Pairings: Sasu/Naru, Kiba/Hina, Neji/Ten, Kaka/Iruka and whoever is allowed in my story xD

Summary: The high school basketball team had won state finals with Sasuke as the all star player in the state. That night, while there was a party at the Hyuuga mansion, Neji was able to pass out alcohol while his parents were out on a business trip and in the end, Neji, Kiba, Sakura, Ino and the unwilling Shikamaru and Hinata were able to play the biggest prank of all time which involved a passed out Naruto and Sasuke. The morning after the party, Naruto and Sasuke woke up in Kiba's bed naked, thus the start of the pranks began.

I do not own Naruto or any of the characters involved

Chapter 1: The prank

Friday nights for high schoolers were always party nights after football, basketball, soccer, volleyball games and to add to the event, if it were someone's birthday, it gave a bigger reason to party. Well that's the way it was at Konoha High school but tonight, the varsity basketball team had won state finals and were celebrating with the teammates. The team consisted of Sasuke Uchiha as the all star player, Neji Hyuuga, Kiba Inuzuka, Shikamaru Nara, Shino Aburame, Choji Akimichi, Rock lee, Gaara and Kankuro Shukaku, and last but not least, Naruto Uzumaki with their coach Asuma. Everyone but the coach was at the party tonight along with plenty of other peers and as always, the girls were cluttered around the all star.

"Dang, why does he get all the girls?" Naruto whined, watching the crowd and seeing girls try to sit on his lap and help him drink. "I bet they are just waiting for him to get drunk to take advantage of him."

"Think of it this way!" Kiba announced, wrapping his arm around Naruto with a beer in hand. "He may get all the pretty girls but he also gets the annoying and slutty ones too."

Kiba had a point, he may have gotten all the girls but that also included the pretty, the not so pretty ones, the annoying, the sadistic, and every other type of girl you could think of except girls, except of course the ones that were already taken, like Hinata and Tenten. The rest of the female population turned every guy down on dates due to the fact that Sasuke was single and even if there was a .5 percent chance at getting a date with him, they would wait a million years until he choose one of them. Thing was, Sasuke only ever went to the school dances with a date because he was crowned "king" at the proms for freshman, sophomore, junior and probably for senior year as well and needed to be around the "queen".

Each year the girl was different but as soon as he could leave, he did. He never danced or kissed or even was seen holding hands or touching….they were always touching him.

The music was shaking the house as student bodies danced, pressed up to one another and shared conversations. There was a separation of groups in different areas and the groups only stayed in their "safe zones" for fear of starting a fight.

Naruto was doing his own thing, jumping, yelling, singing, being the hyper ADD child making people laugh and giggle. Yeah, no party was complete without Naruto Uzumaki.

Kiba, not far from Naruto was dancing with his girlfriend, Hinata, who turned into a completely different person under the influence.

Gaara stood in the corner of the room, arms folded and just watched. He wasn't going to make a fool of himself. In the opposite corner was Neji who too had his arms crossed talking to Sasuke.

"Your cousin is dancing with the dog boy again." Sasuke said eating the rest of his potato chips.

"And if I see him grind his ass on her again, I am going to go over there and throw him out and lecture her about flea infested mongrels. I can't believe she actually likes him. No taste at all."

"I hate to say it but I heard a rumor that he might just be your cousin-in-law within the next year."

"Where the fuck did you hear that from?" Never in a million years would Neji accept the boy as a Hyuuga. He could tolerate the boy but to have him in the family, Neji would rather spend a month on the streets before letting this happen. They were a rich, high class family and Hinata was supposed to find a man of the same status, not one lower.

"Like I said…it was just a rumor." Sasuke shrugged, finishing his chips and placing the plate on a table nearby.

"Well if this rumor comes true, someone is going to have hell to pay!"

Silence formed between the boys as they watched the people in the room. It was getting a little warm and since it was February, Sasuke decided to stand by the back sliding door to let the cold winter breeze cool him down. Problem was, he had to walk across the floor and through the crowds of sweaty people…he was not interested in getting any sweatier than he already was and after the game that night, he was exhausted and couldn't handle any girls clinging to him. He sighed and began making his way through the mass of bodies, when he was suddenly knocked over by a bubbling blonde.

"Watch yourself, dobe. You are gonna end up hurting yourself and those around you with your dancing."

Just as Naruto turned to look at the raven, he too was pushed and a gasp escaped his mouth, the raven instinctively catching him before he hit the ground. Their faces only inches from each other, a blush spread across both boys cheeks as they felt the other's hot breath on their face.

The music seemed to stop and everything else froze. And if the world had stopped spinning in that moment, Naruto and Sasuke froze, lost in the gaze of the other.

Kiba saw and suddenly went into best friend mode, grabbing Naruto and peeled him from Sasuke's arm. "Fuck, Naruto; are you ok?"

Still stunned and in his own world, he missed the fact that Sasuke had turned and walked away from him and blended into the crowd.

Shaking himself, he smiled, "Yeah….I'm fine, thanks."

From the corner, a sly Hyuuga and a curious Shukaku were grinning from what they had just witnessed. Both had eyes of a hawk and as they turned and shared a knowing look their grins spread . . . they had an idea.

The party was winding down as people began to pile out of the house, making their way to their own homes. Everyone seemed to have left except for, Kiba who was looking for Naruto because he was staying the night with him and Neji who was looking for Sasuke.

Of course not too far behind the Hyuuga were Ino and Sakura, who too were looking for Sasuke for their own reasons.

"Where is he?" Sakura wondered, looking around the living room.

"Found him!" Ino yelled as Neji and Sakura made their way over to the loveseat that was turned around and pushed up against the wall. Of course no one could find him with his body hiding between the couch and the wall. It was surmised that he had probably set the loveseat like that so he wouldn't be seen once he passed out.

"Frick! Where is that fox!" Kiba yelled, scratching his head as he saw the crowd near the couch. "Hey, Hyuuga, have you seen Naruto?" Neji just smirked.

"He's passed out under the kitchen table." Neji replied.

"The fuck; The kitchen table, really, that's the oddest fucking place to pass out!"

"Doesn't surprise me, he sleeps on the floor at home anyways right?" Neji commented.

"You know his situation, I wouldn't talk until you been in his place and know what he's been through."

Kiba had found his blonde haired friend right where Neji said he would be.

Picking him up and carrying him out to find Hinata and Gaara, he ran into the Hyuuga boy near the foyer with a passed out Sasuke in his arms.

Not to Kiba's surprise, Ino and Sakura were both offering to take Sasuke back to their house but Neji being the friend he was, refused to hand him over to the girls, knowing their intentions were not of the innocent nature.

After a while of standing in silence, Hinata and Gaara had showed up.

"Oh thank goodness you found him. I was worried." Hinata whispered, looking at the drooling blonde. Gaara smirked as he examined Naruto and the passed out Uchiha. His gaze ended at Neji and Neji smirked as well.

"Whoa whoa; I don't know what those looks are for, but you two are scaring me." The Inuzuka said in a slightly scared and yet amused way.

Gaara's green eyes Kiba before turning back to Neji. "We had a small idea." was all he said.

"Wait….an idea? What?"

"More like…a prank." Neji added.

Kiba perked up. "I'm listening." Anything to get Naruto back from the last prank he pulled, that left his white shirts pink right before his date with Hinata a month ago, he was up for.

"Then you're taking Sasuke." Neji added, handing the charcoal haired boy over. Sakura and Ino's eyes widened as they watch the scene of their precious Sasuke being handed over to some red-headed creep with a tattoo on his forehead. Honestly, why was Neji just handing him over to these lower people?

"Wait. What's the prank?" Sakura asked. "Sasuke didn't do anything. If anything Naruto should be the one to have the prank pulled on him; leave Sasuke out of this."

The boys did was gave the little pink haired girl an apathetic look. She was a fan girl after all, she didn't see the asshole side of the boy Neji had to put up with and he was sure ready to get back at him for being so sadistic. This would do him good.

"Got it; I will explain it to Kiba on the way to his house. I am sure he will be okay with it as soon as he hears."

And with that, Gaara turned and left the foyer and out the front door, leaving a confused Kiba, Hinata, Ino, and Sakura behind.

"Wait! We want to know!" they all called in unison, following after him. And before Neji knew it, everyone was gone. Now was the time to call his housekeepers to attend to the mess while he went and took a hot shower.

"So what's this plan?" Kiba asked, moving his hand so the drool didn't land on his hand again. He was tired of the blonde drooling; he had enough drool to put up with from his dog Akamaru back at home.

"You saw when Naruto and Sasuke fell on each other tonight right?"

"Yeah, I saw it. So?"

"What's the plan?" Sakura asked, trying to keep up the same pace with the boys. Luckily, they all lived close enough to walk home and Ino was staying the night at Sakura's whose house was closer. Kiba really didn't want to have to walk the girl's home after dropping Naruto in his room.

"We are going to make Sasuke and Naruto think they did something they really didn't do at the party."

"Oh! Like, ended up puking on some random girl?"

"Not quite"

"Oh?" Ino inquired.

"We are going to strip and drop both boys in your bed Kiba. When they wake up tomorrow, you are to come up with a crazy story and make them believe they had a 'fun time' together."

All three of the girl's eyes widened as Hinata blushed and Kiba's laugh barked across the subdivision.

"Classic! And this was Neji's idea too?"

"Sort of, We collaborated."

"You are a huge jerk! This will freak them out!" Kiba laughed, trying to hold back the tears of laughter. He never expected Neji to come up with a prank as good as this but Kiba also didn't see the blush on both the boy's faces when they had fell and Naruto stood frozen in Sasuke's arms.

"NO! I refuse to drop him off if this is your prank!" Sakura yelped, earning a smack to the side of the head by Ino.

"Shut up billboard, it's just a prank! Besides, it wouldn't hurt to bring them both down a notch at school since they are always arguing."

"S-she has a point" Hinata quietly added.

"Wait…you said strip?" Kiba asked. Gaara had just nodded, looking forward to Kiba's house which was just a few feet ahead.

"Wait…who's going to do that?"

"We can!" The blonde and pink haired girls said in unison, looking overly joyous.

"Sorry but no girls allowed in my room except Hinata and I guarantee you she won't want to be in the room." A blushed formed on her face as she looked away from the girls. "The only naked guy she is allowed to see is me!"

With that, a picture of a naked Kiba formed in all their heads. Three very loud complaints were heard as well as a small hiccup as Hinata turned redder than before.

They eventually entered the house. Ino and Sakura turned and headed towards Sakura's home and Hinata sat in the living room, waiting for Kiba. Kiba was going to walk her home as soon as he made sure Sasuke and Naruto were in his bed.

When the boys walked up to his room, Kiba had decided to turn on a dim lamp light to make sure to not wake up the boys. Placing Naruto on one side of the bed and Sasuke on the other, Gaara and Kiba just stared at one another.

"So….who's gonna do the stripping on who?" Kiba asked.

"I will help you with lifting Naruto but you do his clothes. Then we switch with Sasuke."

They agreed as they slowly and silently lifted Naruto and began to strip him of his clothing. After everything was off except his boxers, Kiba glanced nervously at Gaara.

"You think?"

"If you really want to piss them off, then yes but if you don't want to go that far than keep it on." Kiba's nervous glance turned to one of mischief. Oh yes Kiba wanted to go that far. He wanted to embarrass not only his friend but Sasuke, the asshole of the school. He just really didn't want two naked boys in his bed.

After considering it for a moment his grin widened. He had laundry to do tomorrow anyways he thought as he swiftly pulled the boxers off and covered the blonde with his blankets. Off to the raven as Gaara took care of Sasuke's clothing. You could tell he hesitated after grabbing the hem of Sasuke's boxers.

"We are going to die you know that, right?" Gaara said.

"Yeah, at least we will die together right?" And at that, Gaara peeled the black boxers off the boy and placed the covers over him as well. As they stood back to examine the two boys, they smirked. Leaving the room they began the waiting for when the two would wake up tomorrow morning.

Sadly, no one would know their reactions except Kiba.

Before they both left Gaara turned and glared at Kiba, "Make it believable or this will have all been a waste."

Kiba nodded and waved his reassurances, as he escorted Hinata down the street to her home; a smile playing on his lips the whole time.

He was excited to see what happened when they woke up! Never had he played this big of a prank on his friend…nor had he had one this bad done to him. Waking up with drawings on your face was not half as bad as waking up in a bed with someone of the same gender and not be able to remember anything from the night before.

Tomorrow morning was going to be awesome!