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Jake was pleased with what he saw.

He saw how people from RDA were loaded into spaceship, and then they were going to leave Pandora FOREVER! That meant Jake and Na'vi have won!

"Hey Jake!" Norm called, walking over to Jake.

"You might want to see this" he said handing over small computer screen filled with only two lines of text

"That's nice, what is it?" Jake asked with a puzzled look on his face.

"This is a list of personal, the ones who are not getting out of here" he said pointing at blinking text saying

Evacuation in progress, RDA personal unaccounted for:


"I thought that we are not a part of RDA anymore so I fired us. So don't expect any paycheck. But This also means that no one of these RDA bastards was left behind" said Norm with a smile on his face

"And that's the way I like it" said Jake looking from screen to now loaded spaceship which was now taking off.

Now that they were gone, Jake finally felt happy and free. The RDA will not try to mine unobtanium any more, no more killing of The People, but most of all. No more RDA

When the spaceship was almost out of sight, it was time to celebrate! And then begin with preparation for the ritual which will allow Jake and others who were helping Na'vi to become the real part of The People, the mind transfer. There were only few who could not undergo it, Norm Spellman was one of them, his avatar got shot and was now regenerating in Amino-tank, or Max Patel who did not have one.

When Jake got to the mind transfer ritual, his last thoughts in his human body were about RDA, and how he will never see them again. "No one got left behind" He thought, and then his mind was transferred to his Avatar and his human body, which was now nothing more than mindless corpse, has died when Ney'tiri removed his exopack. There was a brief moment of silence and then. Jakesully was "born"

He did not know how truthful his "last" thoughts were.

Because at that exact moment his mind was transferred, that computer he held with unaccounted personal has actualized. Because the ship which was carrying exiled RDA people was now out of signal.

The computer screen has changed and now it said:

Evacuation is complete. List of non-deceased personal left on Pandora:

PFC Rick No-one

Current assignment: Reconnaissance of Fallen Hometree

Last known location: Near Fallen Hometree.

Then a message saying that battery is critically low appeared and screen went off