Title of story Cagney and Lacey living in the UK.

I do not own Cagney and Lacey characters I have written this story for other fans to enjoy Please feel free to let me know what you think of my story. I'm not that good at spelling and there may be some spell mistakes because I have dyslexia.

This story is a follow on from Cagney and Lacey take a trip to the UK story.

Mary Beth, Harvey and Chris have been living in the UK for an year now.

Their moved to the UK on January the 17th 2010 and it has been over a year since the kidnapping of their friend Miss H Newt.

It's now the year 2011.

It's Tuesday the 12th of January 2011

H was out walking her four legged therapist Gem when Chris and Mary Beth had bumped into her.


"Good morning H and how are you today?"


"Moring Chris and I great thank you."

"Good morning Mary Beth and how are you?"

Mary Beth.

"Moring H my love and I'm fine thank you for asking."

"Have you got anything planned for this afternoon?"


"I have a meeting with Mrs Heart this afternoon at 1pm ."

"Part from that I haven't got any plans this afternoon."

Mary Beth.

"How's the cancelling going?"

"Chris and I would like you to come for afternoon tea?"


Mary Beth I would love to come for afternoon tea."

"Cancelling going ok too thank you."


"You know it will be a year since we moved over here in three days time."

Mary Beth.

"Yes and it will all so be a year since H's kidnapping ordeal too."


"I haven't forgot about that I remember it like it was yesterday"

"Sorry H I forgot about you been there"

The College postman had handed H her mail when Chris and Mary Beth was talking.

At time has passed it's now coming up to 12.25pm


That's ok Chris.

"I was reading My Post."

Mary Beth.

"Would you look at the time?"

"H you better get your skates on you don't want to be late"


"Bye Mary Beth."

"Bye Chris see you both later on."

Chris and Mary Beth didn't get a change to say good bye to H because she had ran off so she wouldn't be late for her meeting with Mrs Heart.


"I wonder if Alice needs a hand with any paperwork."

"What do you say Mary Beth that we pop by Alice's office?"

Mary Beth.

(Looking worried and concerned for her friend.)

"Alice Christine's office is right next to where Mrs Heart's office is."

"Chris why would you want to go see Alice has something happened?


"Nothing wrong with me Mary Beth and nothing as happened to Alice ever."

"H had a look on her face that she wanted to tell us something but couldn't."

Something had catched the corner of Mary Beth's eye on the grand there was an envelope addressed to Miss H Newt.

Mary Beth.

Maybe this letter has something to do with it."


(Shouting after Mary Beth and walking fast to catch up with Mary Beth.)

"Wait for me and slow will you."

Mary Beth had slowed down so Chris could catch up.

Mary Beth.

"I don't even know where we suppose going any way.


(Out of breath and getting her glasses out of her hand bag.)

"Let me have a look at this map."

Mary Beth.

"Chris we need to know if H ok"

"Tell her that she can talk to us about anything because she part of the family now."

Both Chris and Mary Beth was looking at the map of Summer Set Rise College

There was a loud squeaking noise from one of the college's golfing buggies that pulled up next to them.


"Mrs Lacey."

Mary Beth.

"Yes I'm Mrs Lacey."

"May I ask who you are?"


"Sorry I'm Alex Hall I'm one of Mrs Heart's patients."

"I go to the group cancelling with H."

Mary Beth.

"Alex has anything happened to H?"


"No anything wrong with H."

"I came to tell you can you please meet H at the Sunny Pot cafe."

"When she as finished her meeting with Mrs Heart."


"Alex can you show us the way we a bit lost."

"Do you know if H had said anything to you?"

"About a letter that she had gotten throw the post this moring."


"Sorry not but I know that she had said something to Mrs Heart about a letter."


"I hope you know where you going?"


"I do I know the college's street s like the back of my hand."

Mary Beth, Chris and Alex got into the college taxi golf buggy.

The buggy had pulled away and speeded to the Sunny Pot cafe.