It had been three weeks since the conclusion of the Masters case and things were just about back normal. Nikki had tried to call a few times but Nora had allowed herself to be 'too busy' to call back. Too chicken-shit was more like it but Nora couldn't allow that complication, nope better to just let things go. Although her path to normalcy was derailed last night with Dan's phone call.

She swiveled in her chair when Lieutenant Park entered the bullpen and called everyone's attention.

"As you all know Lieutenant Simms of narcotics is currently under indictment for his various illegal activities. This development has left that unit in a state of disarray and the powers-that-be have asked me to step in and right the ship. This is a challenge too important to the department for me to pass up and while I hate to leave SCU I know that I will leave you all in very capable hands." He nodded toward Dan who immediately stood up and moved to the front of the room. "I'd like to take this opportunity to introduce Lieutenant Dan Harney and I expect you to give him the same support and respect you have always given to me."

As Dan made it to the front the room exploded with applause and whistles. Nora was the first one to her feet as she clapped for her new boss. She wasn't happy about losing her partner but she knew he deserved this promotion and she was truly happy for him. Although she did do her fair share of grumbling last night on the phone when he called to give her advanced warning of this announcement.

After a few minutes of ovation everyone settled back down. "I appreciate the support and I promise to work very hard to keep it. I know I have big shoes to fill but I also know that I have the best people the department has to offer working with me. I'm confident this unit will continue to be a bright spot for the NOPD." Dan paused for a few more applause before he looked to Nora. "And as for big shoes to fill," he grinned. "I leave behind a pretty big job myself, one that will take a special kind of person to tackle." Nora crossed her arms as she narrowed her eyes and glared at him, a few chuckles sounding behind her.

"I think I found that person. Now it did take some convincing but she assures me she's up for the challenge." Nora's brows drew into a frown, Dan hadn't mentioned anything about a new partner. "I would like to introduce the newest member to SCU," Dan began as he raised his hand and motioned toward the entrance. "Detective Nikki Beaumont."

Nikki smiled as everyone turned in her direction. She flashed back to the first time she walked into this room, relieved that at least this time they were smiling. She'd hoped they would be able to move past the initial meeting.

"Okay people let's get to work," Dan announced.

Nikki smiled as several people came over to offer her a welcome. As the last officer stepped away she scanned the room for her new partner, finally resting on a set of green eyes staring back. She smiled tentatively but it faded when Nora looked away.

Nora looked to the desk across from hers. So much for going back to normal, she thought. But then again her normal up to this point hadn't been all that great. She looked back and found a set of nervous eyes still studying her. Why not give complications a try, she thought as she smiled. Her heart skipped when Nikki smiled back.

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