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I leaned my head against the frosted window looking out to see how green La Push was, I remember vaguely but my mind had been somewhere else since i had moved away. I left my previous home, because of my safety, I had dated this guy and he used to beat me and stalk me. I told my dad and Jake, and Jake had to be literally chained to the ground so he would not beat the crap out of Dylan, that was his name.

Finally we reached my dad's little house, i grabbed my bags out of the trunk of the cab and gave the driver his money, and made my way to the front door. Before i could even knock on the door i felt two warm arms around me in a bear hug.

"I missed you Rach" Jake laughed.

"I missed you too" I smiled.

"Dad went over to Sue's but he said he would be back in time for dinner, or do you wanna go there?"

"Sure, it would be good to see Sue again, Seth and Leah too"

"Cool" Jake smiled before grabbing my bags putting them i the hallway and ran to the truck, it took us about three minutes to get to Sue's.

"Rach!" Dad said ecstatically as he wheeled over towards me, "I missed you so much"

"Missed you too dad"

"Rachel, darling it's been a long time!" Sue smiled, hugging me.

"Hey Rach, we're just going to go to the supermarket and Jake has patrol but feel free to make yourself at home" Sue explained, as the three of them walked out the door. I sat down on her couch and began to watch the TV, until my phone began to ring.


"Rachel! You've been avoiding my calls where are you! I swear if I don't see you, you will be punished! " I heard the familiar voice i feared, it was Dylan.

"I left, Dylan. I'm at my fathers, so please leave me alone"

"You stupid bitch! Why would you do that! I didn't give you permission to leave me! What gives you the right to undermine my authority?"

"You don't own me"

"You won't be saying that when I see you next, you just wait. You will pay for this"

I hung up on him, I began to ball my eyes out, I was in love with him but when he got abusive and started to think he owned me, even to the extent of not letting me out of the house. I packed all I needed and left, I was not! Going to be stuck in a relationship like that, with every thought all the memories came flooding back, and my eyes were like a never ending waterfall.

I heard a thump, and the door open, a very large man walked through, a large good looking one at that. Or so I could see. He had short black cropped hair, Dark brown eyes and a russet skin tone.

"Who are you?" He asked.

"Rachel Black, I'm Jacob's sister, who are you?"