Title: For Haruhi

Author: Nicluv1787
Rating: K

Prompt: Welcome
Character: Host Club
Word count: 455

Summary: The host club wants to show Haruhi how they feel

A/n: Written for contest community Musicroom_3, an Ouran bi weekly contest community on livejournal that I created and MOD at if you're interested in writing for Ouran and receiving shiny banners for winning come check it out. http : // community. livejournal. com / musicroom_3/(Without spaces)

"Welcome." It was a simple phrase and yet it had opened so much to Haruhi. Until the day she'd stumbled into music room three she'd been rather independent spirit, she did things on her own because that's how she had to do it. Her dad worked and her mother had passed on, she didn't mind that was her life. But walking into Music Room three had changed her. It had opened up a whole new world to her. Not just the glamorous world of excess but to people she wouldn't have gotten to know otherwise. Though at times she resented her debt to the club, it was in some ways the glue that kept them all tied together, that and her secret.

What Haruhi didn't know was her profound effect on the club members, each one's lives had been changed by her in some way. With her blunt manner of giving each the plain truth and it was always what they needed to hear. In many ways the club would be as lost without Haruhi, just as if Tamaki himself wasn't around. So with that in mind, the club had set up a special party just for her.

The scene was set; the members were all in position.

Haruhi staggered in from the hallway, a heavy bag of school work weighing her down. She wasn't in the mood for club activities she had a mountain of school work to do, and entertaining guests was the last thing on her mind. But if she wanted to have her debt paid off before she graduated she'd have to go. She opened the door, to find everyone lined up like a receiving line.

"Welcome," they said in unison.

"Hey guys it's just me," Haruhi said with a sigh, sliding past them only to intercepted by Tamaki.

"I don't think so," he said waggling a finger in front of Haruhi, "We've canceled club activities to give you, your own special day to show you how we feel."

Haruhi was taken aback, "You're joking."

"Nope," Tamaki retorted in his most kingly reply, "Today's all about you Haruhi."

Suddenly she was ambushed by the twins. She was dragged off to table with an enormous spread of all her favorites and would soon to be favorites, her mouth watered at the site of fancy tuna, and even fancier cakes.

The afternoon was spent leisurely enjoying food and most surprisingly of all no guests, and plenty of time to study. As the sun set low in the sky and the club room was filled with orange light, Haruhi had to ask.

"Why all this for me?" The assorted members looked between one another the answer was unanimous.

"Because we all love you Haruhi."