„…And? " A small na'vi child asked. He didn't want to believe what he just heard. The other na'vi were however in tears as they actually believed that.

"There is more." A voice said. "When Rick made another step, an earthquake of sorts has begun. It measured six point two on Richter's scale. The aircraft pilot has decided that if he has to move then it is now. Rick tried to get on the aircraft but he quickly found out that he couldn't, he got grabbed by some plant whose vines have entangled his legs and refused to let him go. Those were the same vines that grew on the walls of the Hell's gate. Rick got entangled and pulled to the ground by the plant, nobody could help him as they were all being affected by the Earthquake. The plants were holding him down with the might that was far more powerful than the might of the thanators. As the earthquake slowly started to stop, the aircraft was already in flight and was speeding away from Pandora. From the hell's gate logs, the source of the earthquake was directly under Rick, and it was so strong that even the thick layer of the concrete cracked and got torn apart. It is said that Eywa herself summoned those vines from the ground to prevent Rick from leaving this place. The plants held him until the aircraft disappeared from the sky." The storyteller continued. The atmosphere was tense in this place, everybody wanted to know how this story ends even though they've all heard it a thousand times, this time however, they were hearing the whole version which was seen by eyes of one who has been there, and this version never got dull. Who has lived through it, and who knew far more than anyone thought he knew. A Rusty construction of an android was sitting on a specially carved chair made especially for him, a destroyed robot which was still working. Observer was sitting in it fore quite some time. It was already a year since the Pandora got rid of the humans.

"Rick then told me that during his time on the ground, he had a conversation with the entity known as Eywa, he talked about humans who had to leave her but she talked about that already being done, and that there was no need to follow them." Observer continued and the children listened to him. At least until Rick walked over.

"I have then realized my mistakes and my misinterpretation of Eywa's will, she told me where my place was, as I was no longer human. I was a child of Eywa, and I was one of the people" Rick said while Tarya ducked down and kissed him.

"I'm proud of you my little hero" She said with pride and happiness that it ended like that.

"I want to be just like dad when I grow up." A small na'vi girl with distinguishable color said, Ma'rya was also a na'vi but her blue color wasn't as blue as everyone else's, it was somewhat more pinkish to say the truth.

"You all can be just like me, you just need some confidence, good friends and lots and lots of…" Rick was about to say something but Tarya coughed a little to let him known that he shouldn't say "booze"

"…of luck!" he finished the sentence, walking over to Observer.

"Thanks for telling them the story..." Rick thanked Observer who just nodded.

"My pleasure"

Meanwhile, in the long forgotten place previously known as Hell's gate, there was a silence, the power generators were all offline, the dust was settling in and the plants were slowly enveloping the concrete giant. Some parts of the hell's gate were already destroyed. There was just this revenant. Serving as a reminder that a certain drunkard with no future has come back from the dead, gone through hell and gave the na'vi another chance to live peacefully. The mining platform, an engine of destruction, was still sunken in there that was known as "Grave for human beast" The beast was gently collapsed in the dark sea. Dark just like the corridors of the Hell's gate, and there, in the darkness, something changes. There was a bright spark of electricity, and a whizzing sound of one of the many reserve generators beginning to spin, an engine which created energy from the last drop of the fuel in its tank. The lights blinked once and then returned to the darkness, a darkness illuminated by only one screen, which was silently illuminating the otherwise completely dark place.

The screen loaded and shown a message.

"Evacuation in progress, RDA personal unaccounted for: -No-one"

Then another spark, coming from the screen, illuminated the place and the screen once again changed.

"Evacuation is complete…" Then, just like before, it went off…

Only to come back once more and to show a final message

"No one got left behind"