Hola! Well, as some of you may know, puttting canon chacters of any canon into a normal school seems to be a popular idea, but I haven't seen it here, so I decided to try it. I don't own traformers, I ddon't even own any of the movies.

If you wanted to get technical, it was Prime's fault. He was the one who sent the bots into the world, and of course, that meant school for the younger ones.

Bumblebee, Mudflap, Skids, Sunstreaker, and Sideswipe were all shipped off via their Holoforms to their human age equivalent institute of education. None save for 'Bee seemed to enjoy the prospect. Bumblebee acted as chauffeur to the other four; dropping off the younger two, Mudflap and Skids, at the base's middle school before heading for the high school with Sunstreaker and Sideswipe.

Their arrival drew a lot of attention - guys stared at the yellow cameo, and girls stared at the passenger, (Ratchet had made them swear to keep their Holoforms up, even in transit.) except for one girl.

No one could see her face, due to the book she held in front of it, but if they could have they would have seen dark blue eyes, a small nose, and red lips. The messy blonde hair could be seen over the binding, seeming to have a mind of its own. Most people turned their heads away, seemingly making a point of ignoring her as she made her way to the thin bar of asphalt. She was the school outcast, even lower than the nerds and geeks. She fell into that awkward category of 'beyond freak' in the social hierarchy, and even the few that would try to be friends would slowly fall away to the mass consensus of her.

This girl still had her head in book as she began crossing the road and blindly walked into their path. After a quick stop, and plenty of glares given to the embarrassed girl; who closed the book and scuttled away, the twins seemed to be in a much worse mood.

"Slaggin' femme," Sunstreaker muttered, and both his companions shot him warning looks. No one here knew they were Autobots, and no one needed to.

Just as Bee opened his door, two very large guys and a third, smug one came strutting over. "Dude! She nearly screwed your paintjob!" the smug one said, gesturing to the girl who no one had noticed the Neanderthals had sandwiched between them, "What'd you want to do with 'er?"

A look of pure terror passed the girl's face, unnoticed by everyone but the 'bots. "How 'bout you let her go?" Sideswipe called.

"Dude! That wouldn't be any fun! How 'bout we rough 'er up a bit?" the leader grinned a hideous smile, as if trying to look nice.

"No." Bee stated simply, standing up and closing the door. "You asked what I wanted down with her, right?"

It took the ringleader a second to realize he was supposed to answer. "Yeah, I did."

"Then let her go." When they didn't comply, he growled dangerously, "Now." The twins flanked 'Bee, and suddenly, as a group, the three looked very menacing.

"Dude, you don't know what you just did." The leader gestured to the Neanderthals, who dropped the girl roughly onto the ground and promptly left.

Bee stuck out a hand to help the girl up. She refused the offer, muttering to herself and the 'bots caught the words "stupid car", which caused 'Bee to bristle slightly, "how could I let them?" and "why me?" She doesn't trust us. He realized as the girl stubbornly got herself up and brushed herself off. She looked at the Autobots oddly, and quickly ran off avoiding further contact with anyone.

"Well," muttered Sideswipe, "I guess we head in now." The other two nodded and the three walk into the high school reluctantly, as if going to face Megatron.

They head straight to the office, hearing the whispers as they went. As with most groupings of young beings, news traveled fast among them, spreading rumors about how the three stood up to the Neanderthals and their leader.

"Can I help you all?" A motherly old woman in the office looked at the twins as though she already knew they would be trouble.

"Um, is this where we come to register?" Sunny questioned.

The woman's eyes gleamed with realization, and her gaze softened just a bit. "You are the foreigners that were supposed to start today? Right over here to this desk." 'Bee stepped forward eagerly but the twins held back. "Oh, come on you two, there's nothing to be scared over." The twins blushed and scuttled forward. "What are your names?"

This was what all of young 'bots had been putting off. They wanted to stay with their names, but the titles weren't very inconspicuous. Their titles stuck out too much, they just couldn't use them as passing human names.

"Brian 'Bumblebee' Prime." Bee seemed more ready, and took the lead.

"Birthday?" And so followed a bombardment of questions for all three bots. They had agreed earlier to take human names, with their Autobot designations as nicknames or middle names. They trio soon left, Sunny had chosen Sean, and Sides picked Seth.

They found their respective first periods, and slid into seats just as the late bell rang, and they were all relived to make it in on time.

'Bee looked up as the girl from earlier rushed in, the skin around her right eye bruising, and her eyes red from tears. The teacher looked at her sympathetically and let her go without a late note, as if this were a common occurrence.

The only seat left was next to Bee, and his spark sank as she slid in beside him. This girl had been hurt because of the bots. He leaned over to her, wanting to apologize. "Hey, sorry about that, I didn't mean for you to get hurt," he whispered.

She looked up, avoiding his eyes. "Don't worry," she mumbled, "I've gotten used to it."

Throughout the day the young girl seemed to run into 'Bee several more times. At first, she seemed a little wary, almost suspicious, but as the day wore on, through their many mutual classes, she slowly warmed up to the Autobot. "Sorry if I seemed harsh earlier. I'm Zoey., and you are? Sorry, I've got kind of a bad memory

"Brian, but you can call me Bumblebee." She giggled just a bit at this, a mix of nerves and finding his name funny. He cracked a smile that made her heat flutter. "Okay, Zoey, can you tell me where my next class is? I'm completely lost." She giggled again, snorted twice and quickly gave him directions. As it turned out her class was next door to his.

The lunch bell rang, and even the teachers sighed with relief for the temporary break. Mondays were always hard, and for the three new students, it wasn't any easier.

Ratchet had turned off their internet connections, so they were more or less on a level playing field with the rest of the students. They had each studied for their grade, but thought that humans went to war over the stupidest things (but that was a different story.) The twins (both pairs,) struggled with the tiny properties of grammar, while 'Bee had a harder time with Spanish, they could barely speak English, for Prime's sake!

The trio went through the food line, each one grimacing at the sight and smell of the 'food' (for they weren't quite sure it was edible,) paid for their lunches, and went to find a table.

Though they really didn't need it, this planet had more variety in their food than the Cybertronians had in theirs. As they walked into the cafeteria the noise overwhelmed them, they had not been prepared for the onslaught of voices, and they each cringed with the barrage.

Sunny spotted Zoey out of the corner of his eye, just as Bee did, and shoved his elbow into his twin's ribs. (Sides was wondering why the younger bot started blushing.) Eyebrows raised, mischievous grins were exchanged, and the teasing started.

The twins said they wanted to meet 'Bee's new femme friend' so reluctantly, Bee went with them. The three bots followed her to the library, where she sat down and opened up a bright green lunch box. They sat down and the twins introduced themselves just as 'Bee had, and similarly offered their Autobot designations as their preferred name. They saw how she looked the at yellow mech's holoform, and sensed her heart speed up. They both exchanged looks that clearly said, 'Let the matchmaking begin'.

The twins are getting ideas....

If you think Zoey sounds familiar, she's my OC from karaoke, another one of the TF stories.

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