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Written in Australia and Canada. This story was partly inspired by My Sweet Audrina.


I fainted once at school. Just before summer. It was PE class, and us girls were out on a field playing softball. I hated softball. I was happy playing almost any sport, except for softball.
Our team had batted first. I was in the middle of the line-up. I'd made it to first base when I'd batted, then the next batter in our team had their turn, and as I was running to second base, I was tagged out.
Then it came for my turn to field. I was somewhere in the outfield, and it was terribly hot. I hated summer. I was the only person I knew who hated summer. And the sun was shining right on the back of my neck, sending waterfalls of perspiration down my spine.
Next thing I knew I was in the infirmary. Nurse Bowdry had a cold washcloth in her hand and was dabbing my forehead. "Amber, you're awake," she said. Obviously so, as I could hear her. I moved my heavy head enough to nod. "Do you remember anything?"
I tried as hard as I could, and I told Nurse Bowdry that I remembered the heat. That was all I could remember, and she said I had heatstroke.
Last year, when I lived in England - Oxford, to be precise - I was walking home with my friend Natalie Wiltshire, and a car hit her. She was knocked unconscious, but soon the ambulance arrived.
She regained consciousness, and the ambulance workers started asking her questions. "What's your name? Where do you live? Who are your parents? Where were you born?"
As the workers asked Natalie the questions, I pretended they were asking me.
"What's your name?"
Amber Elise Weston.
"Where do you live?"
12 Westgarth Abbey, Oxford.
"Who are you parents?"
I don't know. I live with my grandparents.
"Where were you born?"
I don't know.