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"Well well, he never was a bad guy ne?" Grinning Naruto grabbed the scroll and opened it. 'Whats up with all the damn scrolls... Fucking weasel.'


This doesn't include much instructions.. just keep this with you at all times, the seal, when applied chakra, will make a shadow clone of me, and since your making it, no one will sense my chakra spike. The memories will return to me after the clone is gone, just like a normal one. Call a clone as soon as you can, but for the first time make sure your outside. Anything further, just talk to my clone.

Itachi Uchiha.

Recap end

"Naruto! Sasuke! Get in here for lunch!" Mikoto yelled throughout the house. Glancing at Itachi's clock, Naruto wondered how long he was looking at the intricacy of the seal. 'Must have had Jiraiya help him with it' Chuckling to himself he closes the scroll up and puts it in his pouch.

Getting into the kitchen he sees Sasuke walking in from the dojo with a smile on his face.

Setting the table Mikoto made a simple lunch, including ramen, riceballs and some seasoned pork.

"Dig in you two." She smiles at them. "We have to go soon to the council Sasuke, regarding the Uchiha who are back in Konoha finally." Sasuke stopped eating and looked up at her as if he totally forgot about the world around him for a while before nodding and going back to his food. "You're welcome to come with Naruto, unless you have plans of your own in mind."

Thinking it over a bit, he figured he did need to talk to the old man and the council at some point anyway. "Might as well… it might help get some things of my own out of the way." Taking another riceball he devours a bite out of it before continuing. "And make thing run along smoother than they would if I waited."

Nodding Mikoto smiles at him with a few thoughts in mind to bring up to the Hokage and the council members when the meeting comes.

"I must say Mikoto… your cooking is amazing. These riceballs are delicious and the ramen, well, compared to Ichiraku's you can't win, but this comes in a very close second.

Grinning in his mothers praise Sasuke finishes up his bowl and opts to take his and Naruto's dishes to the sink, getting a polite 'Thank you' from the blond.

'His mother seems to have a real effect on him, he's changed so much in the course of only a night.' Similar thoughts were going through both the Uchiha's heads, the smaller of the two gaining a genuine smile when looking at the matriarch.

After both dressed Anko suggested Kurenai and herself go for a nice stroll around the park, completely forgetting about Kurenai's 'Window shopping'.

Sitting on a bench and just relaxing Anko sighs contently as the rays warm her skin. "See anything you like." Hearing her friends voice she opens her eyes and glances at her.

"What do you mean Kure-chan?" Grinning at her friends memory she crosses her arms and looks around at all the people walking through the park, shinobi and civilians alike.

"If you remember, we're going window shopping for you today." Smirking at her friends reaction she continues. "Oh come on it shouldn't be too much of a shocker I mean really, there's lots of guys out here, you have to be interested in SOMEONE in the village right?"

'Oh if only you knew…..' Anko mentally sighed but grinned at her friend to cover it up. "Well then Kure-chan, show me around and lets see!"

Hours passed and they bumped into a few people that flirted with Kurenai. Some that were disgusted by even being in the same area as Anko. Some that seemed to want Anko but… for all the wrong reasons. And there were few that seemed to genuinely want Anko, but none were nearly her type.

Sighing heavily Kurenai turned to her best friend. "Anko…. I don't think we're looking in the right part of the village."

'No need to look Kure-chan…' Nodding Anko plops down with her friend. "Maybe another time then?" Smiling over the slight pang of her heart Anko grabs onto a kunai in her pocket and starts playing with it waiting for what's to come next.

"Oh come now, what do you mean Anko, just going to give up like that?" Grabbing the kunai when her friend tossed it in the air she rests it in her hand. "Don't you think you're being a little hard on yourself?"

"Kurenai, I've been looking for someone, anyone, for the past few years, I haven't met or seen anyone that catches my interest and kept it." Anko resigns in a voice that Kurenai knows all too well.

"That's a lie." She says staring blatantly into the purple eyes of her friend.

Shocked slightly Anko stares back and fumbles with the words in her mind. "Hesitating is proving it more of a lie you know." Anko sighs and nods. "Then what is it Anko?"

"It's… not something I'd rather talk about. But I have a feeling I'm going to have to open up to you like always huh?" Giving off an awkward smile to her friend Anko sees Kurenai nod. Bracing herself to be berated or scorned for this Anko takes a breath.

"Well… I suppose in short, I'm jealous of you Kurenai."

Blinking a few times in shock Kurenai backs away slowly and repositions herself to face Anko in the grass. "What do you mean Anko? Why are you jealous of me?"

"Look at you Kurenai!" Taking a slow breath Anko continues. "You finally found someone worth your time, after all these guys flirt with you and ask you out. Yes I know, they all meant nothing simply cause they all just wanted to fuck you. But you still got attention, and now, you have something worth all those other assholes that tried to use you as a toy. I haven't even been flirted with by anyone, other than a joke really." Growling slightly she continues. "Orochimaru.." Choking on the name itself. "messed a lot up for me. I haven't been able to have that real feeling of a relationship or even dates really. I'm really happy for you, don't think I'm not, I'm just put off by the whole thing." Finally looking back into Kurenai's eyes after avoiding them the whole time she was talking she waits for her reaction.

'Does she…..? Have a crush on Naruto?' Kurenai blinks as she thinks this but keeps a crucial eye on Anko as thoughts go through her head. 'I don't doubt it, but…' She mentally trails off with a sigh. "Well find the one you're interested in Anko" Smiling softly to her best friend. "no worries, it'll just take some time."

Anko blinks and wonders what she means by that, but decides not to push it since they aren't going to "window shop" anymore.

"C'mon Anko, lets get you some dango." Smiling when her friend cheers for dango they head out.

Mikoto had gathered all the Uchiha that came back to the village and headed out to the Hokage's tower with Naruto and Sasuke in tow as well.

The trip itself was mostly silent, tensed from all the looks at Naruto, and from what they were going to the Hokage's tower to talk about. None of the group knew about what Fugaku did, none wanted to get any more involved with it now than they had to. The uneasy feeling was lost at the head of the group, simply, a relaxed air filled the 3 leading them.

Mikoto smiled back at her son and the family that survived. She also took the time to look Naruto over. With what she had in plan, she would be happy, and hoped he would be happy with it all as well. 'Everything will work out perfectly' Smiling to herself and the plan she had, they continued the walk in the silence.

"Come in." Putting down some paperwork the Hokage smiles seeing Naruto, before looking at the rest of the group that walked in. "Ahh, Uchiha's. First, since the last time you were here wasn't a great welcome, I'd like to welcome you all back to Konoha." Sarutobi smiled when the group relaxed their shoulders. Looking back at Naruto his smile softens more. "And welcome to you too Naruto, what do I owe the pleasure to?" Sitting back and relaxing in his chair he waits.

The Uchiha seemed to all glance at him, wondering why he respected this child so much, but none could dispute it. Or cared to for that matter.

Looking at Mikoto Naruto started off. "Well, first I came with Mikoto-san since she invited me." Looking back at the Hokage he continued. "And I have some things I need to work out with you as well, so I figured, why not take two birds with one stone?" He smiled softly at the old man behind the chair.

"Well, we have to go into the council rooms for the Uchiha, would you like to join us? Seeing as you do have a seat there now. You aren't going to be notified to come until you are stable mind you, but you still have say in all that goes on as well." Ushering the group into the other room where all the clan heads and the civilian council resided, he watched Naruto nod and find his seat. The room suddenly got quiet as they watched Naruto take a seat on the council, and the Uchiha just stood by the Hokage.

"Everyone." The Hokage started off. "I would like to formally welcome the Uchiha back into Konoha." Noticing all the nods and smiles from the council and a few cheers from the civilians, which made the shinobi roll their eyes slightly, he continued. "I would also like to welcome back the Namikaze clan." For the most part smiles went all around, some civilians glared, but were shot down by the clan heads themselves.

Naruto nodded to the shinobi and turned back to the old man as he continued. "For now, I would like to inquire where you have all been." He said glancing at the Uchiha.

Mikoto took the step forward, as there were many shinobi, but Mikoto decided to stand out for them all. "Hokage-sama, we've been on an island that seemingly floated the oceans around the elemental nations…. We found out it was actually a giant tortoise after a while." Many of the shinobi nodded, knowing of the giant amphibian. "We… Don't remember how we got there. Even Fugaku doesn't know. We were all knocked unconscious and seemingly sealed into a stasis scroll. When we awoke, we were all placed in homes upon the tortoise.

The Hokage puffed on his pipe and looked at Naruto of all the people in the room. "And, I would like to inquire with all of you Uchiha, how many of you knew of the corruption? How many of you knew what Fugaku was doing to young Naruto at the time?" Looking up shocked, Naruto wonders what the Hokage was getting at as his fists clenched slightly. Which didn't go unnoticed by the council.

Mikoto seemed to speak for the group again. "We, as in none of us, knew about what was happening to Naruto-kun at the time…" She said somberly hanging her head. "None of us were ever informed of it until yesterday." Looking back up at the Hokage she put on a grim smile. "Just as well… None of us were in on the corruption or knew about it. Until we were all on the island and Fugaku let us all know." Gripping her fists a bit she relaxed. "I had my suspicions of him before but no proof. With the proof he gave us at the time… We all shunned him. He had no place among us but he kept trying to repent for it. Eventually we gave him a place back with us, as he was the one to start the organization to get us back to the main land."

Staring at them with a critical eye the Hokage nods slightly seeing truth in her words and no deception in the groups eyes. Naruto, his eyes morphed to that of a tiger once again, stared intently at the group. Which seemed to unnerve many in the group until his eyes changed back and he nodded to himself as well, relaxing the room.

"If I may Hokage-sama?" Getting a nod Mikoto continued. "I will be taking the head of the clan, if that is alright with the rest of the Uchiha. I may not be a shinobi anymore, but I still know how the clan works, I know how to keep them in line." Nodding the Hokage smiled at Mikoto and waved his arm out to the seat saved for the Uchiha. The rest of the Uchiha stood off to the side, seemingly out of the way.

"I will lend a large stipend to the Uchiha for food and clothes and the such. We will assess your skills and place you back into the shinobi corp accordingly." Getting smiles the Hokage feels everything is finished with the Uchiha's for now, having to wait until they settle in for more changes to come up. Seeing Mikoto wanting to speak he called out to her.

"Well Hokage-sama, since I am head it's not a problem now. But I would like to suggest a proposition with the Namikaze clan." Feeling Naruto's glance on her she continues with a smile. "One of living arrangements." Smiling wider as she see's Naruto's perplexed look. "If that's fine with my clansmen, I would like to convert a portion of the Uchiha complex into Naruto's own." Seeing the Uchiha nod skeptically she leads on. "I realize he has a home of his own, with the Yondaime's house and all, but I inquire this for the fact that it would be a nice change."

Feeling everyones questioning glances she sits taller, without the looks getting to her. "Well seeing as he has a hate for Uchiha's and the critical eye he keeps on everyone like a hawk." Glancing over at Naruto quickly. "It would seem beneficial for everyone if he was able to keep that eye on our group for now. Incase anything comes up again like last time. Also… Sasuke seems to have taken a strange kinship with him." Glancing at her son she sees him scoff before nodding slightly.

Naruto couldn't find any words to say, his seemingly hated enemy was giving him living space. Smiling softly he seems to let go of a small portion of his grudge against them. 'If they can prove they didn't have any part in it, then I can forgive them. For now… indifference works.'

"Well now, that would be up to young Naruto, but I approve of it. It would be nice for both parties involved I believe." Watching Naruto's reaction, along with Mikoto, they see him nod slightly. "If that is all…" Mikoto nodded "Then Naruto, what was it you wanted to dicuss?"

Sitting up a bit straighter he glanced around. "Well, my home was one thing. My Shinobi career another. I feel as if.. if I'm going to stay here then I might as well get settled into my career that I belong into right? As I said, I know I'm not as weak as a genin, by far. But you'd like to put me on genin team for now, until the chunin exams, I'd be fine with that." Nodding Sarutobi remarks he'll look into that after this meeting and the council barely remarks, many shocked from the last days events still.

"Also, I know what's going to be forced upon me." Seeing the Hokage's eyes turn to confusion for a split second he continues even after the Hokage seemingly caught onto it. "I'm not getting sucked into the CRA." He said sternly. A few members of the council began to open their mouths but he cut them off. "I'm not going to go around fucking a bunch of women, simply to make my clan grow again. None of you can change that, I'll tell you that right now. There is no offer you can make, or punishment you can give that will make me do that. If I'm going to get with someone I'm going to do it cause I wanted to, and cause I fell for them." Some of the women in the council room felt an immense amount of respect for him at this point. Most would want the CRA just to get another person to have sex with.

"Furthermore, I'm not going to take multiple wives either. Unless by chance something comes up and it simply happens. Otherwise, I'm not going to look after I find the one I desire." Stopping to look around he sits tall, a commanding aura vibrating from his body and none seemed to question him on this at all.

Smirking Sarutobi nods. "Just like your father, and completely understandable Naruto-kun. No one will force you to, and no one will suggest it." He said glaring out around the room and they all nodded as one unit. "Is that all right now Naruto?" Getting a nod in response, and seeing that the rest of the council simply wanted to leave and get home, he dismissed them all and stood himself.

"I'm glad to see you're staying Naruto, do an old man proud will you?" Smiling at the old man, Naruto nods and sets out to go find Kurenai. He just wanted to relax for a bit, even though he didn't think everything would go over so well. He expected much more opposition from the council.

After telling Mikoto of his plans he heads out. With a reminder to stop back at his 'home' whenever he wanted, and that Itachi's room is his own for now.

After taking Anko out for the dango, the two head around to stores to look around. Kurenai wanting to find anything for Naruto, along with some things for her home.

Idly, Kurenai was wondering if she should get some things for around the house for Naruto. A simple clothes rack, or blankets, pillows, something incase she got him to stay with her.

Smiling to herself she shook her head. He may not have a place to go but she shouldn't get ahead of herself, she just couldn't seem to help it though.

Anko seeing her friend zone out while shopping, smiled and kept looking around for herself, spying a few things she liked. Taking her time to check the items out she shook her head and put them back.

Not too much time had passed after they entered the store before they left and went to another. Window shopping or finding some things they may like. The latter never really showing up. Kurenai didn't find anything unique that she would think Naruto would like either.

Sighing they both nodded to each other and simply started to head back to Kurenai's home, which was always partially Anko's as well since she hated to be in her own apartment.

Seeing some passing genin on their way Kurenai waves and smiles to them, Anko simply staring after them. Before long, Anko spotted a rather large feline walking the streets, the civilians giving it more than enough room to walk.

Looking at Kurenai, then back and forth between her and the feline, she wondered how her friend didn't see the cat. Poking Kurenai who glanced over at her, she childishly pointed to the feline. "Kure-chan….Can I pet him?"

Kurenai's reaction, first, was of confusion and then she giggled and started to laugh, before they both made their way to over. The cat was the same that was in wave, a giant, white and black striped, tiger. Unknown to them, the cat had spotted them long ago but was just out on a leisurely stroll around the village.

Walking up Anko did what most would find one of the stupidest things ever. She glomped it. Simple. And straight forward. At first everything was calm, suddenly Anko just flew passed Kurenai and tackled the giant tiger. Many civilians backed away from the animal, thinking it wild and would attack.

Kurenai walked up to her friend and the cat and giggle while sitting on the ground, in the crescent of his paws, next to Anko and started to rub behind Naruto's ears. Anko grinned and started to stroke the his back as well.

Slowly a rumbling formed and people near by could hear a soft purring coming from the giant cat. Spectators watched almost in awe at the two kunoichi. Kurenai grinned down at Naruto. "Kuro, why are you out here all by yourself?" Seeing a glint in Naruto's eye her smirk grew some more.

Anko seemingly froze, as a small smile began to spring from her lips and she looked down at Naruto. Seeing this, the cat nodded lightly, telling her to ask the question. Her smile seemed to grow exponentially as he nodded. "Kure-chan, Naruto, would it be okay if I rode you back to Kure-chan's?"

Kurenai blinked and looked at Naruto and saw him raise a tiger's eyebrow. Seeing him slowly get up and Kurenai looked at him carefully.

After some though Naruto leant down and Anko squealed in joy and gently climbed on his back. Before he stood back tall he pawed at Kurenai and nodded his head. Kurenai looked at him with a bit of worry before she saw him nod and silently got on his back in front of Anko, who wrapped his arms around her stomach. Naruto noticed and kept the thought in the back of his mind as Anko got extensively comfy on Kurenai's back and shoulder.

Feeling as they both apply a bit of chakra to stick to his back, Naruto leaps up onto a roof before bounding across the city to Kurenai's home. As they flew through the air at a relaxed pace, Naruto could hear the giggles of the women on his back and couldn't help but smile. 'Kurenai-chan is enjoying herself, that's good….' He trailed off and felt himself relax some seeing as she did the same. 'Anko-san seems rather relaxed as well.' He duly noted as he took a semi longer route, slowing down a tad bit and letting them enjoy themselves like they should.

Finally settling down in front of Kurenai's home he notices a guy smoking a cigarette, Asuma if he remembers the name right. Above him he heard Kurenai groan and Anko seemed to hiss as the air left her lungs. If he had seen Asuma first, Naruto surely would have kept jumping instead of landing.

Sighing and taking the step off the elegant animal, Kurenai gets out of Anko's grasp and scratches the tigers ears absent mindedly as she watched her friend remove herself from Naruto's back.

Asuma chuckled to himself. "What, first a panther, now a white tiger. Going to start a zoo for exotic animals anytime soon Kurenai." Giving another chuckle to himself he looks over towards Anko. 'Let alone allowing her …. "friend" hold her so tightly.' He thought purely jealous of Anko for the contact she had.

Sending a spark in her glare that made Asuma second guess himself for a second she replied in a tone telling him to be wary of himself. "Not like it should matter to you Asuma. And would you ever think that maybe I have summons? Maybe I just have luck that most don't have?" Shaking her head as he noticed the glare he sent towards Anko and she knew what he thought as well. Resting her hand on Naruto's head as he sat on the ground next to her and between her and her friend she continued not letting Asuma open his mouth. "Why are you here Asuma? I don't see any reason for you to be sitting outside my home."

Giving a miniscule smirk Asuma answers. "Well I was hoping to catch you alone." Kurenai stiffened slightly at this, as did Naruto who stood more alert on his haunches. "I thought we could talk some things through. You never really gave me a chance or a good date." He had a certain look on his face that none could place. "Almost as if saying I never had a chance."

"And I told you when you first asked me that I wasn't looking and things wouldn't last Asuma." She said sternly as Anko relaxed and sat next to Naruto, running her fingers through his exquisite coat.

"I can't say I remember that Kurenai." He said sternly taking a step forward away from Kurenai's home. To which, the first response was the tiger taking a more coiled position. Noticed by all the shinobi in front of Kurenai's home.

Keeping a crucial eye on the over sized feline, Asuma stood strong. "Kurenai, I'd like to ask you on another date." He said, a small bit of hesitation before letting the words drip from his lips.

With bare a thought Kurenai responded. "I'd have to decline Asuma. I'm seeing someone that I'd rather stay with. He's done nothing but catch my interest and keep me interested, along with being nothing but sweet."

Recoiling from how fast the reply was, Asuma blared out. "What? I thought you said you didn't want to see anyone, that you weren't looking." Kurenai nods.

"I wasn't looking. And I didn't want to see anyone. But this… man, has caught my interest and kept it, time and again." Smiling to herself she scratches Naruto's ears more. "And I'm glad he caught my eye, and I'm glad he made the impression." Asuma seemed to recoil a bit more and looked at her, a look that showed he was beyond bewildered, and not just a little pissed about it.

Resolving himself he took a breath and cooled off, taking the shinobi way to the situation. "Alright Kurenai. I understand." He said half heartedly with another sigh. "I'll stop bothering you with dates."

Needless to say this caused all of the present… beings, to blink a few times and repeat what he said in their heads.

"I'll respect your choices Kurenai." Nodding respectfully he turned from her and trekked towards a random direction. Not bothering to take out a cigarette on the walk away.

"Well. That went better than expected. Hopefully he wont go back on his words." Anko commented gently as she saw Kurenai nod. Following Kurenai into her home along with Naruto as she opened the door and taking to the living room.

Naruto politely wiped his paws before laying on the two-seated loveseat, taking up only one side and the arm of the chair. Anko raised her eyebrow but decided to get everyone, meaning her and Kurenai, something to drink. Kurenai, took the seat by Naruto and laid on him, loving the feel of his soft fur.

Growling in a soft tone, Kurenai looked at him and giggled as she nuzzled into his fur, his tail wrapping around her.

Anko walked in and set her cup down along with Kurenai's, opting to leave Naruto's cup in the kitchen until he felt the desire to change back and get it. Taking a seat in her friends chair across from said friend she sipped her tea and smiled.

Looking over at Anko, Kurenai couldn't help but feel her earlier thoughts of Anko's feelings were more cemented. Mentally she sighed, before the thought itself stopped her. 'Maybe it wouldn't be all that bad?' Resolving herself to bringing it up in her mind sometime later on, she wanted to enjoy herself. She also noticed Anko relax slightly, which made her feel all the better.

Finally grabbing her tea and sipping it a bit, Anko watched as Kurenai's eyes sparkled. It was her favorite tea that Anko knew how to make. She looked over and smiled, thanking Anko with it.

"So… are we all going to sit here and relax, or are we going to go out and do something?" Anko questioned the others.

Looking up Kurenai twisted her face in contemplation for a second. "Well, we all have the day off, why not stay inside and relax? We could watch a movie or two." She suggested with a smile.

Anko grinned and approved of the notion, while Naruto didn't even raise his head. Content with just laying there.

"Well then." Kurenai started while getting up. "Lets go then." Grabbing onto Naruto she tugged him gently and he stood up finally turning back into his human form and smiling at them both.

Leading the way Kurenai grabbed Anko as well and her tea cup before heading to her bedroom. Naruto raised his eyebrow and grabbed his tea from the kitchen before following the two ladies.

Kurenai turned the tv on and Anko stole the remote, going through all the horror movies she could find. Looking over she could help but smile at her friend, as well as seeing Naruto put his cup of tea on a table.

Gaining a glint in her eye Kurenai walked around Naruto until he was between her and the bed. Anko, seeing her friends intentions grinned and moved slightly, giving her room. Taking a few steps forward, Kurenai hugged Naruto and used her legs to push them both forward and onto the bed. She couldn't refrain from giggling at his look as he landed between her and Anko.

Flashing between pages and pages of movies, Anko finally picks one that if her favorite.

"Again Anko? We watch this at least once every few months." Kurenai says slowly.

Responding with a grin. "Of course, and it's been months since we watched it." Chuckling she noticed Kurenai count it out and sigh before nodding.

Kurenai grabbed Naruto and her's tea, handing his cup to him and sipping on hers. Smiling with a small 'thank you', Naruto slides an arm around Kurenai and sips on his cup as well.

Blinking, Kurenai felt herself relax into his side as the movie started.

Anko sat close to Naruto's side and stretched out, grinning and relaxing onto the wall.

After some time, Naruto handed his empty cup back to Kurenai who put it on the table. She slid more into his side and rested her head on his shoulder, one hand on his thigh. She had to admit, she liked this movie, but she'd never tell that to Anko. And seeing it with someone else that she cares for, felt nice, felt like everything fit.

Glancing over she saw Anko was attempting to block the two out and keep her eyes on the tv. Which wasn't hard since she could barely get her to ever look away from the screen when this was on. Grabbing the remote she pauses the movie with a loud 'HEY!' coming from Anko and a questioning gaze from Naruto.

"I'm a bit hungry, Anko think you can get any snacks? Popcorn or something?" Giggling when she heard Anko grumbling she went on. "I know it's getting to your favorite part and you love to munch on popcorn in suspense."

Grinning to herself Anko nods. "Yea, okay, sure. I'll make some popcorn then." She bounds up and rushes to go make the popcorn, and get back to her movie as soon as she can.

Kurenai turns to Naruto some more and rests her hand on his chest before snuggling into him slightly.

"You just wanted to get her to leave for a few didn't you Kurenai-chan." Naruto said, a smile in his voice.

"Somewhat. I also want some popcorn." She smirked before slowly leaning up to him.

Feeling his heart start to beat a bit faster he leans down to meet her, one hand sliding up her arm. Gently pushing his lips to hers they both close their eyes as he brings his hand up to the side of her face.

Feeling something she's never felt before, other than their first kiss, Kurenai opens her eyes wide before closing them again, pushing back against him. 'So… that's what the "spark" is… I… have to say I love it.' She thought to herself as her face gained the likeness of tomato.

Pulling back slowly with a smirk adorning his face Naruto keeps his eyes closed. "Ya know… I didn't think you'd blush this much still." He finally opened his eyes as he replied.

"Sh-shut up." She stammered, unable to help herself, groaning internally at his smirk.

"Someone enjoyed themselves" He grinned at her as she rolled her eyes playfully and rested her head on his chest. Unknown to her, he held his blush down until she stopped looking, as a light pink adorned his cheeks.

Deciding to make everything work out for the night, Anko grabs some juice to drink as well, grabbing a big bowl and the bag. Hearing the popcorn pop she decides to simply zone out, almost wondering what they were doing. 'Looks like I'll be going back to my place to sleep tonight?' She thought to herself with a sigh. 'I wanted to cuddle with my Kure-chan… I've felt a little even lonelier since she left.' She didn't notice when the popcorn stopped and the microwave opened up. Grinning to herself she keeps thinking. 'I've never seen her this happy though. And I love it.' Finally smelling the popcorn she blinks and adds a bunch of salt to it, and a bit of butter, pouring it into the bowl.

Turning the corner, she smirks at her friend. Kurenai was leaning on Naruto, enough that her head was laying on his chest, a content smile on her face. He had his eyes closed and was smiling himself. "Hey, popcorns here you two, juice also." Smiling she handed Naruto the popcorn, resting it on his lap, and she filled up the 3 cups with juice. "Now start the damn movie Kure-chan!" She pouts and takes a bit of popcorn, having to sit even closer to Naruto to grab the bowl.

"Alright alright." Kurenai chuckled seeing her friend antsy.

Idly she noticed that Naruto didn't mind Anko sitting so much closer to him as he was eating some popcorn and smiling at her antics.

Leaning back onto him and grabbing some popcorn she continues to watch the movie along with them and relaxes.

Sooner rather than later the movie finally ends, they all stretch and use the bathroom while Kurenai and Anko gossip over another movie to watch.

"Ya know Kurenai, I haven't seen you this relaxed in forever." Anko commented once Naruto went to the bathroom.

"Yea… I can't believe how relaxed I am. It's amazing." She smiled. "Funny, how I met him in wave and all and he came back with us. Lucky if you ask me." Anko grins back at her.

"Yea, but I can tell something is still stressing you" she states with an all knowing smirk on her face.

Blinking in shock she looks at her best friend. "Anko, don't worry about it." She says with a soft smile. "It's not something I'm gunna tell you right now." Seeing the look on her friends face she continues. "It's not that I don't want to, I just want to keep it on my mind a bit more is all. But it's nothing, no worries." She smiles when Anko relaxes a bit more.

"Fine fine. But I'll find out eventually." She said while grabbing a mouthful of popcorn and shoving it in her mouth.

Naruto walked in and they both seemed to just stare at him, both having different things on their minds. "What?" He asked seeing the weird looks on their faces.

"Nothing." They both said at the same time. "Don't worry about it." Anko continued and grinned at him. "Now sit your primal ass down on this bed, and watch another movie with these ladies." Kurenai cut in, in a way that Anko didn't expect.

Raising his eyebrow Naruto sat down almost hesitatntly before Kurenai grabbed him and pulled him back between the two and set the bowl on his lap. "Hey now." He called out before the bowl landed on his lap and Kurenai fell into his side.

"What? Something wrong?" Kurenai asked looking at him oddly.

Blinking slowly he replies. "Not.. really, just wasn't expecting it."

Giggling for a little while, Kurenai looked up at him again. "Then don't worry about it." She smiled at him before getting comfortable again and turned the next movie on.

After a while Anko moved closer to Naruto to get the popcorn that had moved to leaning between him and Kurenai. Everyone throwing the thought away since the movie was keeping them all in suspense.

After a while Kurenai looked over to notice Anko had passed out, probably at one of the boring parts, on Naruto's shoulder. Oddly, in her mind, she wasn't jealous of the action, even if it was by accident. It just didn't seem to bother her at all. Looking at Naruto she sees him content with watching the movie.

Catching Kurenai's eyes on him Naruto looks over and squeezes her gently in his arm while smiling at her. Seeing her smile back he quickly kisses her cheek and goes back to the movie. 'He doesn't seem to mind either, or notice. Which isn't a bad thing really.' She noted.

After the movie had ended, Kurenai was beyond groggy. She could barely keep her eyes open. And Naruto, well he was yawning a bit and stretched.

Pulling the bowl off his lap, Kurenai slipped the bowl onto the table and shrugged off her normal dress, leaving her in her fishnet with built in bra, and her shorts.

"I guess I should head out and let you sleep Kurenai-chan." Naruto noted, a slight sound of emotion in his voice.

"Weeeeeeell" Kurenai started off. While gently sliding to him and kissing him once more. Without opening her eyes she continued. "You can always stay and sleep right here. I don't mind it, and I'm sure Anko doesn't care really." She rested a hand on his chest and smiled at him.

Looking at her skeptically, he noticed Anko fell asleep on him a while ago, but shrugged it off. She didn't bother him anymore really, which he felt relieved about. "Alright Kurenai-chan, I'll go take the couch again then. What would you like for breakfast Rose?" He smiled at her blush.

"It doesn't matter, you don't have to make anything Naruto-kun." She frowned thinking he thought that's why she wanted him to say.

"No, but I want to." He smiled bigger and kissed her cheek.

"Alright, whatever you want to make then." She relaxed. "but I want you to stay right here. I'm comfy." Noticing him glance at Anko she gives him a look. "Is that a bother Naruto?"

"No.." He said looking back at her. "But I don't think Anko would like me taking her spot, or you like the fact I'd be entrapped by her." He gave a playful grin, and she raised her eyebrow.

"Well, she is my best friend." She had a smirk on that made Naruto question what she had in store for this. "So I don't think I'd mind her being all cuddled up to you while we slept."

"And what is that supposed to mean." He asked meekly.

"Does it have to mean something?" She gave a questioning glance. "What do you think it means?" Seeing him hesitate she smiles at him.

"Nothing, nothing." Sliding an arm under her he forced her to move down so she could lie down.

Looking over at Anko he gently grabbed her and slid her down so she could lay as well. Taking his own place with an arm under Kurenai.

Snuggling up to her man, which she blushed at the thought of saying that, she turned off the tv and the lamp. Sliding an arm across his waist and laying her head on his chest.

Hearing her sigh contently he runs his hand through her hair, making the air permeate her shampoo's fragrance. 'I'm glad I found you Kurenai-chan' Unbeknownst to him, her thoughts were the same.

Slowly the two started to fall asleep, but not before Anko made her presence known.

Sliding her head onto Naruto's should and her arm over his waist, crossing Kurenai's, she sighed. Seemingly relaxing more than Kurenai has seen her for the longest time.

Naruto groggily pulled a blanket over the three of them and kissed the raven haired beauty's head before falling to slumber with the two.


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