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Hetalia belongs to Hidekaz Himaruya~~~

The door was pushed open softly and a small figure slipped in. he went around the bed in the middle of the room and slid quietly under the covers, coming up behind the sleeping man lying there. "Good morning, Germany," he whispered, wrapping his arms around the blonde.

Germany opened his eyes blearily. He had been up late working the last night. "Italy…?" he found the skinny Italian hugging his waist tightly.

"Buon San Valentino, Ludwig," came the greeting, muffled by the German's undershirt.

Germany flushed. Last Valentine's had been a mess; he hoped the Italy had forgotten- or at least partially forgotten- about it.

Whether the brunette had or had not, it wasn't apparent. "Ve~ I bought you some chocolates," Italy waved a small box he had in his hand but refused to release the German from his grasp. Said German twisted around to face Italy. "Thank you…Feliciano," he said, gruffly, and kissed Italy on the forehead, blushing madly. Italy beamed and clung to Germany tighter. "Yay!" he buried his face into Germany's chest. "I thought that after last year Germany might not be pleased, so I'm glad you are!"

Germany winced and reddened again. So he did remember that...disaster. He sighed and tentatively wrapped his arms around the Italian's slim frame. "Frohe Valentines Tag, Feliciano."

As you can probably guess, Buon San Valentino and Frohe Valentines Tag is Happy Valentines Day in Italian and German, respectively. But you knew that. You guys are smrt, amirite? ;D