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"SASUKE!!!!!!" Falling to her knees she watches as the mist dissipates and a raven haired boy's form falls, inside a group of floating mirrors. "nooo.....no....NO....NOOO" Starting slow the sobs come full force as she watches the boy die.

Looking over she sees her sensei fighting the Demon of the Mist. Her third teammate, a simple red haired boy was unconscious long ago. She watched as time seemed to slow before, the mirrors started to shatter and fall to the concrete.

"Tch, arrogant for such a weakling, praising of the Uchiha clan like they ruled the world. Failure, you have nothing precious to you, you never had a chance." A boy emerged from a lone mirror taking in the scene of the outside world after being enclosed within the dome.

As if just regaining his hearing a slow but steady sound came to his ears, bird chirping. He couldn't pinpoint the sound, until he looked over at a glowing light.

From the hand of the Copy ninja, Kakashi Hatake, a glowing, sparking orb encased his right hand.

Leaning to the left slightly Kakashi takes off, intent on plunging his hand through the Demon of the Mist once and for all.

Just arriving to the scene before them, a raven haired beauty, a Dog nin, a Hyuuga, and a Bug nin, all stood witness to the sight. Two comrades down, one useless, and one on the verge of victory, looking down the beauty nodded to the bug user and he nodded back running to the falling mirrors. The rest of them stood by the useless nin and took up guard around an old looking man.

Watching from the sides was an unusual beast, in the land of waves at the very least. It took the color of white with black streaks, zebra stripes, through its fur. Eyes a deep amethyst, slitted and mixed with red and blue hues. Large enough to give even the Demon of the Mist a scare, and as agile as the Hyuuga. The feline watched, noticing the band worn on the eight nin protecting the old man.

'Never wanted to see that again, but I guess it's now or never, had to sometime, ne?' Growling the feline noticed the boy that came out of the mirrors start to move, just as the nin with the ball of lightning took off. 'No can't have that now can we dear child.'

Watching from the sides in case she needed to help, the raven beauty was on guard, thinking over every possibility she could that could take place. What happen next froze everyone except the Copy nin in motion, too intent on his kill.

The corner of her eye just caught the site, and out of reflex she got into a defensive stance, all for nothing as she was shocked beyond belief.

The feline pounces, landing on its target, flinging the ice user to the concrete, breaking his porcelain mask. In one quick motion, as the boy was stunned and couldn't believe his eyes, the feline tore through his throat, blood seems to spray everywhere, but oddly the felines fur never got stained by the crimson liquid.

Making the end come quick the feline decided to pull back its paw and slam its claw into and through the boys chest cavity, effectively killing him before he could feel any pain, still too stunned to feel the pain in his neck.

Growling maliciously the feline watches as a hook catches on the side of the bridge they were on. Uncaring about the crowd watching, the feline charges and cuts the rope attached to the hook, hearing a number of screams jostled from below.

Looking over the edge and seeing a sight that would, at least the feline thought, terrify the nin on the bridge, it chose an action that shell shocked the nin watching it.

"Goodbye, Zabuza, Demon of the Mist, you were a worthy opponent, but this is your end." Slowly Kakashi took his bloody hand out of Zabuza's chest, watching in amazement as he fell coughing up blood but still had life in him.

"..Y...yes... I....I'm glad for" coughing a rough bout, blood spatters all over his face, seeping through his mask. "for an honorable.... defeat by someone... such as yourself..." Looking to the side, he sees his apprentice dead on the concrete. "Go...Goodbye....Haku... I wont... see you where … I'll be going...." after another blood gurgling cough he finally lets death take him, one thought going through his head, 'Haku, you were more then I could ask for, a great genuine soul.... I'm sorry I corrupted you'

Saying a quick prayer, Kakashi finally noticed the scene before him, a beautiful white tiger, had taken point on the bridge, where it came from he couldn't tell.

"Kurenai-sensei?" Seeing she got the raven beauties attention she continued. "That animal, it's rare in the wilderness, and, its not from around here is it? It seems like, its human somehow, it even has chakra, as if it was trained."

Nodding Kurenai tried to reply while turning back to the tiger. "No, I've never seen a live one before, its.... a majestic and beautiful sight isn't it? I'm now sure where it came from, but I'm glad, it helped us, we can repay it somehow, we should." Nodding the Hyuuga just watched the beast as it cut a rope that came up from below the bridge.

Watching the waters below the tiger did something no one could believe. It jumped, the hundreds and hundreds of feet down, to whatever may lay below, it took the dive, and somehow made it look majestic even for a suicide jump.

Seeing the looks on the bandits faces below was all but priceless to the feline, fear, unbridled fear, and all from a simple animal, terrifying as it may be.

Landing with all the grave of a feline jumping hundreds of feet, landing with chakra, it looked up at the bandits, and just seemed to grin, everyone knows animals cant grin.

Kurenai blinked, she looked around, and so did everyone else. No one seemed to move, just stare, blink, stare and …. blank... nothing no one could grasp what just happen.

Out of nowhere came a melody, which became a fast beat after only a few seconds, it was amazingly loud to come out of nowhere.

"I know you'll be there to see the tables turning

wake up tomorrow and watch the bridges burning

I can see, I can see it in your eyes

I can feel, I can feel it in my mind

I don't care, I don't care if you realize

what you see, what you see in my eyes

A resounding explosion roared through the area, everyone wincing at the sound.

I'm over me being under you

I'm breaking free and I'm breaking though

I've overcome all I'm underneath
I can finally stand
I can finally breathe

Another explosion came this time, along with a shout that slightly resembled "That was my new coat you FUCKING SHITSTAIN!!!"

Remember when we
First had the thought of living
A perfect picture
But I did all the giving
Gave up my passions
To try to make you happy
The joke is over
And I'll do all the laughing

I can see I can see it in your eyes
I can feel I can feel it in my mind
I don't care I don't care if you realize
What you see What you see in my eyes

I'm over me being under you
I'm breaking free I'm breaking through
I've overcome all I'm underneath
I can finally stand
I can finally breathe

More screaming ensued, something about a pair of pants this time.

I can see I can see it in your eyes
I can feel I can feel it in my mind
I don't care I don't care if you realize
What you see What you see in my eyes

Suddenly the music stopped. Everything went silent. Everything was calm.

That instant was shattered as quickly as it came, from nowhere came a pressure, Kurenai, along with Kakashi, could only gape at the amount of compressed chakra down there.

After a bright flash and once again another large explosion, this time big enough to shake the ground they were one, everything was once again silent.

The nin were all apprehensive to look over the edge, not wanting to see what happen. After a quick reminder, everyone was curious.

"Ano, wheres the tiger? Kurenai-sensei... is... is it okay?" The Hyuuga asked slowly to her teacher. Not knowing what to say the raven beauty just looks at her for a second before slowly starting the trek to meet with Kakashi by Zabuza's still bleeding corpse.

"So..... I take it he's dead?" Trying to lighten the mood slightly as they arrived the dog nin looked down at the Demon of the Mist.

"Well, we would hope so Kiba, if not, then he wouldn't be human, even if his title is Demon of the Mist." The bug user said as stoically as he looked.

"Shush you two, Hinata, go check the two boys over there, Kakashi and I will check below the bridge." Kurenai watched the Hyuuga nod and trek over to the crying bubblegum haired nin, who by now was over the raven haired boys body.

Taking point Kurenai starts walking to the edge of the bridge hesitantly, Kakashi right behind her.

Noticing movement right away on the other side of the chasm, Kakashi, out of reaction from his training pulled out a kunai and was just about to throw it as Kurenai grabbed his hand, stopping him.

On the other side of the chasm, the white tiger was walking up the cliff side, sensing a possible danger it stopped, settling its paw on a branch jutting out of the cliff face and looked over its shoulder to the bridge.

Nodding in approval to what the raven beauty did the tiger steadied itself on the branch looking over the chasm to the bridge.

"Its not gonna jump again is it Kurenai-sensei?" Hinata asked upon seeing the tiger, she was only feet away checking the other unconscious boy.

Before she could answer, thats exactly what the tiger did, it jumped, although its leap was large, it was only a fraction of the gap.

Letting out a growl the tiger seemed to... change and morph, deforming itself into something non-nondescript.

The flesh and fur seemed to meld. Suddenly the fur changed, into finer, stiffer strands, before it began to take form.

Black bone like substance began to come out of its head, out of its throat it seemed. It's ears flattened, face taking on a sleeker look. It's front paws melded into itself and seemed like the boned moved up to its back. The back claws lost all fur leaving cracked dry talons in each spot. Its tail began to split and straighten out directly behind it like a fan. It's fur turned slick black, and seemed to shine in the light.

Opening its eyes seemed to awaken it, with a loud but beautiful shriek wings seemed to be ripped out from its back, the shriek signifying its completion.

Taking a quick dive, the raven flapped once, gaining ground quickly.

Kurenai and Kakashi couldn't comprehend what they just saw, a feline, just turned into a bird, a very large bird.

Jumping back, they both gave it room, it seemed to be coming directly towards them, Kakashi got in a defensive stance, Kurenai was just awed by the beauty.

Taking some time and letting the feeling of flight control it for a second, the raven just flew over their heads, and every one of those heads whipped to watch the giant bird.

Relishing in the feeling, it quickly decided to land. Taking a dive down the chasm, the raven touched down on the water, skimming its surface and cutting the water.

Flapping a few times the bird, just seemed to command the winds and it soared up. Grappling the edge of the bridge, it folded its wings into itself and seemed to just stare, its purple eyes glancing over every nin on the bridge, that was alive. Still deep amethyst, they eyes changed, pupil covering more of the iris, seeming to move on its own within the iris, twisting.

Unlike move birds, it didn't hop when it walked, instead, it took strides, like a human. One step of this bird was equivalent of 3 steps that Kurenai took to the side, admiring its beauty. Kakashi, for his part just stood in a defensive stance as the bird seemed to overlook him and walk by, swaying its head to take in the scenery.

A few feet past the two older nin the bird noticed, the boy, the one with all the needles, was starting to awake. 'Ah finally the Uchiha awakens from his slumber, ne?'

"Ugh.... I feel like a fucking pincushion... what... what happen?" Opening his eyes, the Uchiha noted everything seemed clearer, the pink haired girl was right besides him, crying.

Looking down at him she smiled, a true smile of utter joy. "Sasuke-kun!!" She carefully started taking out some more pins the Hinata did not, since they didn't stab into any major part of his body.

Kurenai took a second to glance over to the downed Uchiha and then at Kakashi, nodding slightly to him.

Kakashi nodded back and relaxed, taking strides over to the Uchiha and sliding his headband down, a look of relief on his face.

"Kakashi-sensei? What happen I feel.... unusual... I was toyed with wasn't I?" Clenching his fist the Uchiha scowled.

"I'm not sure if that's what happen, you were immobilized, apparently Haku didn't want to kill you. You'll be fine with rest Sasuke." Seeing him nod Kakashi moves his focus back on the bird who was watching them.

Kurenai slowly took a step closer to the bird, after getting its attention. Reaching a hand out she shakily tried to touch the raven, as if not wanting to offend it.

The raven took a stride towards her and everyone stiffened, Kurenai more then anyone else was stone still. The raven just slid its head into its wing and plucked a feather setting the tip between her fingers.

Kurenai gasped, it was too soft, for a raven anyway, it was as if the raven was just born, its coat never stained or dirty.

Slowly she stepped back and watched the raven with interest, it started to caw gently, as if grunting.

The legs were the first to change this time, they seemed to expand as feathers dropped from it and clung together, the new appendages seemed to flow in the wind, like silk. Its tail feathers just receded, along with its beak. The wings seemed to shrink but didn't leave, the mass from the wings seemed to writhe and formed what appeared to be arms as the figured seemed to kneel on the concrete. The sleek feathers began to recede around its body, leaving toned taught skin underneath. The feathers on its chest and back moved seemingly to a cloth attached to its back, between its wings.

The black faded out as color seeped in. The cloth attached to its back was almost a cape, crimson red in color on the inside, black on the outside. The legs, turned out to be fabric also, silver, black flames climbing the sides with red trim. Two belts seemed to fall from the figures hips, crossing an X in the middle, scrolls adorning many clips. A bare but toned chest seemed to be shown off. Six whisker marks adorned the figures face, little to no fat anywhere on his body, face was no exception. His hair was a light blond, with crimson streaks, long enough to be held in a pony tail, ending just between his shoulder blades, bangs framing his face. 'His hair resembles Itachi's almost...' Kurenai thought before the last feature was revealed.

Slowly he opened his eyes, a deep amethyst, normal, with a red ring around his pupil, that was dilating down from the transformation.

Coming up from his kneeling position, his wings seemed to recede into his back at this point, his cloak closed around his frame and they noticed it was hooded, along with the clasp on his neck holding it together.

It was a red swirl, delving into itself like a whirlpool.

Taking a single step and reaching Kurenai, he takes the feather, and brushes a few strands of hair behind her ear, settling the feather along with them right behind her ear. 'She's beautiful, and I just love her eyes.' Smiling he takes back his hand and notices a light blush adorning her face.

'What.... just happen....' Kurenai was still comprehending what happen before she noticed her blush, thankful she was facing away from everyone but this man that appeared before her. 'He's way too good to be true, nice, gorgeous.....I may be the Ice Queen but...'

"Excuse me, thank you for saving my student." Kakashi walked over and introduced himself. "I am.."

"Kakashi Hatake. Known for your sharingan, and famous for having mastered over one thousand jutsu with that eye, creating your own. Chidori, or raikiri, the lightning blade, and S rank assassination technique." His voice seemed to be as majestic and soft, like silk for the ears. The man nodded. "I know of you." Turning to Kurenai he continues. "Kurenai Yuhi, Genjutsu Mistress of Konoha, known to kill without even moving, mastered your art to a letter, not even needing hand seals half the time. Impressive for a newly appointed Jounin." He nodded again and bowed to them.

"Assuming by looks, you also have an Inuzuka, along with his partner, a Hyuuga, an Aburame, on your team Kurenai. Kakashi, you seem to have one of the last Uchiha, who seemingly just activated his sharingan." Chuckles lightly. "Hmm, I don't recognize the pinkette, and if I remember correctly, the last one is from the Terumi clan I believe? Not yet having his bloodline under control I see."

Kakashi stiffened "How do you know so much about us?" He took a defensive stance, knowing he wouldn't last but could hopefully delay him to let the others get away in case they need to run.

The man smiled, a small smile taking in the looks everyone gave. Kurenai was on guard but almost amazed, Sasuke was scowling, Hinata was stunned, Kiba was growling along with his dog, Shino the Aburame, stood there but buzzing could be heard easily. The Terumi and the Sakura were both sitting amazed at this person knowing so much.

"I just read up on my home is all, I hate Konoha, but if I need to fight I need to know my enemies, if I don't then its a good conversation starter, ne?" he grinned a playful grin and Kakashi faltered slightly.

"Why do you hate Konoha!?!" Kiba screamed, being brash. "It's a great place, the biggest shinobi village and ..."

"KIBA! Be quiet, it's not time for you to talk." Kurenai chastised him as she watched the man, while being slightly more on guard.

Sighing he looks to Kiba and both Kurenai and Kakashi fall into a full defensive stance when he takes a step towards him, but ends up using that step to fall and sit down where he once stood.

"Well now, that would be a long story to tell wouldn't it? Lets just keep it simple shall we? Konoha, was once a very good village yes." 'Was?' went through all their heads. " I say was because they may be top dog now, but they have laxed on their training and on their defenses, anyone can attack right now, any village, and deal immense damage, maybe not win, but the damage will be great enough for a second wave to come and take out the village." He watched as realization dawned on the two Jounin nin.

"Now a few years ago, I lived there, a few, as in... maybe thirteen years? Fourteen? I was the pariah, the hated one, unwanted, so one day, I left. They got their wish, I was gone from their lives, and they have peace, as they see it anyway. Little did they know if trained right, I would be one of the best nin alive, better then your Yondaime." Kakashi was gawking now, being his student he just knew how strong Minato was. "I left, with a reminder in place, to come back, at some time, and see Ojjii-san before he passed. He was the only one who treated me as I should've been treated, along with a restaurant owner... Ichiraku I believe."

Kakashi started to think on who this man could be. 'He's about sixteen, maybe seventeen...could... Could he be?' Kakashi was taken aback, staring at the man.

'Maybe he figured it out already. If not too bad.' "My name... is Naruto." Kurenai and Kakashi gasped, Kakashi because he was Naruto's guard when he was in ANBU. Kurenai because, she's heard about him from the Hokage, and has met him a few times before.

"Dobe, whats your full name." Sasuke said, standing with some help from Sakura.

Venom seemed to lace his voice. "Uchiha, arrogant as any other. At least I've met one good natured one...." Letting the venom slide away he looked back at Kakashi. " You know who I am don't you?" Slowly Kakashi started to nod just barely.

"You should, I'm the son of your sensei..." Kurenai gasped again, he was implying... to be...

Looking over at Kurenai he smiled. "Yes, Kurenai-san. I am in fact Naruto Namikaze. Son of Minato Namikaze, Yondaime of Konohagakure." The genin were the ones to gasp this time, the Yondaime being the most famous person to come from the village, also the strongest.


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