Chapter 1

It was finally the holidays each soul reaper got to do what they wanted for one week and not have to follow orders. This was heaven to some but to others holidays were boring they would rather be in an office or doing paperwork. But Matsumoto Rangiku was going to use the time she was given to the full, she thought up an idea and was ready to put it in motion.

Matsumoto hopped over to her captain and looked at him in a -I want something way- .

"What do you want Rangiku"

"Well, ya know is the holidays and I had an idea that, you probably won't like but I think lots of other people will an..."

"Get to the point Rangiku"

"Can we use squad 10 for it?"

"For what Rangiku"

"Well it's not a party more of a get together" If I say party he will never let me, Matsumoto thought to herself.

"Yes, but if there is any mess you will be cleaning it up"

"Yes sir thanks you sir" and Matsumoto was off.

Matsumoto was standing outside squad 10 when she got a piece of paper out and started to read it. Who to ask first, she thought. Running her finger down the list she stopped and it's was on Kira so off she went to ask Kira.

Matsumoto was on her way to squad 3 when she passed a bar and found Kira, Hisagi, Momo and Shunsui drinking, she approached them slowly.

"HEY guys" she got a look from Momo and added "And girls"

"I have a party going on in squad ten tonight you comin"

"Yeh I'm there" Hisagi said

"Same, what time" Kira added

"Well I still have to ask some other people so let's say seven"

"Ok see ya there Rangiku" Momo shouted

"How about you Shunsui"

"Yes it sound fun"

"There is sake there"

"Well yes I will be there seven and squad 10" Shunsui head hit the table and he started saying very crazy things

"My sweet Nanao-chan, come over here and give daddy a hug" Kira Hisagi and Momo just stared at him.

"Cya off to tell more people" Matsumoto yelled, she was very proud of what she has thought up. Looking at her piece of paper she crossed off Kira, Hisagi, Momo and Shunsui.

"Next Captain Ukitake" She said to herself. Matsumoto was skipping down the road to squad 13, still skipping she opened the door and skipped to Ukitake's office and knocked on the door.

"Come in"

"Hi captain, I am havein a party ya coming it's at seven squad 10, Shunsui will be there"

"Well, I am not much of a party guy"

"I have this new tea"

"Well tea sound nice yes it will be nice to see every one again, I will be there"

"Cool cya there" Matsumoto Skipped all the way back outside squad 13, where she stud still and looked at her list. She crossed off Ukitake and looked who to ask next.

"Well Unohana and Isane are busy with people's injuries so they can't come" She crossed them off.

"Come where"

"Arrr, Rukia don't scary me like that"

"What ya doing"

"I am having a party and think of who to ask next, since ya here ya wana come"

"Yes please" Rukia's eyes sparkled like she was a baby just been given a very big lolly pop.

"Seven at squad 10 see ya then got to go ask more people" Just as she was about to run away Ichigo popped up in front of her

"Arrr, what is it with people scaring me"

"Sorry, what you got there"

"A list for a party you wana come"

"Yeh, if Renji is going I have a few thing to tell him about" The two girls looked at each other whilst Ichigo to rant on about how much stronger he is that Renji.

"Dude, it at seven in squad 10" Matsumoto suck her and then left Rukia to deal with him.

Matsumoto was now standing in the middle of the road heading to squad 6, getting out her paper she crossed of Rukia and Ichigo, Looking closely she only have five more people to ask.

"let go ask Renji" She said to herself

Matsumoto hated going to see Renji when he was in the office, because squad 6 was the only office that the captain and vice-captain shared an office. She walked over to the door and knocked waiting for an answer.

"Come in"

"She entered and bowed"

"What is it vice-captain"

"Well Captain Kuchiki I came to ask Renji something" Hearing his mane Renji's head shot up and looked at his guest.

"Matsumoto, what's wrong"

"Nothing, I just came to ask if you would like to come, I can't through a party and not invite you" Renji face lit up at the sound of a party.

"Party, I like that where is it and what time"

"Seven and at squad 10"

"Did you get the permission of Captain Hitsugaya before you went asking people" Captain Kuchiki said in his cold voice

"Yes I did and he said it's ok" All she got form Captain Kuchiki was a nod. She walked over to his desk and placed the piece of paper down.

"You're on the list as well" He looked up at her and then down at the paper on his desk and his name was there right under Renji's.

"So you can come if you would like to"

"I do not see the meaning of a party and I will not be coming"

"Ok you can't say I didn't ask" She grabbed the paper and walked out the room. Captain Kuchiki was looking down at his last paper work when he thought, I've never been ask to go to a party before.

"Captain are you ok"

"Yes I am fine Renji, that party might not be a bad idea" He looked up to Renji.

"Ok you want me to tell Matsumoto"

"Yes that would be nice, thank you" Renji got out his phone and rand Matsumoto.


"It's Renji, captain said he will come"



"This is going to be so cool, cya both then" Renji put his phone back in his pocket.

"She said cool" He got a nod of captain Kuchiki as a reply.

Back with matsumoto and her list she was now leaning up against the closest wall and crossed off Renji and Captain Kuchiki.

"Only Captain Soifon, Yoruichi, Kisuke left" She flashed stepped over to squad 2 and luck as she was all three of them were there.

"Hey you three wana come to a party, it's at seven in squad 10" Matsumoto shouted

"Yeh we all will be there" Yoruichi shouted back. With them three sorted matsumoto headed back to squad 10. On her way back she walked past squad 8 and she remembered something.

"I forgot Nanao" She ran through squad 8 till she hit her office, she through the door open and ran to her desk.

"What is it now Rangiku"

"I forgot you"

"Forgot me... I don't understand"

"The party tonight seven squad 10 you're coming"

"I'm coming am I"

"Yes you are"

"Ok then"

"WOOO CYA THEN" She headed back to squad 10 ready to set up for the party.

At squad 10 Matsumoto was looked over her list every one crossed off and underlined with circles, no other person could read it but it was crystal clear to her.

"Well that's everyone, Kira, Hisagi, Momo, Shunsui, Ukitake, Rukia, Ichigo, Renji, Captain Kuchiki, Soifon Yoruichi, Kisuke and Nanao".

"Well if you are having a party in my squad don't you think I should be allowed to come"

"Captain you can come, I just thought you would say no"

"I happen to like parties when I don't have work" he got up and walked out heading for the tea room.

It was 6.30 and the room was all ready and a little game from the human world was set up all that was missing were the people.