Title: Possessive
Pairings: Yohna
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Summary: Kyoyama Anna was one of the most popular girls in school. And this causes trouble. Set somewhere before the second round in America. Yohna. More Manga-based.


Part One – The one with All-the-Important being introduced…


Kyoyama Anna was one of the most popular girls in school. It was not because she has came to school in the middle of the year (although it helped for that matter). It was neither because of her achievements in academics (she was one of the best students in the whole school). Nor it was because of her golden hair (it did set her apart from most girls in the school – there was hardly a natural blonde in Tokyo).

No. Kyoyama Anna was popular because she was an extremely pretty and unique girl. She was quiet and mysterious, never trying to keep company to anyone. She presented a silent form of grace and elegance and whenever she appeared, her strong character demanded respect like no one else's. And this all added to her allure.

Many boys (older and younger) tried to approach her, never one succeeding.

Only two other people were being seen with her. Asakura Yoh, a boy popular among girls, one who appeared in school a few weeks before her. And Oyamada Manta, his best friend.

Sometimes the three of them spent their lunch together, sitting under the oak tree outside the school. Sometimes they came to school together, or left the campus in the same direction. There were days when Oyamada-kun was left alone during those periods, as his two friends disappeared somewhere for the time being. And on other days, when Askaura Yoh was absent from school due to some health reasons, Kyoyama Anna spent her time with Oyamada-kun.

It was during one of these periods that Nagoya Takeshi has noticed the quiet girl for the first time.

Her thin but well proportioned arms… long, slender legs… the scowl on her pretty face, that just asked to be taken care of…

She walked confident, the small Oyamada-kun almost running beside her, as the two headed to the cafeteria for their lunch period. When she walked everyone stepped aside unconsciously, making room for her. She was the epitome of unapproachable and unreachable young woman.

She was a challenge.

A small beautiful challenge that just asked to be overcome. And Nagoya Takeshi enjoyed challenges, especially if they were small beautiful girls. Yes, he'll enjoy this Kyoyama girl. He was the man to do this conquest.

Nagoya Takeshi was the self-proclaimed poster boy of the Shinra Private School. He was a captain to the soccer team and their goalkeeper, as well as one of the most known guys in school. If he saw a girl he was interested in, the said girl was his by the end of the week. That's why by the next day all his friends knew about Kyoyama Anna.

"Do you really think you have a chance with her?" one of his friends asked.

Takeshi glared at Daisuke. The said boy gulped raising his hands in surrender. "Sorry, forgot to whom I'm talking." He stated apologetically.

"But Daisuke-kun is right. She's hardly ever noticed other boys. And many tired." Yousuke said.

"Other?" Takeshi asked his center-forward. "What do you mean by that?"

"Well, there have been already many who tried to approach her." He explained. "But no matter who tried to get closer to her, they never made any progress."

"Yeah," Makoto added. "You've probably noticed she keeps with Asakura and Oyamada. Never with anyone else."

"Exactly." Daisuke said. "I don't think I've seen her talking with any of the girls either."

"So what?" Takeshi asked. "Maybe she doesn't like girls. And maybe she hasn't had an opportunity to speak with a real man so far." He laughed. "Oh, here she comes! Maybe I should start with introducing her to one." And he walked toward her puffing his chest like a peacock.

Kyoyama Anna hasn't got the most pleasant of days so far. She has overslept - meaning Yoh has not done his morning trainings because he was still in the clutches of Morpheus when she got up. They haven't got time to prepare any breakfast and hardly made it to school on time. And on top of that the annoying soccer team was too loud for her tastes this morning.

She sat down on her desk and prepared for their next lesson. She did not noticed the captain of that annoying soccer team nearing her.

"Hey, Anna?"

"What?" she snapped and looked up at her fiancé who has just appeared before her, unknowingly blocking the large form of Nagoya Takeshi from reaching her.

"Did you take my homework by accident? I've finished it yesterday, but, um, I think it's no here." He said sheepishly, scratching the back of his head and smiling apologetically at her.

"Oh, for Kami's sake!" she snapped. "You'll forget your head someday!" she rummaged through her back and pulled out a few sheets of paper. "Is that it?" she asked holding the papers as if they were a sole source of the worst disease in the whole world.

"Hai. Thanks Anna." The brown haired boy smiled brilliantly at her as he took his homework and went to sit down two rows before her. She just sighed, her eyes softened unconsciously. It was not her day today. Suddenly, a large shadow fell upon her desk, blocking all the sunlight. She looked up, frowning at the sight before her.

"Hey." The large boy said in tone that was supped to sound suave, but came out like a grunt. Her eye twitched in irritation. "Maybe you'd like to spent the lunch with me today?" a flashy smile followed.

"No thanks, I might lose my appetite." She shot back coldly. The boy flushed embarrassed, he was sure the whole class has heard this. But any reply she might have gotten was prevented by their homeroom teacher, who has just walked into their classroom. The teacher started the lesson and Anna focused on him not paying any attention to the bulky boy still standing next to her.

Nagoya Takeshi was furious. Never has a girl denied him! And in front of the whole class! She'll- she'll-

"Nagoya-kun! Get back to your chair this instant!" the teacher called and the said boy flushed as he realized the whole class was gaping at him. He scrambled to his place and sat down quickly. That girl! How dare she embarrass him in front of the whole class! She was something! Yes, she was a spirit. One he will enjoy breaking. Oh, he will, he vowed, now more than ever determined to possess Kyoyama Anna.


End of part one


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