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Story Title: Love Me Awkward, Love Me True
Pen name: Buff82
Disclaimer: I do not own Twilight; all respective characters belong to SMeyer. Nor do I own the Misfits or Lucky Charms. Well, maybe a box of LC, and some Misfits CDs, but not the rights. A/H Rated M for strong language and sexuality

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A/N: Katbug86 did the beta thing, thx bb. And this chapter gets a special nod to RPatz for being my inspiration in a Salvidor kinda way.


Chapter Three

Prom was all Alice would talk about. She was thrilled to inform me that she and Jasper had narrowed my date choice down to three different guys, somehow convincing me to meet them so I could decide. I swear she had some sort of hypnotic powers, because I didn't actually remember consenting to that.

I was floundering in a strange uncertainty, unsure on how to deal with my current situation. I liked Edward, Edward was Alice's brother, and Edward apparently liked me too. I had no clue how Alice would react if I told her how I felt. Also, in the back of my mind, I was aware of how much I had come to enjoy Edward's friendship. The more practical part of me didn't want to do anything to screw that up. So until I could figure those things out, I had decided to not mention it to anyone.

That decision was not met without a price, however. It seemed that Edward's 'makeover' had garnished him a lot of female attention at school. (Well, no shit Sherlock – he was fucking hot and now everyone knew it). What did shock me though was Edwards's eagerness for the new found attention. Little shit was eating it up. That confident, sometimes cocky mother fucker I had come to adore was being shared with everyone - and I hated it.

I walked around most days glaring at all the girls in the halls. Especially when walking with Edward, my bitchface seemed to ward off most chicks. I wanted to slap a big sign on his back that said 'Property of Bella Swan - keep your fucking hands off'. I was sure he would notice it though, so ruled it out as a possibility.

The death I died a thousand times a day though, was every time he flirted with me – which was often. He was definitely emboldened by his new persona and was shameless in his attempts. It was all I could do not to pull him into the janitor's closet and screw his brains out half the time. Luckily, Alice seemed so preoccupied with Prom that she failed to notice my discomfort.

It was a Friday morning, just three weeks away from the end of school, graduation, and dun dun dun … Prom. I tried my best not to think about it though; God knows Alice was doing enough of that for the both of us. She had already picked out my dress, which I had an appointment to be fitted for tomorrow. I was slugging to my locker per usual, head hanging as I watched my feet slink over each tile of the bland linoleum floor. The tiled floor curled up to meet the wall, and I paused, lifting my hands automatically to unlock my locker.

"Good morning."

The soft sinewy voice caused me to jump, and my heart fluttered wildly in my chest. My eyes lurched from the pattern of the floor to meet Edwards. I set my mouth into a hard line, trying desperately not to smile goofily at the sight of his gorgeous face.

"Good morning," my voice was dry and raspy from lack of use; I wasn't much of a morning person.

Edward didn't seem to notice as he beamed back at me and dipped his head in a hello. "I have something for you."

His words sent a frenzied army of butterflies to war in my stomach. "What?"

"Today, well tomorrow actually, but I know Alice has a lot planned for you-" I rolled my eyes exasperatedly at his words. He continued, a sly smile creeping across his lips. "-is an anniversary of sorts for us."

"Anniversary?" I didn't hide my confusion; I had absolutely no clue what he was talking about.

Then in one quick motion, he pulled something from behind his back and presented it to me. Dumbly, I held my hands out as he placed a red shiny box of Lucky Charms into my waiting palms. I flushed scarlet, diverting my gaze. Good God, this boy is trying to k I l l m e!

"Um, huh, well I … I didn't get you anything?" I finished lamely – completely inept to carry on such a conversation with Edward, especially about the private show he had afforded me.

'It's okay Bella, it's sort of just a gag," he laughed, and I could detect a hint of nervousness there. I managed to look at him then, the idea that he was not as confident as he seemed help my own confidence – slightly.

"Thanks," I squeaked out with a miniscule smile.

He returned the smile warmly, running his long fingers through his perfectly sculpted hair. "No problem. Geez, what was that, like three months ago?"

"Yeah, something like that," I mumbled as I traced the leprechaun on the box with my finger.

He chuckled darkly, stepping towards me; his sweet clean smell filled my nostrils. "That was some night, huh?" His voice was suddenly husky. I was beyond panic, eyes glued to the box of Lucky Charms which mocked me mercilessly.

The warning bell rang, and Edward took a step back, pulling his hands through his hair once more. "Well, I'll see you at lunch Bella."

I nodded, still staring at the evil dancing leprechaun. When I was finally able to look up, Edward was gone, and the halls were nearly empty. Forgetting my locker, I turned and raced down the hall to class.

The rest of the day ebbed and flowed like normal. The highlight, of course, was lunch when I got to spend twenty five glorious minutes bull shitting with Edward. In addition to my obvious crushing on him, I was beginning to notice other feelings as well. It was like there was a candle inside me, when I was around Edward it blazed brightly. Other times it was just a dull burning ember, barely lit. The spark ignited each time I saw him, making me feel whole, warming me from the inside. The loss of his presence – the lack of light – gave me an empty cold feeling.

The low of my day was my intermediate drawing class. Mrs. Bradley's heels clicked loudly against the floor, as she handed out the information for our final project. I sat in my usual spot, slinking in the back of the room, trying not to be noticed. I was stealthily taking bites of an apple I hadn't gotten to eat during lunch. Just as I took another bite, Alice passed me the paper. I nearly choked on the small juicy slice as I read what our final project would be. Sketch of a Nude Model was typed in bold face across the top of the page, followed by some brief descriptions and techniques to remember.

We had two weeks to complete the sketch; Mrs. Bradley warned us that we would have to do it on our own time, as we couldn't do it in the school for obvious reasons. I wonder briefly how she could even get away with assigning such a thing. But when I noticed no one else in the class seemed to have an issue, also realized just about all of the students were over eighteen, I figured it would be futile to oppose.

The bell rang, and I jumped from my stool, attacking Alice immediately. "Can you believe this?" I hissed at her under my breath.

She looked back at me a little bewildered. "What, it's no big deal." She shrugged, slipping the paper into her backpack.

"It's not a big deal for you, because you can just get Jasper to help you. Who the hell am I suppose to get to help me!" My voice rose, slightly hysterical, and I was thankful we had filtered out into the loud hallways.

She sighed and giggled at my frazzled demeanor. "Bella, it's not that big a deal. There is a list of models on the back of the hand out. Most of them volunteer their time for coarse credit hours at the community college, so it shouldn't be a problem for you to find someone."

Stopping short, she whipped around suddenly. "Or you could always just ask Edward." Alice half smirked, half eyed me viciously before she turned quickly on her heel and skipped away. His name echoed off the walls of my brain. I was immobilized. Alice knew!!! My brain screamed at me. How? When?

"Ask Edward what?"

No, no, no… his timing couldn't have been worse. I stood completely still; face flaming, still watching Alice's small form bob down the hallway. Edward was behind me waiting for a response, I could feel his body close, and I wanted to lean back into him.

Before I could turn to him, he stepped around me. My gaze lurched to the floor, and I was speechless as tears formed in my eyes. I didn't handle such a high level of emotion and embarrassment well at the same time.

"Hey what is it Bella?" His tone was thick with concern, and my heart swelled a little at the fact that he was concerned for me. I couldn't hold back the tears; they dripped singularly in big fat heavy drops from my eyes as if in slow motion.

His long warm finger slid under my chin tugging lightly, pulling my gaze to his. "Hey, it's okay, just tell me Bella."

With that, the flood gates opened. "I just found out I have to sketch a nude model for my drawing class, and I'm going to have to hire some guy I don't know and draw his naked body and it just… it really grosses me out. But if I don't get a passing grade on this project I fail drawing, and I can't graduate!" Barely taking a breath through my tirade, my chest was heaving as I finished. I channeled all the emotions, frustration, and angst I had been feeling over the past months into those tears. It was just a happy coincidence I could blame it all on a school project. The threat of my epic embarrassment in turn gone, soothed me only slightly.

"Hey, it's okay. Why don't you get a girl model? That wouldn't be as bad." He was rubbing soothing circles with the pad of his thumb into my cheek. The spot felt warm, calming me; I leaned into his touch.

"I hadn't thought of that," I answered honestly, pulling the paper from my bag.

"Shit," I stomped my foot emphasizing the explicative. "There are only guys on here, what the fuck!"

Truly, the idea was horrifying to me. I couldn't imagine drawing some naked dude's boy's parts – especially one I didn't know. Small tear drops bled onto the paper between my fingers, and I realized I was crying again.

"Hey, come on it's okay, it won't be that bad-"

"Won't be that bad!" I cried incredulously. "Edward, I'm going to have to stare at some guy's johnson and try to draw it in detail – yeah, it won't be that bad!" Jake flashed to my mind as a harmless possibility, but even then I would be beyond uncomfortable.

A dark shadow passed behind his eyes as I spoke, his expression becoming stern. "I'll do it."

"Maybe I can ask- wait, what?" Did he really just say that?

His face switched on a dime, hiding whatever dark thoughts it previously held, and his mouth pulled to one side in his heart-stopping cocky grin. My heart fluttered. "I'll do it Bella, no big deal." He shrugged, tossing a long arm around my shoulders, leading us to the parking lot.

"Um, I don't – It's okay, I can find someone."

A flash of his previous dark expression crept back into his features, his mouth set into a grim line again. "No, Bella, really I insist. That's just too weird; I wouldn't want you to be put in such a awkward position." His stern words turned to mumbles as he attempted to explain himself.

I flushed again at the awareness of what I was about to agree to, but I forced myself to speak before I could chicken out. "Ok," I whispered glancing up at him.

He smiled broadly, letting out a light chuckle. "Okay." He squeezed my shoulders as we stepped through the double doors and into the parking lot.

Once inside my truck, I couldn't help the ridiculous grin that stretched across my face. Thoughts of Alice flittered around in my head, and I knew I was going to have to deal with that sooner rather than later. She couldn't have been too upset; otherwise she would have approached me in a much different manner. This could be a good thing.

Realization washed over me that it meant I would be able to talk to Edward about my feelings as well. What once was an impossible riddle, suddenly seemed to have a clear cut answer. I felt light, free. It could also mean something entirely different for prom; I let out a small squeal as I turned the ignition over in my truck.

I even found myself excited about my drawing project. The whole ride home, all I could think about was Edward Cullen – naked.


"Alice, you know I love you, please don't be like that," my voice pled with her through the receiver of my cell phone.

"Be like what, Bella? Hurt beyond imagination that my best friend is in love with my brother and didn't even have the decency to tell me herself? Honestly Bella, you act so ballsy all the time I'm shocked to shit to find out you lack them entirely when it counts," her tone was clipped, but calm and concise. Her words cut through me because they were utterly on the mark. I had been a coward, and hurt her feelings in the process. Wait – did she just say love?

Pulling in a calming breath, I rubbed my hands nervously against the top of my thighs. The fabric of my jeans heating from the friction, it made me think of Edward's warm touch. "Alice, first of all, no one said anything about love. But I am sorry. You are completely right about everything else. I should have told you."

"Huh, well I'm sorry to tell you - but yes, you are in love with my brother. Trust me, not only can I see it with my own two eyes, but I just know. I've always had a special kind of intuition for that kind of thing."

There was no way she was right. I knew I liked Edward a lot, but were my feelings really that strong? The word 'love' tumbled around in my head, but I decided not to over think it.

"At any rate," she let out a dramatic sigh. "I forgive you Bella, but don't ever let it happen again."

I could picture Alice's petite little face, twisted into a stern 'I mean it' expression causing me to giggle. "Thanks Al, I promise, from now on no secretes. Now, I'm going to ask something I've been dying to ask you for weeks."

"Ask away," she feigned indifference.

"Does Edward ever talk about me?"

I had to pull the phone away from my ear as Alice let out the ultimate girly squeal. I couldn't hold back the laughter as I listened to her rattle off all of the signs that led her to believe we liked each other. The final straw being Edward's make over. She sounded absolutely giddy, and I was happy to join right in.

"What I can't figure out is why his lame ass hasn't asked you out yet. I was hoping all this talk of finding you a date for prom would push him to do it. I don't know, but he's being an idiot."

"I don't know either, but I guess I'm being just as big an idiot." I shrugged into the phone.

"Well, we need to come up with a plan of attack. We'll talk about it more when I pick you up tomorrow." Alice was already formulating, I could tell from her tone.

"Alright Al, I'll see you at nine tomorrow."

"Bye Bells, can't wait till I can call you my sister!" She chimed, but before I could respond the line clicked. She had hung up.

I grabbed my toiletries bag and went to the bathroom to get dressed for bed. Once my teeth were brushed, face washed, I threw on an old t-shirt and jumped into bed. My whole body was buzzing with excitement, but I had to try and get some sleep. Leaning over, I clicked my lamp off and snuggled into the mattress. As I finally drifted off, I could feel a ridiculous smile stretched across my face.

Alice bounced into my room bright and early as I floundered around sleepily, looking for clothes to throw on.

"Bella, you need to sit down."

As I pulled my jeans up over my hips I glance down at Alice who had a sullen expression. "Why?"

She swallowed and flitted to my bed, plopping down. "Because I have to tell you something, but I don't want you to freak out."

I sat down slowly next to her, slightly disconcerted by her demeanor. "Okay."

Alice took my hands in hers and looked me directly in the eyes as she spoke. "I heard Edward talking on the phone last night, after we talked. I think he may have a date for the prom." She scrunched her face in disgust as she spoke.

My stomach dropped to my toes, and my mouth fell into a soft 'oh'. Biting back tears my mind snarled at me, don't you dare, don't you dare cry over some stupid boy! "It's okay Al, I'm fine."

She looked slightly shocked, her eyes darting back and forth between mine, concentrated, as if she was trying to read my thoughts. "Okay? Bella, I know you're tough and all, but when you're ready to talk I'm always here to listen."

Closing my eyes for a brief second I allowed grief to swallow me. I had been so stupid, too slow. I knew how Edward felt and did nothing. Now he's found someone better. When I opened my eyes again Alice was studying me carefully, squeezing my hands. I pulled her into an embrace. "Thanks Al."

I refused to allow Edward to dictate my day, so I did my best to push him to the back of my mind and tried to enjoy my time out with Alice. It should have been a warning flag in and of its self, because in reality I would have never enjoyed the shopping hell that was Alice in prom mode. Never the less, I soldiered through with a smile plastered to my face and thoughts of Edward pulling at my mind.

I arrived home with throbbing feet and bags full of lingerie, accessories, and shoes. I denied Alice nothing, allowing her to play designer to her heart's content. Her happiness touched me a little, making me feel not so shitty.

Stretching out on my bed I slipped my jeans off and flopped onto my stomach as my cell phone buzzed next to me. The caller i.d. flashed 'Alice', and I chuckled to myself. The girl was insatiable; no doubt she forgot yet another item of server importance I would need for prom and couldn't wait to remind me.

"Al, can't you give me just a little break?"

The warm deep laughter that resonated back in my ear was not what I expected to hear. I cursed under my breath as I realized it was Alice's home phone number that popped up, and Alice wouldn't have been home yet. I should have known – idiot!

"Has my sister been that hard on you today?" His voice was even more sinful over the phone, and I unconsciously pressed my thighs together.

"Um, huh, no not really. Maybe, I don't know." I was totally unable to form a coherent sentence, so I just gave up.

"Well, I was calling to see if you wanted to come over tomorrow?"

My brain swirled with vibrant colors, my heart beat madly in my chest. Was Alice mistaken? Was he asking me over for a date? "T-tomorrow? What for?"

"Well, I figured you'd want to get started on your drawing project, and I would prefer not to do it at the Chief of Police's house. Alice and Mom have a day out planned, and my dad's on call at the hospital. Thought it would be easier that way," he sounded so nonchalant, so at ease. Sure Bella, it's no big deal, come on over to my entirely empty house and I will lay completely naked for you to drool over all day. Meh, no biggie.

My heart sunk from its jubilation, chocking on its own rejoice. It's only about your project stupid.

"Uh, yeah. Sure, sure. What time?"

"Um, how about ten."

"Ok, see you then." I hung up before he had a chance to respond. I am so fucked.


The engine of my truck whined loudly as I drove down the long driveway to the Cullen's house. The sound drowned out the loud crunching and popping of gravel beneath the truck's tires. I was completely numb, I had tormented myself all night until I just couldn't feel anymore. There were no nerves or excited butterflies. Edward had murdered the happy little butterflies, and I couldn't even morn them. I had been his accomplice, by lack of doing; I had made my own bed.

Edward's large white house loomed above me ominously, it was laughing at me. Putting the truck in park I stuck my tongue out like a three year old at the offending house and took a deep breath.

Here we go Bella, show time. Keep it together.

Pulling my easel and drawing supplies from the passenger's seat, my feet made an uneven thud as I jumped out of my truck. I was feeling disoriented, my head disconnected from my body. It was as if I was watching myself through a one way mirror.

Edward pulled his heavy front door open before I had even stepped foot onto his porch. Coming to meet me, he took the easel from under my arms.

"Hey," he said happily, eyes dancing placid green.

"Hey," I smiled back loosely.

Without another word I followed him into the house and stood uneasily in his foyer. "Where's the best place to set up?" My voice sounded cold.

He eyed me for a second before answering, "Um, I suppose my room, we could use the bed." He shrugged, and my palms went clammy at the thought of Edward naked on his bed. Shit. Shit. Shit.

"Okay, lead the way." I had never actually seen Edward's room, and I couldn't help the bloom of curiosity that flourished in me.

It was a large space, sectioned off. One side looked like a typical bedroom, not much to it. There were no band posters on the walls, or Sports Illustrated swimsuit calendars. It was very basic, only a large CD collection and a sound system sat at one wall. A book shelf full of books at the other, his bed snuggled in between. The room bent in an L shape, and the other side was a full art studio. A large drawing table occupied the wall under two small windows, and an easel sat worn and well loved in the corner.

My eyes floated around the room as I took everything in, and I felt Edward's appraising gaze on me. "Um, I guess you can get ready while I set up?" I mumbled, avoiding his gaze. He sighed and disappeared into a bathroom that was attached to his room.

Mechanically, I set up my easel, clipping my drawing paper to it. I pulled the stool from Edward's drawing table over and found it was the perfect height. Edward meandered out from the bathroom, a dark green robe pulled around his body, and I held back a gasp at how green his eyes looked against the plush fabric. I had the urge to grab Edward's paints from his desk and smear bright green paint across my paper. That would be an excellent representation of this man.

He bounced on the balls of his feet and smiled a nervous smile as his finger found the edges of the strap tied around his waist. I made myself look busy, getting out my pencils and setting them up. My hands shook, and I kept them behind the easel in hopes that he couldn't tell.

The sound of thick cloth spilling to the floor sent heat radiating through my cheeks, and my eyes stayed glued to the blank piece of paper.

"Hey," his warm voice cooed at me, and I prayed he didn't come any closer. "I know you're nervous, and it's okay," he offered in a soothing tone.

Warm tears lined my eyes, I didn't even know why. It was ridiculous, but I couldn't look at him so I just shook my head.

I could hear him shifting in front of me and then let out a low chuckle. "There, is that better?" The humor in his voice intrigued me, and I felt my eyes lifting on their own accord.

My whole body went ridged at the site in front of me. Edward stood in front of his bed, shoulders and skin shinning smoothly, taunt muscles shaping his arms. His defined abs stretched over his stomach exactly how I remembered. I wanted to lick in between each one.

My eyes traveled down his body, as my mouth fell open, gawking. Edward had his legs crossed against each other, arms out in awkward positions, hips shaking back and forth, penis tucked in between his legs. Eyes wide, I couldn't help but stare at the tuft of hair where his man-parts should have been. I was unable to hold myself together, falling to the floor in a fit of hysterical giggles. He laughed along with me.

Tears bled from my eyes I was laughing so hard, and I struggled to catch my breath. Edward bent and pulled his robe from the floor, kneeling in front of me and using it to cover himself as he came closer. "See, it's not so bad," his voice was full of mirth.

"Um, yeah," I snorted through my giggles. "I'd say the tucked peen dance was a good ice breaker."

Edwards's hands curled around my arm, and he pulled me up to my knees so we were closer to eye level. His gaze bore into mine as his expression turned into a soft serious one. "I know you're nervous, I remember the first time I had to do one of these sketches I was a bumbling idiot," he recalled with a clipped laugh.

"Relax. Don't over think it, just look at the lines. Feel the drawing and let your hands do the work." His fingers traced the shape of my cheekbone as he spoke. I melted into his touch.

"Okay," I breathed, hypnotized by his words.

He stood, pulling me with him and turned to go lay on his bed. As he settled himself I stood behind the easel and steeled my nerves. His insane icebreaker had helped to ease me, I could do this.

Edward was right, once I stopped thinking and just let my hands move languidly across the paper it was easy to get lost in the lines. Each dip of his body, the slight curve of his nose I had never noticed before. I did my best to replicate it on paper. Before long, I had gotten a good enough start and decided a break would be a good thing. Edward had been sitting deathly still the entire time. I was sure his muscles must have ached.

"Okay, let's take five." I announced unceremoniously as I put my pencils away.

Edward pulled his bathrobe over his shoulders and stood, stretching his body upward with a groan.

"I'll be right back," he spoke quickly and then disappeared from the room.

I sat idly on the edge of his bed, legs swinging below me until he returned moments later. He was carrying a large try, and he placed it on the bed in front of me, dropping down to sit beside me. There was a large bowl of a fresh fruit salad, two small sandwiches, and two bottled waters.

"Lunch, eat up," he declared with a flourish.

I stared at him for a second, realizing he must have had lunch already prepared, but decided not to say anything. Instead, I popped a strawberry into my mouth, savoring its ripeness. The fruit was delicious; the sandwich was my favorite, egg salad. Inside I was squealing like Alice that he knew what my favorite sandwich was. I couldn't help the groans of satisfaction that passed over my lips as I devoured the lunch. Edward eyed me with a curious expression, but I was enjoying the food too much to care or analyze.

"That was delicious, thanks," I said through a mouthful of my last bite of egg salad. Edward grinned back at me, shaking his head. I frowned at him. "What?"

"Nothing," he chuckled. "You're just so cute when you're stuffing your face."

I squinted my eyes at him, feigning a death glare. "Watch it Cullen."

He rolled his eyes, "Okay, Swan." His grin was contagious, and I couldn't hold my angry façade any longer. Giggling like a little school girl, I nudged him with my shoulder.

His light mood turned contemplative as his gaze became intense again. Slowly, Edward brought his hand up and cupped my face, rubbing circles with his thumb. "So beautiful," he whispered, and I wasn't sure he intended for me to hear him.

My whole body blushed as I could feel the heat covering me in waves. "Thanks."

When I spoke, his eyes became saddened, and he broke eye contact. "Bella," he breathed. "I have to tell you something."

My stomach turned, disgustingly, and my heart felt like it was being ripped into a million small pieces. No, he's going to tell me he has a date to prom… or a girlfriend, and I should stop throwing myself at him. The ability to speak lost on me, I only nodded.

"It's something I've wanted to tell you, but I've been too much of a coward to say anything." His shoulders slumped as he continued to avoid my gaze. "Ever since that night in the kitchen, I've wanted to say this to you, but you just seem so… I didn't think I had a chance with you."

My heart and lungs constricted against themselves. He's going to tell me he's moved on, that I blew it – missed my chances with him. I thought idly of going to the kitchen and bringing him back a knife – it would be quicker if he just stabbed me in the heart and got it over with.

"I like you, Bella, a lot. More than just like, I –" He cut himself off and my brain was doing cartwheels. What was he saying? He still likes me? He's not dating someone else? He looked suddenly ashamed, hands lay limply in his lap, and shoulders slumped. He looked completely dejected. It was then I realized I was just staring at him expectantly, like he should get to his point. But he had already made his point, and it was mine turn to talk.

My silence must have signified that my feelings did not reflect his. My subconscious screeched at me. Say something!! You're screwing it up again – now's your chance!

I opened my mouth to speak, but could not push enough of air through my lungs to do so. In a panic, I let my body lead. I could show him I felt the same way. Fuck it.

Moving the tray from between us, I slid closer to Edward's side. His eyes were turned down, staring at his hands intently. I cupped his face and pulled his gaze upward. He looked so sad, eyes full of rejection.

"Bella, it's okay, you don't' have to –"

Before he could finish his ridiculous thought, I smashed my mouth to his. Our lips melded together in a heavenly fashion. Edward immediately reacted, leaning into me, attempting to get closer. I lay back on the bed, and he knelt above me as I deepened the kiss.

My body tingled and rejoiced at the sensation of Edward's tongue dancing with mine; our bodies gently touching. His hands roamed along my arms, setting fire in the wake of their touch, then up my sides and he pulled at my hips. I moaned into him as he settled between my legs, supplying me with light pressure. I wanted more so I ground my hips into him. I could feel his erection through the thick fabric of his terry cloth robe.

Shakily, my hands found the strap pulled tight around his waist. In one swift movement, I yanked the knot free, and his robe slid open across his body. Plunging my fingers under the soft material at his shoulders, I greedily pushed the garment from his body, leaving him gloriously naked above me.

Edward took the lead pulling my shirt from my body. He broke our kiss, and his eyes wandered over my form.

"You are so beautiful Bella," he whispered, sending shivers down my spine.

Edward turned his lips to my neck and placed slow sinuous kisses along my flesh. Goose bumps erupted along my skin, and I giggled at the amazing feeling. His hand scooped behind my back as he fumbled with the clasp of my bra. I laughed once again as he struggled, grunting and cursing under his breath.

"Here," I said breathlessly, reaching behind my back to rescue him. "I'll get this, you get my pants."

His eyes clouded over with lust as he licked his lips and nodded. I unclasped my bra while he trailed butterfly kisses down my belly, causing me to squirm. He unbuttoned my jeans then hooked his finger under the denim and pulled them down my hips.

I lay completely naked, but for a pair of black cotton boy shorts. I couldn't help but laugh at the irony. I looked like his twin from Boxergate. Edward understood the humor in it and laughed a deliciously deep wanting sound.

Returning his attention to my stomach, he outlined the elastic band of my panties with more kisses. "Sorry," he spoke in between kisses. "I don't have any ones."

"Mmmm," I moaned in response, eyes squeezed shut as I attempted to control myself from dry humping his face. "It's okay." I had no witty response because each soft kiss he placed was sending an electrical shock to the nerves wired directly to my core and I was soaking. "Shit, Edward, you're driving me crazy."

I opened my eyes long enough to see him hovering over me, smiling a devilishly happy grin. "Ugh," I grunted, throwing my head back in frustration. "Holly FUCK!" I screamed out as he suddenly slipped two long fingers into my underwear and inside me. I felt my walls clamp tight around his fingers, and he groaned along with me, as he pumped them in and out.

"Fuck Bella, you are so wet."

"I want you Edward, now, please – ffffffuuckk – I need you," I gritted through my teeth. His fingers were relentless. The coils deep in my stomach wound tight and my breathing quickened.

Edward slipped his fingers out and pulled himself up, hovering his body directly over me. I writhed beneath him, my flesh aching with the need to feel his against mine. His mouth found mine and sparks of light flashed behind my closed lids. I was lightheaded, my entire body buzzing.

His hand went back to my underwear, and he began to drag them down my legs, breaking our kiss once they were free. His hard erection hovered right at my entrance, and my hips thrust forward automatically.

"Protection?" He breathed, eyes wild.

"Birth control," I huffed back, silently thanking Charlie for his crazy over protectiveness.

He hesitated for a second longer, his eyes warming with an unfathomable expression. "Bella, I – " He bit into his bottom lip to stop himself from saying whatever was on the tip of his tongue. "You're amazing," he finished, that same strange gleam still in his eye. I flushed and smiled back, unable to form words under his passionate stare.

His mouth captured mine again with an overwhelming fervor. I cried out as he entered me at the same time. He filled me and stretched the small space, my muscles tightened around him, massaging him.

"Fuck," he grunted pumping himself in and out slowly.

"Oh, God, Edward, faster. Harder." I couldn't believe the commands that were freely flowing from my mouth, but I felt greedy, and I wanted it - I wanted more.

He obeyed, pumping harder faster. I was quickening around him, the coils threatening to spring loose. "Yes, Edward, yeess. I'm so close, holy shit."

"Bella, my Bella, I want you - all of you. Forever." His words tipped the scale, and I went tumbling down around him. My body shook, and I trembled violently as he fell with me.

We lay panting against one another, reeling from the intense experience. Edward littered gentle kisses along my cheeks and neck. I sighed and giggled into his velvety skin.

Rolling to his side, we stared into each other's eyes, post coitle glow abundant. He beamed down at me, tracing a finger along my collar bone. "Bella?"

"Hmmm?" I responded, completely spent.

"Will you go to prom with me?"


Pacing a hole in my floor, I tread back and forth a thousand times, waiting for my phone to ring. I had gotten completely dressed and was ready to go; only my hair and makeup was seriously lacking. I had called Alice a million times, but the phone continually went to voicemail. "Uggg - God damn it!" I cried out and flopped onto my bed, before jumping up, not wanting to wrinkle my dress.

Alice had promised to meet me at my house and help me finish getting ready. It was so uncharacteristic of her to flake out, especially where hair and makeup were concerned. I couldn't believe my best friend had left me for dead. Just as I was about to give in and call Edward, telling him to forget everything, my phone buzzed, and I dove for it.

"Alice! Where the hell are you?"

"Calm down B, I'm almost to your house. I had to get myself ready too you know."

She sounded oddly calm for Alice… on prom night. I wondered what doppelganger was going to show up at my house. "Who are you and what have you done with Alice?"

She laughed her sweet wind chime laugh, and I couldn't help but smile along.

"It's me Bella, and don't panic, we have an hour and a half before the boys and the limo are suppose to meet us at your house."

We said our goodbyes and Alice arrived moments later. Truer to her normal self, she set out like a hurricane, whizzing about fixing my hair and makeup like the artist that she was. She finished, and we both stood at my floor length mirror inspecting ourselves.

"I think Edward is going to die." She jumped up and down elated.

"Thanks Al," I said leaning in to give her a hug. She squeezed so hard I could barely breathe.

"No problem Sis," she chortled.

Edward and I had been dating for the past two and a half weeks. Alice, I think, was the most excited of all of us. She started referring to me as her sister the second she found out. She also didn't hold back, slapping Edward upside the head and telling him he was a dumb-ass for wasting so much time.

The past few weeks had been the best weeks of my life. Everything was perfect - Edward was perfect. We had a lot of fun finishing my drawing project, even though it took a few extra days to complete. I ended up with a passing grade and was looking forward to graduation on Monday.

Edward and I fell into an easy relationship, not much different than we had been with one another before. Aside from a lot more physical contact, it was pretty much the same. The only difference in the way he looked at me was the times we would say our goodbyes. He would linger a little longer than necessary. It always seemed there was something on the tip of his tongue he could not say.

The ringing door bell pulled me from my musings, and Alice shrieked in excitement.

"It's show time!!" She sang, grabbing my arm and pulling me down the stairs.

I opened the door to a devastatingly handsome Edward Cullen. He looked like James Bond in his tux – a crisp white collar poked out between his black jacket, and fitted black vest that pulled snugly around his chest. I licked my lips in anticipation of peeling it off of him later.

"Bella, you look beautiful." He said with that gleam in his eye.

"You're not so bad yourself. The James Bond look is a good one for you." I leaned in, kissing his cheek and whispered into his ear, "although, I prefer the Tom Cruise look, personally."

He chuckled in understanding, knowing I was referring to the night in the kitchen.

We all piled into the limo, Alice was lost in quiet whispers with Jasper. Edward and I seemed to be having our own silent conversation as his eyes roamed about me - that gleam shining brightly. The air was thick between us, charged with electricity.

Our other friends were already inside waiting for us as we arrived at the school. The gym, which was mostly used for the drama department, was decked out in streamers and disco balls galore. Rose, Emmett, Angela, and Ben stood next to the entrance, greeting us as we weaved our way through the throngs of excited teens.

The night floated on in a whirl of loud music, punch, slow songs, laughing, and dancing. Surprisingly enough, I was having a blast. I knew it all had to do with the company though, and I found myself feeling slightly sentimental at the friendships I had found in such an unexpected place.

Watching Edward laughing and joking with Emmett, the adorable smile that played on his lips as he caught my eye and winked; I suddenly understood the thing he could not say. It was there, always hanging between us. Much like our inability to simply tell one another that we had a crush; it was something we both felt but had not said.

I felt a swell of emotions, and for once it was not uncomfortable, or unbidden. I let myself revel in the feeling, awareness filled me. I loved Edward, Alice had been right. The gleam I caught so often in his eye was that emotion reflected back at me.

My heart soared, and I stood, moving to Edward's side. I leaned up and kissed his ear lobe as the song changed and the DJ announced it was the last song of the night. It was slow, and I didn't care what it was, all I could think about was Edward. "May I have this dance?" I whispered into his ear.

He grinned, taking my right hand in his and his left pressed against my lower back, leading me out onto the dance floor in a smooth sweeping motion. We danced close, the rest of the room disappearing as I stared into his emerald eyes - that gleam in full force.

"I love you." We both said at the same moment in a gush of forced air. I giggled, leaning my face into his chest as it rose and fell in his own laughter.

"God Bella, I've wanted to say that for so long."

"I know," I supplied simply. "We're such awkward idiots." I chuckled again.

"Yes, you are," he replied, and I pulled back feigning annoyance at his silly dig. "But you're my awkward idiot, and I love you.