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In Hinata's pov.

I remember the first time some of Itachi's friend's came to visit.

Sasori- san was the first too.

It was spring, and Tsuki was to turn 3 this year.

Every other week Sasuke was here, he managed to find a house near ours suitable for living in , not too far from here.

Tsuki was having a bath when there was a knock on the door.

I opened it to find Sasori on the steps, he was dressed casually, and carried a beautiful doll in his hands, He stood and set it in mine.

"For Tsuki." He murmured softly.

It was handmade and very delicately and lovingly carved, and hand painted, it was a masterpiece , but nothing less would be expected from Sasori-san.

Tsuki came outside, she was dressed in a thin and light sun dress that fluttered to her ankles.
"Hello Uncle- san." She said politely with a curtsy,

Sasori smiled and returned the greeting, he held out his arms, and Tsuki threw herself into her arms, for she did love affection.

And would take as much as she could get.

Sasori twirled a lock of her hair and asked how she had been.

Immediately Tsuki re accounted her latest adventures.