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That Great Morning

He slowly lifted his eye lids, uncovering his blue irises. Blonde strands of silky hair were the first thing he noticed when he blinked the sleeping fog from his eyes. He flexed his fingers and felt other fingers between his and a rounded surface beneath them.

He unbent his knee's to stretch them. Even after two years, he wasn't use to sleeping pushed, formed against the body next to him. He glanced down at his hand and smiled softly like his wife taught him. Two rings adorned her left ring finger, one on his. Their wedding was simple; the only people there were Howard, Raj, and Leonard. Boy did they get shit from their mothers, but in the end, it was a last minute thing, something the two needed to do and it made them happy.

Not long after their honeymoon in her, well, their apartment, did they find out she was with child. He propped him self up on an elbow and gently, as not to wake her, rubbed his rub over her heavily pregnant belly, without removing his hand from hers. He had been terrified at first, not knowing how he'd fare as a father as his had left him, but she had reassured him that he would be fine, she would make sure of it.

She trusted him, and that scared him, but he knew she would be true to her word and make sure he was the best Dad he could be to their son or daughter.

He noticed that her eyes were flickering behind her lids and continued to rub her belly and hold her eyes when she woke up. It took a few minutes for him to see her beautiful green eyes. She was groggy and a moment later she moved her eyes to his. After a small groan, she rolled to her back and sat up a little bit.

"Sheldon, what did I tell you about watching me sleep, it's creepy." Sheldon leaned forward and gave her a mouth to mouth kiss. He pulled away when a moan vibrated in her throat.

"Yes, I suppose, but at this time, the way the sun beams in through the window glass, it bounces off-"

"Way to early to talk science to me Sweetie." She reminded him.

"Your eyes are most beautiful at this time of day." She smiled and kissed the corner of his mouth before lying back down. They both sat in silence, hands on her belly.


"Yes Penny?" He moved to look at her instead of their unborn baby.

"What are we going to do for names? I mean, we're talked a little about it, but-"

"You wish to discuss this now I presume?" She nodded. "Very well." She sat up and he moved behind her. Once he was settled with a leg on each side of her, she rested against him. He intertwined their fingers and they made lists.

"Spock." Penny threw him a look that clearly read I-am-not-naming-my-child-Spock.

"No, Melinda."

"No, Sheldon."

"Sheldon, we aren't naming the baby after you. Anne."

"To simple." It went on like this for awhile before they settled on Gregory Kirk or Ellen Leanne.

"I like them and shut up Sheldon, I let you give our son the middle name Kirk after James T. Kirk, so shut up." He didn't say anything, but kissed her neck to effectively quiet her. Yes, this was the life he never imagined he'd have but was glad he got it.

The End

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