Lee looked at Jacob with the brightest eyes he'd ever seen. She smiled at him and gestured for Jake to follow her through the rocks. He obliged, scrambling to keep up with her.

At 6 years old, Leah had found every hidden place in La Push. There were nooks and crannies all over the place if you knew where to look. Her daddy had shown her one by the cliffs, where the meetings were always held. It was her favorite place to be.

And now she was showing Jacob her spot, her little hideout. It was just a small cave near the base of the cliffs and she loved it there.

"Come on, Jakey! We're almost there!" Jacob smiled to himself at how light and carefree her voice was. Even at 4, he understood that he had fallen for her, and fallen hard.

"Ok, Le!" He grinned and followed her into the cave. "Whoa..." Awestruck, he gently touched the cave wall, as if expecting it to just fade away. Leah walked surely into the cave; it was large enough to hold both of them, yet small enough to not cause the entire cliff to collapse.

"Jakey…I brought you here for a reason," Her voice was hesitant, nervous. Jacob looked at her expectantly and gestured for her to go on. "Well…I just…wanted to tell you that I… I reallyreallylikeyou!" Leah rushed the ending, making it blend into one word. He blushed slightly, a light pink tingeing his dark skin.

"I like you, too, Le," Ok, love was the more appropriate word here, but…it was Leah Dawn Clearwater. You didn't just go around professing love to her when she's 6 and in kindergarten. Jake kissed her cheek lightly and smiled in satisfaction as the light pink that was on his cheeks now stained her own.

"You ever wonder what our last names would sound like together?" It was an odd question, but it sounded perfectly normal coming from her.

"Black-Clearwater?" He looked at her in confusion, tilting his head at the slow smile that spread across her face.

"No, dummy! Blackwater!"