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Isn't It Romantic?

House got home, took off his jacket and dropped it and his helmet on the floor beside the closet before limping to his couch with his laptop.

His email notified that he had new mail so he loaded it up. Most of it was the usual thing, all except one. It was from a sender he didn't recognize so naturally he clicked on it. It looked like a letter to someone, a dear John letter at that.

Dear J,

Fine, if you don't want to meet me then this is my last letter. I don't need your games. I don't have time for that crap. All you've done is string me along for weeks, telling me we'd meet in person, but when the time comes, you find some pathetic excuse to cancel out. I'm a doctor in one of the best hospitals in Jersey. I don't need my life turned upside down and inside out anymore than necessary. My boss does that enough already. So goodbye and good luck. I hope the next woman you string along is a lot more patient than I.

Yours Truly,


House was intrigued. It was obviously a misdirected email but some of the things she said hit a familiar chord with him. Without thinking, he composed a reply.

Dear A.

Looks like you got the wrong email address and the wrong guy, since my name isn't J, nor does it begin with the letter J. Oh well, for what it's worth, you're better off. Being a doctor myself I can appreciate the need not to waste time, especially when love might be involved. But from the sounds of that letter, you've never met him face to face so it's probably not love at all but some kind of romantic infatuation. Where did you meet this guy, anyway? The classifieds section in the local paper? Do what all the desperate, lonely but COOL people do..use a dating service. I hear Lava Life is offering free profiles for a limited time only! You'll want to get in on that!

Dr. G.


All House wanted was to kick back with some porn and a glass of Scotch. His computer beeped, letting him know he had email so he checked it. To his surprise, since it had been several days later, A. had written him back.

Dr. G,

Sorry for the mix-up. Your response was actually nicer than the one he ended up giving me so thank you for that. I actually did use Lave Life to find that coward. The site is bogus. You seem nice, however. Maybe all it takes is one misdirected email to meet the man of my dreams. Who knows, you could be him.


House cocked his head to one side. He was hardly anyone's idea of a dream man. Except maybe where Cameron was concerned.

And then it hit him like a ton of bricks.

Oh no...it couldn't be possible. Could it? She clearly wanted something of a secret admirer or at the very least a romantic pen pal. He could totally see her sitting in some Lonely Heart's Club kind of place sipping a white wine while she waited for Mr. Right to walk, or in his case, limp, through the door. He could play that game all too easily. He knew how to be romantic, even though he'd shoved those thoughts so far back in his head that they started growing cobwebs in his brain. He snapped his laptop shut and laughed to himself. "This is going to be too much fun."

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