Gaara walks around the corner and stops to stare at where he is heading, Konoha's finest café, Café Hyuuga. He sighs and walks into the café.

He looks around at the mass of customers in the room and can't help but thinking, 'No wonder they're asking for new employees.' He finds what he's looking for in the back corner of the room. He walks up to the door that clearly states: "EMPLOYEES ONLY." He looks lower and finds a smaller sign that says: "Unless you are applying for a job."

Gaara sighs quietly as he pushes the door open. He expects to see the kitchen or an office, but instead, he finds himself in a hallway. He walks down the hallway, reading each door for the one he's looking for. He finds it at the end of the hallway. He looks up and reads to himself, "Hyuuga Neji".

He pulls the door open and finds himself standing in what looks to be a lobby to a fancy hotel. 'Wow…this place looks so small from the outside; I never knew this place was so big. Well, that's probably the power the Hyuugas have,' Gaara thinks quietly as he walks up to the front desk and rings the small bell. Almost immediately, a brunette walks out of a door from behind the desk and says, "Hello, I am Hyuuga Neji's secretary, how may I help you?"

"Hey, Tenten," Gaara says casually, "I'm here for the job."

Tenten looks at Gaara and smiles embarrassedly, "Sorry, Gaara. I couldn't recognize you without your gourd." She begins shuffling through papers, "So, you're here for WHICH position? We have many we were advertising for."

Gaara mutters quietly to himself, before looking away, blushing slightly, "…baker…" he mumbles quietly.

Tenten looks up at him, astounded. "BAKER!"

"Yes, yes! Now, can I have the job!" Gaara shouts, obviously embarrassed about his unwavering passion for sweet things.

"Oh! Right…" Tenten says, looking for the baker papers. She gives Gaara some papers, "Um just sign these and you'll have the job…and I won't tell Neji what position you wanted."

Gaara signs before quietly saying, "Thanks."

Tenten smiles and says, "You can start today, the kitchen is the last door on the right, you'll find our current chef there!" Gaara nods before walking out of the room and down the hallway to the kitchen.

He opens the door and steps inside, he looks around from where he's standing and he doesn't see anyone. "Hello?" he asks into the air.

He hears footsteps from his right. Suddenly, a young woman slams into him, throwing them both to the floor. On the way down, Gaara hits his head on a metal rack behind him and he loses consciousness.

"H-hello? G-Gaara-san? Are you alright? I didn't h-hurt you, d-did I?" stammers the woman as Gaara regains consciousness. He blinks a few times before he can focus clearly. He looks up to see Hinata Hyuuga, the woman of his dreams, standing above him.

"Hinata…" Gaara breathes, amazed. Hinata helps Gaara up and bows in apology.

"I-I'm sorry, Gaara-san. I was waiting for the new baker to help me fill the orders."

Gaara's eyes widen. "I-I'm the new baker!" Gaara says, pointing to himself.

Hinata blinks, "Really?" she tilts her head to the left slightly.

'So cute.' "Yes, I am…so…what do you want me to do?" Gaara asks.

"Oh! Um…there are a few spare uniforms in the back," Hinata says, pointing in the direction of the back room. Gaara nods and makes his way to the back room, where he finds a lot of uniforms. He finds the ones for the bakers and puts it on.

He walks out of the room and finds his way to where Hinata is by following the sweet smell of…well…sweets.

He walks out and asks, "Now what?"

Hinata turns around to greet him and chuckles. "What?" Gaara asks, confused. Hinata laughs louder. "WHAT!" Gaara shouts, annoyed.

"It's just…you look really…cute, Gaara-kun," Hinata says, quietly, calming herself down.

A slight blush finds its way to Gaara's face. "Oh…well…um."

Hinata smiles and says, "You look just like a baker, and when you walked in, I pictured the little sweet-loving kid I knew years ago wearing that. I just couldn't help but laughing, you were so cute, Gaara-kun."

"Oh…" 'Were?' Gaara thinks to himself, showing the slight sadness in his face.

"I-it's not like I'm insulting you, Gaara-kun! I wouldn't even think of that! It's just…you were so nice to me, maybe not everyone, but you were nice to me, and became my friend. And that's what we'll always be!" Hinata says, misinterpreting Gaara's sadness.

'Always being JUST friends? She's making it worse…why can't she see that that's not what I want! I took this job to get on the Hyuuga's good side so that maybe I could see Hinata more. I never guessed I would be working with her. That made me glad, Hina-chan; it's just, you only think of me as a friend, right? …Well…I'm gonna change that! Yeah! I'll make you fall head over heels for me!' Gaara thinks with a newfound determination.

Hinata sighs when she sees that Gaara wasn't sad anymore. That was the last thing she'd want him to be, him being her first and only crush. "Well, anyways, I'm glad we don't have too many people here today, I can show you how to make each of these dishes." Gaara nods and walks up next to Hinata.

"Well, you start by…"

First chapter FINISHED! Sorry it's so short, the next will be longer, I just needed him to get the job this chapter. There will be a plot soon! I swear!