This is a set roughly a year after Gaara's surgery.

Oh, I think I never mentioned this at the beginning, but they are all out of college, so yes, this chapter does make sense.

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Hinata walks up the steps into the café. She smiles and moves to unlock the door only to find it already unlocked. She pauses. 'That's strange, I told Gaara to lock up when he left…' She slowly opens the door and pushes her way inside. She glances around warily. 'Maybe we got robbed. It doesn't look like it though…'

She continues through the dining area to the door marked "EMPLOYEE'S ONLY". She slowly pushes that door open as well only to find nothing out of place. 'What's going on? Why was the door unlocked?' She sighs in frustration before walking down the hallway cautiously.

She gets to the kitchen and slowly pushes the door open. When she can find nothing out of the ordinary, she walks into the room and walks to the back to put on her uniform.

When she walks out of the back room, and can still find nothing wrong, she shrugs and head up to the front to start working on some cupcakes that were ordered earlier. She starts taking out some ingredients before stopping when she spots a calendar. She pauses and blinks in shock. 'Wow, today's my birthday? I must have really lost track of the days…' She shrugs and starts back to working.

Once she has them in a pan, she walks up to the oven and puts them in. She sets the timer and smiles. She turns around and jumps in surprise. There, laying his head on the frosting counter, is a peacefully sleeping Gaara. Hinata frowns. 'He stayed here all night?'

She walks up to him and places a hand on his shoulder to shake him when her eyes snap up to see a delicious looking cake sitting in front of him. On it are the words: "Happy Birthday Hinata".

Hinata smiles and her eyes drift further up the counter to see a carefully wrapped gift sitting idly with her name inscribed on the tag hanging from it. She looks back down at her boyfriend and strokes his red tresses, causing him to stir.

Gaara turns his head to look up at Hinata. His eyes widen and he sits up abruptly. "Hinata! I fell asleep? Aw man, I wanted to surprise you," he murmurs the last part sadly.

Hinata chuckles, "You did s-surprise me, Gaara-kun. I didn't expect to see you t-there. And thank you, for the cake and the present."

Gaara freezes slightly before looking at her shyly, "Did you open your present?" Hinata shakes her head. His eyes look relieved, and he smiles and says, "Well, what are you waiting for?"

Hinata smiles and goes over to the box on the counter, too engrossed by the colorful wrapping to see or hear Gaara get up from his seat. She carefully unwraps the paper and lifts up the lid of the box. She frowns at the folded paper sitting at the bottom.

She pulls out the paper and unfolds it. "'Turn around'?" she reads aloud before turning her head to see Gaara down on one knee behind her. Her mouth drops open and she turns around fully.

Gaara reaches into his pocket and pulls out a small box. "Hyuuga Hinata, you are the single most wonderful person I've ever met. I'd be honored to spend the rest of my life with you, so will you marry me?" he asks as he opens the box to reveal a shining diamond ring.

Hinata's eyes widen and she grins, "YES!" she shouts, jumping down and hugging her boyfriend-turned-fiancé.


Okay, don't yell at me for making it too short. I said it'd be short! Well, did you like it? And yes, Gaara did make that cake, he did not buy it.