I do not Naruto.

This is my sequel to The Nighten Gales Past, the first chapter is gonna be underlined because I want it to look like Hinata's diary page.

Dear Diary, The Winter Solstice.

Today I caught myself thinking back to the year's I loved two brothers almost equally.

Today my daughter was born, my husband Itachi, almost cried himself.

Which is completely out of character for him, his been spending all his time with her,

Lady Tsunade herself helped birth my baby girl.

I will name her Tsuki ookami, which means moon wolf.

She will be very beautiful, and very loved , she will have a heart of cold, that could

If she wished it, melt a heart of stone.... She has Sasuke's innocence .

Believe it or not , it's there.. Noone see's what his hidden behind his mask of stone

and sorrow... Eventually as the year's past he had become that mask. He had no way

to cope. And for that sometimes, I blame myself.

I have not told Itachi of my worries or my thoughts, I didn't want to burden him with

the seed's of my yesterday's.... Why must fate be cruel?

Today Sasuke came to see her niece..... He looked so dead .... He has collected many

many scar's.... And I can't help but wonder if they are self inflected.......

I can't lie, part of me still loves Sasuke, but perhaps, the way I love him has changed.

But it kill's me to know, I had broken his heart,

that I am responsible for his pain, I was he only woman since his mother that he ever

loved sincerely and unafraid, he had given me his heart...... And I broke it because I

chose to be selfish, and I wanted my own happiness.....

In truth, I am a murderer.....