Title: What do you believe in?

Author: Nicluv1787
Rating: K
Genre: Introspective, Romance

Prompt: Believe
Pairings or Characters: Kyouya, and implied Kyo/Haru
Word count: 500

Warnings: Lack of smut, LOL.

Summary: Kyouya over hears a conversation that gets him thinking.

"What do you believe in princess?" Tamaki leaned forward; his head cradled in his hands, his blue eyes transfixed on yet another nameless guest.

'This is new.' Kyouya thought, his attention momentarily drawn from his note book.

"What I believe in Tamaki-sempai?" The young woman said in her sugary sweet tone.

"Yes, everyone has things they believe in, like me for example I believe in our love." Tamaki's words dripped with princely charm and as usual the guest swooned.

'There's a reason he's the king.' Kyouya chuckled to himself returning to his notebook, he made a few notions on Tamaki's client before slipping away silently.

He made his way around the room, politely smiling at guests, watching over the hosts, but something about Tamaki's words still echoed in his mind. He paused near the counter that acted as a make-shift tea bar. He leaned against it surveying the room. 'Everyone has something they believe in, Tamaki's right. Though his romantic notions he feeds the guest may be partly true, there's more to it. He believes in making everyone happy, as silly as that notion is.'

Kyouya scans the room; Mori and Honey are entertaining guests nearby, with their own special set of skills. Mori listened tentatively as a young woman spoke. Honey rested his head in a girl's lap as she fed him cake. 'Even they have something they believe in, Mori's entire existence is to serve Honey, while Honey hopes living a life that makes him happy will be good enough, even if it does displease his brother.'

Squeals of excitement reach his ears. Kyouya turns lazily in their direction. The twins are at it again, Kaoru has cut himself on a broken tea cup and Hikaru is kissing the wound. He isn't surprised, 'Those two are so wrapped up into one another the only way I can tell them apart is when they're doing something like that. A stranger could tell you what they believe, their so entangled in their own world would take a miracle worker to untangle it.'

Kyouya notices Haruhi walk over to the twins who jump to attention each taking a side of her.

He watches as they pull and tease her, an unfamiliar jealousy creeps up his chest. He turns away from the three; he'll leave them to it. It doesn't matter to him.

'What do I believe in?' He wonders. Most people would think power or position, normally he would have agreed, but his thoughts have changed recently ever since he met Haruhi. Her uncanny ability to cut people to the quick changed his views. Out of the corner of his eye he noticed her heading towards him he pretended to be busy. She walked over leaning on counter next to him.

"So Kyouya-sempai everyone's asking the question: what do you believe in?"


"What is it you believe in?" she said turning her brown eyes to him.

He doesn't meet her gaze but looks across the room. 'I believe in you.'