I would like to thank crazy-forever for letting me continue her story, she has notified her readers of deleting it off of her account but she was kind enough to let me continue. Here is the first chapter written by the story's original author- crazy-forever, check out her other stories too, she is an amazing author!

Summary: Alice Cullen is a witch. Alice Cullen is a psycho. .

Alice Cullen's big brother Edward is popular. When she breaks all the 'loser' rules to become like him, she finds friends, fashion and maybe possibly love. AH, E/B, E/R, J/A

Maybe Possibly Love


"No-no please!" I whimpered as he smashed me against the wall. Blood spurted from my head as he threw me to the ground.

"I told you to stay away" He growled before going off. I sobbed, red blurring my vision.

Pictures, again.

That always came true.

It was him.

He was coming for me. I lay in the cold, the rain soaking me to the skin as I waited for someone to find me…anyone…




I yawned and rolled over in bed.

Colour. Dizzying.

Edward laughing as girls surrounded him.

Me, sat in the toilets, eating a apple, crying, alone at high school.

I shuddered. That's why I didn't want to go to school. I snuggled deeper into my soft duvet, trying to ignore the visions that made me a outcast, a loser.

"Mary-Alice!" My mother called. I ignored her. She knows I hate the name Mary. She only says it when she's happy. Or mad.

Witch! Psycho! Nerd! Baby! Idiot!

I whimpered as I jolted upright in bed, heart thudding. My mom Esme rushed in.

"Darling what's wrong?!" She said hugging me fiercely. "Are you seeing them pictures again honey? Don't let them hurt you, they won't hurt you…" She cooed, rocking me like a baby.

"I'm fine Mom" I said quietly. She ran her gentle fingers through my spiky hair.

"Good girl" She kissed my forehead. "Go and get ready for school darling"

"Is Edward here?" I asked.

"Yes. He's having breakfast" She kissed my forehead again before going out, shutting my door quietly behind her.

My brother Edward was a year older then me, just starting collage. He was always popular and was always trying to make me popular too. He's staying here for the holidays. Just a week, but it's better then nothing. I do miss him so much. He managed to wangle the last day off at school after charming the head mistress. I bounded out of bed, my enthusiasm growing as I thought of a whole week of no school, away from all the bullies and with my big brother Edward. I chucked my pyjamas to the floor as I got changed into black leggings and a grey dress with a black cardigan and little black pumps. I love clothes. And fashion. Although the people at school say I buy my things from charity shops. And I smell like a dog. I looked at myself in the mirror before dancing downstairs.

"Edward!" I yelled, rushing into the kitchen and into his arms as he swooped me in a massive bone crushing hug.

"Can't-breathe" I choked. He laughed and let me go, smiling my favourite crooked smile at me.

"How are you?" He asked.

"Good" I smiled weakly. He looked at me but didn't press the subject any further. "You?"

"I'm fine. Plus, it's Friday. Last day before the half term" He noted.

"Yeah! Then a whole week with you!" I said excitedly, grinning.

"Which translates into a whole week shopping" He fake groaned and I laughed.

"I've missed you so much" I said, hugging him again.

"I've missed you too. Now eat" He pointed to the Pop tart on the table next to him. My Dad came into the room.

"Morning Dad" Me and Edward chorused.

"Morning son, daughter" He smiled and picked up his briefcase. "Now I have to go or I'll be late for my shift" He kissed Mom and waved before going out to his Mercedes. He works at Forks Hospital, the best doctor there.

"Now Edward darling, are you off with Alice to drop her off at school or are you going to stay here and help me design the new extension for the Hales?"

My ears pricked as I heard that. The Hales. Jasper and Rosalie Hale were in my year, gorgeous blonde twins. Rosalie was popular, head cheerleader of course, with supermodel legs and a fiery temper that boys loved. Jasper was more quiet, but the star of the baseball team, and had tons of girls fawning after him. Including me. He was so perfect.

"I think I'll drop my favourite sister off at school" Edward smiled, eyes twinkling.

"I think you mean your only sister" I joked as I picked up my bag. "Bye Mom" I gave her a quick hug.

"Bye Alice sweetie, have a good day and Edward I don't want you hanging around with girls all day when you have your lonely Mom at home" She pretended to be stern, flapping the tea towel at him. We laughed and waved before going to Edward's silver Volvo.

"I want to get a Porsche" I told him wistfully.

"For your birthday. What colour?" Edward asked.

"Yellow" I smiled. We were never short of money which was good, but the kids either bullied me because I had too much, or bullied me because the things I already had were rubbish. I got more jittery as we got nearer to school. Edward frowned at me.


Me slumped at my desk. I will not cry, I will not cry…

I blinked and looked up. "What did you see?" He asked me gently.

"Nothing" I muttered looking at my feet. "See you later bye" I gabbled as he stopped the car.

"Oh Edward!" Girls nearby squealed. I got out and hurried to the school.

"Now, ermm Jessica I-" I left my brother to it and went up the steps, not noticing the leg in front of me until I had tripped over it, scattering my books and papers everywhere, and bruising my face.

"Ow" I whispered, before looking up. The bruise on my head started to throb.

"Sorry. Witch" Tanya Denali cackled before walking off with Kate and Irina. I swallowed back tears as I tried to pick up my essays.

"Is this yours Mary?" Bella Swan asked. Bella Swan, in my year and in some of my classes. She had long brunnette hair and chocolate brown eyes and a pale face. She was quiet, but kind and tended to, not say anything mean like the others but just stay out of the way.

I looked at her. "Yes" I said quietly.

"Here you go" She smiled and went off.

"Yo Bell whaddya do that for?" Her brother Emmett boomed.

"Because-" I didn't hear the rest as she walked off.

"Want help?" Someone sneered.

"I'm fine" I said, my voice cracking.

"Awww is the witch going to cry?" Rosalie Hale said, smirking at me.

"I'm not crying" I whispered.

"What did you say? You're a phoney ugly loser that makes things up for attention? Weirdo" She spat before throwing all my work into the puddle outside of the entrance. I gasped and she laughed before walking off.

"No" I said, closing my eyes. I'm going to get told off now! I looked at my sopping wet papers, blurred ink running off them and scrumpled them into a ball before throwing them into a bin.




"Psycho!" A piece of paper hit my chin. I looked at it and saw a picture of me with various threats on it. I gulped but carried on.





The calls from various people echoed down the hallway as I stumbled into class and slumped into my desk. I will not cry, I will not cry…

Another vision come true.

Why me?