that is."

As his wife and Harry were leaving, Draco leaned back and closed his eyes. "Oh shit. This can't be good."


Blaise took another sip of his drink. He was getting too old for this, he thought. He should be snug in his bed dreaming of a certain blonde – not saving a certain blonde from herself.

"Aren't you going after her?" asked Stefan.

"Yep. But why let good whiskey go to waste? I'll go fetch her when I'm done. I'm sure she can hold her own for a bit."

Darlene just shook her head. "Men! You and your priorities. I'm going to go check on the Colonel. See if he's still breathing."

"Let me accompany you, m'lady," Stefan offered her his arm.

Darlene lightly took his arm. As much as she admired the house, it gave her the creeps, so she welcomed the escort.

"You two kids behave," Blaise called out after them. Stefan looked back over his shoulder and gave his cousin a slightly wicked grin.

Blaise swallowed the last few drops of this drink and pushed himself up from the leather chair. He had a blonde witch he needed to rescue.


When Caroline arrived at the doors to Isabella's suite, she stood there for a moment deciding what her course of action would be. Should she be nice and coerce the truth from Isabella?

Nah, that wasn't Caroline's style.

With her wand at the ready she barged into the suite ready to hex the bitch. What she saw shocked her beyond words.

Looking directly at her wasn't Isabella, but her own twin. Isabella changed herself to look like Caroline. After she saw what Caroline was wearing, Isabella quickly transformed her clothes to be identical to Caroline's.

"What the fu…?" asked the real Caroline. "Who are you?"

"No one you want to trifle with, little girl. Let's just say that you're being replaced. Permanently."

"You won't get away with this. Blaise will know. Everyone will know."

"Oh, how naive you are. I've been watching you. Your mannerisms, the way you talk, the way you flirt with Blaise. You won't be missed. No one will know the difference," said the fake Caroline. "In fact, I have it all planned out. Oh, don't worry, I'm not going to kill you. You're simply going to just disappear. I've wanted to try this de-aging spell for some time now. Once you're a little brat once again, you'll be shipped off to an orphanage. And just so you won't cause any trouble, I'm going to do the world a favor and wipe your memory while I'm at it." She cackled just like...well, a witch.

"Over my dead body," the real Caroline said, and she raised her wand and threw out a curse. But it missed the fake Caroline.

Blaise walked up the stairs at a slow pace until he heard the first blast coming from Isabella's suite. He took the stairs two at a time to reach the top. He ran down the hall and burst into the room.

He saw the two Carolines pointing their wands at each other.

"Holy Toledo," exclaimed Blaise when he saw the two blondes. "I know I've been drinking a lot, but I usually never see double!"

"Grab her, Blaise. She's the fake!" yelled the real Caroline.

"No, Blaise, she's not the real Caroline. I am," said the fake Caroline. The two started arguing with each other and began a nasty shoving match.

Blaise raised his voice. "Can it, you two. I know one way to tell the real Caroline."

"How?" they both asked in unison.

"Quite simple really. A kiss."

The two Carolines scowled at each other and one of the Carolines sashayed over to Blaise. She looked like Caroline, dressed like Caroline, and felt like Caroline as she put her arms around Blaise's waist. She leaned in slowly and started to kiss him.

Blaise enjoyed the kiss and was started to really get into it, when she reluctantly pulled away. Or rather, the other Caroline jerked on her arm to get her out of Blaise's embrace.

"Hmm. That was nice," said Blaise.

"Nice? I'll show you nice," said the other Caroline. She shyly looked Blaise in the eyes. She slowly leaned into him crushing her breasts against him. Raising her hands to his face, she caressed his lower lip with her thumb. She wove her hands through his hair and leaned in for the kiss.

Blaise's hands brushed against the sides of Caroline's breasts and wrapped them around her waist. As soon as her lips touched his, he felt an electric jolt all the way down to his toes. He knew right away that this was the real Caroline. The kiss deepened, and he grabbed the back of her hair with one hand and rubbed her breast with the other. She moaned into his mouth, and he picked her up. With her legs wrapped around his waist, he started moving backwards toward the door. He wanted to get her the heck out of there.

"Wait!" screamed Isabella/fake Caroline. She was pointing her wand at the couple. "I'm not done with you yet."

Blaise lowered Caroline to the ground. She whipped around facing Isabella and threw a curse at her with her wand. Isabella dodged the flying current and threw a spell at Caroline, but Caroline ducked and the spell hit Blaise.

Blaise was thrown backward and hit the wall hard. It knocked the breath out of him. For a few moments, he couldn't move.

With determination in her face, Caroline pointed her wand at Isabella and shouted, "Mimble wimble." Isabella's tongue rolled up so she couldn't talk. Caroline turned to Blaise to see if he was okay. Blaise shook his head to clear it and started to get up with Caroline's help.

"Mimble wimble? That's the best you could come up with?" Blaise asked.

"Hey, it was just the first thing that came to me." Caroline turned to face Isabella and threw an Incarcerous spell at her. Invisible cords bound Isabella's hands and feet.

"That's better." Blaise hugged his Caroline and kissed her lightly on top of her head.

"Hold on a minute," said Caroline. She walked over to Isabella and ripped the offending ring off her finger. Almost instantaneously, Isabella's face changed from Caroline to that of...

"Pansy Parkinson?" Blaised asked shaking his head in disbelief. "You fucking bitch." He grabbed his wand, pointed it at Pansy's head. Rage coursed through his body. He was absolutely livid. Caroline had never seen him so angry. "Avada..."

"Drop your wand, Zabini," called a male voice. Harry and Hermione walked in seeing Blaise about to do something that he would ultimately regret.

While Hermione hugged Caroline, Harry went over to Pansy and grabbed her by the arm. "You've got a lot of explaining to do, Pansy. I'm going to take you in."

Caroline handed the ring over to Harry as evidence and lifted the tongue-tying spell off Pansy. Harry, along with Pansy, dis-apparated to auror headquarters.

Caroline turned to leave the room and said, "I need a drink."

Blaise followed her. "Me, too."

Hermione sighed and followed as well. "Me, three."

Little Julian stood wide-eyed in the corner of the room and witnessed the whole ordeal. "Me, four."


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