Title: Possessive
Pairings: Yohna
Genre: Romance/Drama/ Hurt/Comfort
Warnings: none.
Chapters: 4/?
Status: WIP
Word Count: 1277

Disclaimer: I don't own Shaman King nor the characters. Noshi mentioned here belongs to Keitorin Asthore

Summary: Kyoyama Anna was one of the most popular girls in school. And this causes trouble. Set somewhere before the second round in America. Yohna.


Part Four – The one with the threat being fulfilled…


Anna went briskly toward the Inn, still furious with the encounter from today's afternoon. How dare that boy touch her so?! Who did he think he was?! She told him no already, why couldn't he get a hint like a normal person? What a pompous jerk! She huffed annoyed, thanking heavens that her Yoh was not this kind of brute and imbecile. She turned into the darkened alley that crossed the road leading straight to the Inn.

Ah, but speaking about imbecile… How could Yoh fall asleep in Math of all classes?! And with Haruna-sensei nonetheless! He was lucky to just get a detention from her! What was that boy thinking?! Ha! He wasn't thinking at all, that's the problem! She huffed. Seriously! He'll-

The jerk came as a surprise, the hand on her shoulder sending her into the nearby wall.

Her vision blurred and a stabbing pain erupted in her head as she hit the bricks behind her with it. When the vision returned her eyes met a set of furious ones belonging to no other than the soccer team captain.

"No one declines Nagoya Takeshi." The boy said fiercely. His hands squeezed her arms painfully, pinning her to the wall behind her.

"What the hell do you think you are doing?!" Anna yelled furious, struggling to free herself from his firm grip. She tried to ignore the cold fear sipping into her stomach as the unwanted, deeply buried memories flashed before her eyes. She struggled more, trying to free herself, but her attacker was too strong and too large for her to overcame him.

"Let me go!" she tried once more wincing at her voice, as it came more like a plea than her usual demand, sounding too small and shaky for her tastes.

The bulky boy just laughed at her and pinned her thin arms above her head with his left hand. His right one began to wander from her thin waist up toward her breasts.

No… No! It isn't happening again! She thought desperately fighting even more now. But it was no use. She heard a cloth being ripped and her eyes widened. No! she started to jerk more violently, trying futilely to free herself from this large form pinning her against the wall.

No… I can't… I can't- Yoh… Yoh! No! She was too weak, she could not fight off his bulky body of her. She tried to keep focused but the terrifying memories- the ones she has buried deep inside her, resurfaced paralyzing her. The face of the ever hated Noshi became clear in her head and she shook pitifully. No… no, it couldn't be. Not again, not again… Yoh… Yoh, help me! "Yoh!!"

"Askaura Boy?" Nagoya Takeshi hissed at her and she focused on him, her eyes terrified."You're calling for that scrawny little sissy?! You'll be screaming a different name when I'm through with you!"he sneered, squeezing her arms tightly ten kissed her hard. She struggled trying to free herself, but the overwhelming fear was becoming stronger than her. No, no… this can't be- no, Yoh! "Yoh!" she whimpered. Onegai! Iie, onegai…

Suddenly, the pressure was gone.

She slid down the brick wall behind her, gasping for air. Her hands went to her chest closing the opened blouse of her school uniform. Her attacker was lying on the ground clutching his jaw, a lone slim figure towering over him. She did not notice the Samurai ghost hovering over her trying to get her attention. She was shaking violently in shock. It was so close... too close… Again she came so short from being- from being-

A sob escaped her, and her eyes blurred.

"-na-okami!" she realized somebody was calling her. She looked up to see Amidamaru gazing at her worriedly. "Anna-okami!" She just stared at him. Another voice – his voice – caught her attention and she turned.

"I told you to watch out in the alleys, it is slippery in here." Yoh said, his voice strangled. "And I told you to keep away from Anna." He snarled, the sound sounding so strange from the slender boy it made Anna blink. Was this her Yoh?

But her Yoh was currently swinging to the right, feinting from an assault that came from the soccer team's captain. He was focused and determined. She could only watch as he turned so quickly it shouldn't be humanly possible and put one hard fist in Takeshi's gut. The large boy doubled over whizzing for air.

"Your friends were right when you spoke in the locker room a week ago." He stated coldly to the bent form of Takeshi. "Anna is taken. And she is engaged. And her fiancé does not like it when someone is hitting on her." He paused, and when he spoke again his voice was menacing. "And it's even worse when that person Can't. Take. No. For. An. Answer!" he spat.

Anna wept silently as she watched her Yoh. His dark hair, the tall straight posture, the unbuttoned school shirt… The sight was like a balm for an injury… just- just like his presence was the last time he saved her.

She tuned out all sounds of the fight, that has once more picked up. Slowly but steadily the realization of what has just happened settled and she allowed the overwhelming feelings to flow inside her. It was so close. This close. One more time, it was so close to- to- And she didn't know what she would do if- if-

But once more Yoh has come to the rescue. He has come. He always comes.

Her eyes blurred once more and she shook involuntary. She had had nightmares for months after Noshi… she didn't want to relive it once more…

"Anna?" a gentle hand grazed her check and she jerked away flinching, more tears pouring out of her eyes.

Then she realized it was Yoh.

She sobbed hard as she saw his concerned face and lunched her small frame into his chest, allowing him to encircle her with his arms. She cried pitifully not caring for her image of cold indifferent emotionless Ice Queen. It was Yoh and Yoh knew her. Knew her deepest secrets, fears and feelings… He understood her. He understood her enough that she could allow herself this moment of weakness…

"I'm here. Sh, no one s going to hurt you anymore. Sh. I'm here." He whispered gently, stroking her hair reassuringly. "Sh… nothing's going to hurt you anymore…"

She moaned and hiccupped trying to mold herself into him. She clang to him as if her life depended on it.

"Sh, You're not alone anymore." He said once more, his voice soft. He was so warm and soft…

Yes… yes, she was not alone anymore…

Her weeping slowly quieted but she didn't let go. They sat holding each other tightly, until she moved a bit.

"Come, I'm going to take you home." He said and took of his jacket, wrapping it around her. Her hands shook as she tried to put it on. And he helped her with her arms into the sleeves and smoothed her hair. He scooped her in his arms and holding her bridal style walked away from the scene.

She put her arms around his neck, and nestled her head on his shoulder. He was warm and she could hear the beating of his heart. She closed her eyes and the slight swinging he made as he walked alongside the rhythm of his heartbeat lulled her wrecked nerves. She sighed and felt his arms tighten around her a bit. She squeezed his neck with her arms in reply and sighed once more.


She was safe.


End of part four