A/N:This is my first story. I am not really a writer but decided to try my hand after reading everyone else's amazing stories. Hope it's not too bad. Thanks to my wife who lets me have my Chuck obsession and to the amazing JoMarch for her help along the way in ideas and for betaing for me.

Hi there, my name is Chuck, and here are a few things that you may need to know. 2 years ago I had a super government computer downloaded into my brain. I have two top level government handlers assigned to me. There is John Casey, the gun loving, grunt communicating, NSA agent who couldn't crack a smile if his life depended on it. And then there is Sarah Walker, my beautiful, blonde haired, blue eyed cover girlfriend, who I'm not so secretly in love with. She also happens to be the CIA's top agent in the field.


Casey walks up to Chuck and slaps him upside the head…

"Hey what was that for?" Chuck angrily asks.

"Listen up numb nuts, Walker and I have a conference call with the General. Think you can manage to make it home by yourself at the end of your shift, without stubbing your toe?"

"A conference call? Do you need me there?" (In his mind all Chuck is thinking about is being next to the radiant Sarah Walker).

"No!" Casey says sternly.

"But, But you might need the inter…."

"I said NO! Go home" Casey yells as he starts to get agitated. (After a moment he then adds "you can moon over your girlfriend later") "Here I added something to your key ring. It's a panic button just like the President of the United States has. Just press it and an alarm will go off in the "Castle".

As Casey leaves Chuck puzzled on the sales floor, he hears a commotion coming over from the TV. department between Morgan and a customer.

"Oh great!" He mutters to himself.

As Chuck walks over to the scene he gets that feeling he gets when he flashes on the guests tattoo and his eyes flutter back immediately.

He is a member of the Red Scorpion gang. By the tattoo on his arm Chuck knows that he is just a foot soldier, probably on some power trip. The problem now is should he call Casey or just deal with it himself.

Chuck can hear Casey's voice in his head telling him to man up. As he is walking over, he hears the conversation going on between Morgan and the customer. He is immediately reminded of the comedy that he and Sarah watched with Ellie and Devon last week entitled "The 40 year old virgin."

The customer starts yelling at Morgan and Chuck steps in between them. "Sir how can I help you today?"

"Holmes your goanna gives me that T.V. over there for what I want to pay for it, not your price."

"Well sir I'm sure that your price is quite reasonable tell me what it is and I'll see what I can do."

"$400" the man says, "plus why don't you hook me up with one of those protection plans for free."

Chuck starts to laugh. "Sir you are talking about that 62 inch flat screen, correct?"

"That's right, so you goanna do what I said…."

"Sir that's a $3000 T.V. the most I can do is give you 10% off. Also if you apply for a Buy More credit card you can get an additional 10% off.." Over his shoulder he hears Morgan say "that's what I told him".

"So you're not goanna give me that T.V. for the price that I want?"

"Sir if you were being more reasonable I might try and give you a little more help, but you're not, and I'm not giving things away for free." Chuck can't help but be proud for standing up to the man. as he begins to smile.

"Holmes you have made a big mistake! You'll see. I will be back."

"We'll be right here" yells Chuck before turning to his little buddy,"Alright Morgan my shift is over, I'm going home."

"Hey Chuck my Anna banana is going to dinner with her parents this weekend, and with the impression I made on them the last time, you want to get together and play Call of Duty this weekend?"

"Maybe but I need to check with my lady first. But we will work it out."

"K dude later!" Morgan watches as his best bud walks away knowing that Chuck has always been an amazing friend..

As Chuck walks up to his nerd herder, a car speeds up, Chuck looks up and notices the windows rolling down and a gun coming out, firing at him..

Chuck feels the impact of the four bullets hitting him all at once. He is slammed backwards into the herder and falls to the ground, leaving a streak of blood on the side of the car. As his hand hits the ground, his fingers reflexively press the panic button.

Just before all goes black……


Chuck slowly opens his eyes.

He feels like he will pass out again any second as he struggles to hear a frantic Ellie and Sarah, yelling at both Devon and another surgeon. All he hears are their frantic voices talking over each other, "how bad is it?" "will he recover?" before he passes out again.

it's sometime later when Chuck wakes up but he can't move. He immediately notices that there is a blonde mop covering his hand. He slowly runs his left hand over his face, while trying to figure out why he can't lift his right arm. He tries to remember what happened to him and can only recall leaving the Buy More after the confrontation with the gang member. Then it hits him as he remembers the shots and the pain that followed. along with the darkness. His fist clenches unexpectedly and the movement finally startles Sarah.

"Chuck your awake!" her blue eyes start to tear up as she goes on…"Oh God I was so scared, I thought I lost you." She finally wipes her tears. "Let me go get Ellie and the doctor."

"SARAH!" Chuck cries out…"Don't go yet.""Tell me what happened." He grasps her hand tightly, wanting her to stay. "Please Sarah" Chuck pleads.

"Ok, Ok". She sits back down and takes a breath before she recounts her recollection of this nightmare situation.

"Chuck we were on the conference call with General Beckman, it was really nothing, just a routine update on our current protection procedures. Which was why you didn't need to be there?" She looks at him, tears forming again.

"All of a sudden while we were on the call with the general, an alarm starting blaring. it was Casey who realized it was you panic button and he pulled up the video feed from the outside cameras, to see what was happening." She pauses again as the scene plays in her head. "I couldn't wait so I took off running up the steps to come find you. Casey yelled for me to wait but I just couldn't. I knew something was terribly wrong."

She remembers Casey's next words although she wishes she didn't."General we will get back to you as soon as possible. Bartowski has been shot."

Beckman had been so surprised and had asked for an explanation but Casey had ignored her as he raced for the stairs taking it two steps at a time

"Chuck when I got there, there was so much blood. I stood there frozen. Skip had already called 911, while I, I….".She stops midsentence as if lost for words.

"Shhhhh its ok, Sarah."

"No. No it's not. This is why the general thinks that I'm compromised. I couldn't even dial 911 to save you." She sounds so broken that Chuck reaches out but instead of accepting his comfort, she stares accusingly at him.

"Chuck, Casey and I reviewed the security footage." Her voice starting to get louder and angrier. "Dammit Chuck why did you get in that guys face."

"I was trying to defuse the situation."

" Well you didn't did you. Look were it got you"…Sarah yells, knowing that she's more angry at herself than at him.


"I thought that I…that I had lost you." Sarah starts to cry again.

"When they got you here, the doctor said that you were gonna be in surgery for a long time because they had a lot of damage to repair. He said that you had a 30% chance of survival. Devon gave me his word that he would be there during the operation and that he would make sure that you were ok. Everyone has been in the waiting room for over 9 hours waiting for word if you were ok… They're all still here. No one left, not even Big Mike."

"Sarah it was not you're…..

"Stop" Sarah interrupts before he can absolve her. "Do you realize how scared I was? Chuck I wasn't there to protect you. I saw you laying there with 4 gun shot wounds and losing blood by the second."

"Sarah why were you scared? I'm just the asset." Chuck's voice is still weak but he hates to see her in this state..

He does not expect her to slap him but he can feel the sting on his cheek as he sees her hand lash out. He's more scared by her reaction than the slap and flinches as he sees her move forward again. However, this time, Sarah grabs his head and pulls him close.

She kisses him with all the passion that she has in herself. Its the most mind blowing, soul searing kiss that he has ever had. When his heart monitor starts racing and beeping she pulls back and whispers "you're not just an me.".

With tears flowing freely from her eyes she leans down their foreheads touching. "Chuck will you marry me?"

Chuck is speechless from the shock as much as from the kiss and just as, he is about to give his answer, his door burst open.

"Sarah is Chuck ok?" Ellie's anxious voice breaks him out of his reverie. Ellie, Devon, the doctor, plus his enitre code team race into the room she sees Chuck smiling goofily.

"Chuck are you ok?" Ellie asks, as she sees her brother is finally concious..

"I'm great but guess what?"

Sarah clamps a hand over his mouth and says "Ellie how fast can you plan a wedding?"

Ellie squeals with joy as she looks from Sarah to Chuck and back again just to make sure that she heard the question correctly. The smiles on their faces confirm it as she answers Sarah's question with a big smile of her own."We can have it as soon as little brother is out of here."

"Good the sooner the better, I'm not letting him go again." Sarah. finally takes hold of Chuck's hand, wanting to physically demonstrate her words.

As visitors come and go from the room,Sarah remains the one constant by his side.

Several days later Chuck is finally released from the hospital. And he can't believe that he's standing in a chapel with Devon, Casey and Morgan. He's looking around at his family and friends and almost compliments Casey on how dashing he looks in his tux only to be pulled aside by the big guy..

"Forget the lady feelings Bartowski, I just wanted to tell you that you handled yourself well in the store. And if you ever tell anyone I said this you will die by my hand." Casey taps his finger on Chuck's chest, maknig sure his point had been taken.

" Thanks buddy; I always knew you liked me. But if you don't mind I'm going to finish getting dressed." Chuck smiles as he turns, knowing that Casey has just given him his blessing in his own way.

Chuck straightens his tue as he recalls the past few days.. He's most surprised that General Beckman was actually going to allow the wedding to proceed but figured that Sarah had probably threatened to resign if she tried to stop it. Still, Beckman's stipulations were not easy.. Chuck had to promise to go through agent training and become a full fledged agent, which was the easiest one to agree to. He didn't like the fact that he had to have a GPS chip implanted in his neck so they could monitor his vitals and location at all times although relented when Sarah point out his propensity to get into trouble and lose his watch. The one he didn't like the most though was that he had to get an update of the latest intersect.

He had agreed to everything because Sarah was worth it. He walks through the church,and as he looks at the altar, He notices a bright light that starts to surround the ceiling of the chapel and he hears a voice... He can't quite make out the words, and starts to look around for whoever said it.

"Chuck, Wake Up!"

Again he hears the voice only this time he finally understands what it says. The voice seems to be coming from the altar. He yells back, "I am awake. Who are you?"

"Chuck, Wake Up!" He hears the same words.

"Morgan is that you?" Chuck replies. "If this is a joke it's not funny…you should be getting ready."

"Chuck, we need you to come back to us." He looks around again trying to find the person speaking but all he sees is the empty church..

It's then that a wave of dizziness hits Chuck. He staggers to one knee and notices that the light above the altar is getting brighter.

"Sarah" he calls out as the light engulfs him, and everything around him starts to fade away.

End Chapter 1