Pre-A/N: I will have it be known that it is exactly 3:50 am in my area, and I am awake. Yes; I have school in about three hours. I think I might be tired. I am clearly not in possession of a "right mind".

Facial Features


A simple, short, and sweet collection of quasi-drabbles. Centric on the 'little things' noticed about a countenance.

Allow me to stress the fluffiness.

Allow me to [shockingly] announce the absence of smut.

And thus I bid you carry on to the first chapter; this ficlet will be updated in four installments spanning four days.

--A little bit of a mix: for Aly, who's in need of the fluff, and for GeekLoveFan, because she contributed to be being up at an ungodly hour to write this. :)