5am the sun coming up and it's Monday the 18th January 2011.

Mary Beth was woken up by a loud racket that was coming from the flat next door.


"Harv sounds like H back."


(Rolling over to face Mary Beth)

"Alright babe do you want to check on her."

Mary Beth now dressed and she had slipped her feet into her slippers to go see if H is ok.

Harvey had put a joining door between the two flats.

Alex left one of his new hoodies and jogger bottoms in the flat

Mary Beth.

"Everything alright H."

Mary Beth now was standing in the door way she could tell something had upset H.

Mary Beth knows this because H is normal full of beans

Mary Beth.

(Talking in her soft low voice.)

"H what happed ware's Gem is she alright are you alright?"


(Cry and shacking like a leaf.)

"Gem sheee she's dead Max he."

Mary Beth had grab hold of her because she looked like she going to faint.

Mary Beth.

(Still talking in her soft but concerned voice.)

"Max has he hurt you H talk to me."


(Still crying and shacking.)

"He shoved me out the way to get to gem."

Mary Beth.

"Sit right there don't move I'll be right back."

Shouting to Harvey to ring Chris and the doctor.

Harvey had already ringed Chris who was on her way there was a knock on the Lacey's door.

Rex had come with Chris and he had told her everything that had happed to Gem there was faint barking sound that was coming from the box that Rex had in his hands.


"Chris can you give this box to H its Gem she alive."


(Talking in a low voice so H wouldn't hear.)

"You mean she a live and not dead at all?"


"When I was on my way back to my office."

"I notice there was something middle of the road and it looked like Gem."


"Mr Fleck I will do and thank you."

Chris now in the flat with Mary Beth and she had said good bye to Rex before closing the door behind him.

Mary Beth was sat on the sofa holding and cradling H trying to calm her.

H who was trying to keep awake it's now 6.25am.


God! What happened to her? Mary Beth."

Alex was coming back throw the joining door with a tray of hot drinks that Mary Beth had asked him to make.

Mary Beth.

"Chris Max had done something to Gem."

"That's we can get out of her."


"Poor love."

"Alex will you pull that chair near to the sofa."

"Gem she's a live and she's in here."

Alex had pulled the chair near to the sofa and he had lifted Gem out from the box before he left.

Alex knows that when his best friend upset it's best to leave and let her family look after her.

Mary Beth still sat on the sofa and who had covered H up with a duvet.

It's now 8am H and Gem are reunited with each other both.

Mary Beth had moved so H could strach her bad leg out and be more comfy .


(Yawing and still crying but she had stopped shacking now.)

"Gem my lovely Gem your alive."


(Talking in her nonsense cop voice but softly talking.)

"H you look dreadful Max what has he done to you?"


(Focusing on Chris and trying to keep her eyes open.)

" Max he wanted me to be."


"You don't have to tell us he wanted you to be his girlfriend."

"You said no and he reacted like this towards you."

Mary Beth.

"Chris looks like she tried herself out with all the crying and screaming"


"Bless just look at this would you Mary Beth."

Mary Beth.

(Mary Beth

"Chris what a lovely picture this will make?"

"Best not to wake them Chris."

Chris and Mary Beth keeping a close eye on Gem and H as they sleep.

Harvey was standing in the door way as well.

Gem had her good front paw on H's hand.

Chris and Mary Beth sat wonder if what will happen next and wondering what will happen to Mr Max Evens.

The end.

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