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Well this could have gone a lot better, Nikki thought to herself. She had received a very reliable tip from Darius that drugs were being sold out of 'Big Daddy's Bar', she had received the okay from her lieutenant to go in and attempt a buy and she had even gotten a face to face meeting with the bar owner.

Unfortunately the smooth sailing ended upon entering the owner's office and finding a gun pointed at her. "Whoa. Is there a problem?" she asked innocently.

"Only when cops come in here trying to make trouble," Louis Masters answered.

"A cop? Look maybe I got some bad information I was just trying to score."

"Oh is that all. Well then please sit down," Masters smiled as he pointed to the chair across from his desk.

Nikki looked around before hesitantly moving toward the chair. With Masters holding a gun and three other large men in the office she had no choice, hopefully she'd be able to talk her way out of this mess. "Mr. Masters, I'm sorry if I have offended you." As soon as she sat down another man quickly moved behind her and forced her hands behind the chair. "This really isn't necessary, I'm no cop," Nikki pleaded as a third man grabbed a roll of duct tape from the desk and moved to secure her wrists, then knelt before her and secured her ankles.

Masters moved from behind the desk to stand in front of her. Leaning in close he whispered, "We'll just see about that." He straightened when the office door opened. "Glad you are here Lo, I have a job for you."

"Oooh, you know how I love my work." Nikki was slightly surprised to hear a female voice answer. She felt a hand come to rest on her shoulder and tried to suppress a flinch while the hand brushed forward along her arm as the woman moved around her. "What do we have here?"

"She's a cop but, of course, she denies it."

"Don't they all," the woman answered as she straddled Nikki's lap. "Are you a cop?" she asked quietly as she ran a finger along Nikki's jawline.

Nikki tried to stay calm as she stared at the woman sitting on her lap. "No," she answered definitively.

"Okay good enough for me," the woman answered with a chuckle.

Nikki heard Masters laugh as he moved back behind his desk. "So what do you think Lo?"

"I think we should give her what she came here for."

Nikki swallowed hard as she took in what the meant. "I'm not a fucking cop," she said forcefully but grimaced when she heard the quiver in her voice.

"If you were actually here for a buy then you should be happy to get this one for free." The woman held out her hand. "D, what have you got?" Nikki watched as a tall black man stepped forward and reached into his jacket to pull out a syringe.

Nikki was just about to protest again when the woman leaned in to brush her lips across Nikki's ear. "Trust me and don't get me killed." Then she felt the needle jab into her arm. As the woman rose off her lap Nikki waited for the drugs to take effect, and waited, but the effects never came. She looked up to see a set a nervous green eyes studying her when she realized that this woman had just saved her life and she needed to go along with the act. She began to flutter her eyes as her head lolled back and then she let it fall forward as she 'passed out'.

"Damn Lola, what the hell did you give her?" Masters asked.

"I guess they don't make cops like they used to," was the reply.

"Fine, let her sleep it off and we'll deal with her later." Nikki felt some tape being spread across her mouth and then she listened as the room seemed to clear. She waited until she was certain she was alone before she lifted her head and took an inventory of her surroundings. She could hear the loud music coming from the bar so she knew no one would hear her even if she could make some noise. She tried tugging on her bound limbs but they were taped tight, not wanting to see who would come back for her she started to rub the tape along the back of the chair.


It was about an hour later when Nikki finally heard the door open, unfortunately she hadn't even made a dent in the tape around her wrists. "So Masters has decided that he doesn't care if you are a cop or not," the woman began as she moved in front of the chair. "I get to kill you."

Nikki shook her head and tried to protest through the tape covering her mouth as she saw the woman pull a knife out of her pocket. Oh God, she wouldn't save me just to kill me now, would she?

"Three months..." Lola grumbled as she bent down and cut the tape binding Nikki's legs. "Down the fucking drain." Her rant was cut off when the door opened again. "What the hell are you doing in here?" she demanded as she rose to her feet.

"Louie wants her to OD, I mixed up a sure-fire cocktail." Nikki turned her head and watched as the man moved into the room.

"Fine," Lola said as she moved forward and grabbed the syringe out of his hand. "Thanks, you can go now."


"No?" Nikki watched as the shorter woman went toe to toe with the imposing man.

"My brother may trust you but I don't. Ever since you and your buddy showed up I've had a bad vibe."

Lola clenched her jaw. "You want to watch? Fine." She turned toward Nikki, took a deep breath and clenched the syringe tightly in her fist. "I'll need someone to dump the body." Then she swung her arm back forcefully and embedded the needle in the man's neck. As he fell to the ground Lola pulled a phone out of her pocket and moved behind Nikki. "Dan, we're blown," she said into the phone as she cut the tape around Nikki's wrists.

Nikki reached up to remove the tape covering her mouth. "Who are you?"

Lola ignored her as she moved to the man and laid her fingers to his neck. "Because Skippy didn't trust me to do the job, I had to take him out," she said into her phone. "What would you have had me do? Just meet us at the end of the alley like we planned." She snapped her phone shut and turned back to the detective. "When we leave the office move left, there's a door at the end of the hall that leads to the alley. I'll go first to make sure no one is watching the door, when you hit the alley move right, there's a car waiting."

"Who are you?" Nikki asked. She was again ignored as Lola opened the door and scanned the hallway.

The two women silently made their way out of the building, down the alley and into the car without being stopped. Nikki immediately recognized the driver as the man who had given Lola the fake syringe. As they pulled away from the curb she finally spoke. "Someone want to tell me what the hell is going on?"

Dan turned slightly to look at her. "I'm Detective Harney, SCU. The really pissed one here is Detective Delaney."

"Three months Dan," Nora exclaimed from the passenger seat.

"I know that Nora."

"SCU?" Nikki questioned quietly. She sank back into her seat as she realized exactly what she had walked into.

The drive back to the station was brutally quiet and Dan had barely parked before Nora was out of the car. Nikki hesitated before following the other detectives into their building, not quite sure the reaction she would receive after ruining their operation.

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