Chapter 5

With Momo Kira and Hisagi.

The little brunette was shivering as she watched the two males approach her, it wasn't that she was frightened of them per say she just wasn't sure what they wanted from her. Kira was the first to reach for her, he touched her hip gently and drew her closer to the two of them. Momo looked up with wide eyes but went with the gentle vice-captains movement. she wriggled a bit when the warmth of Hisagi pressed against her other side but she relaxed into the gentle touch of Kira's hand along her back. It was only when Hisagi leaned down to kiss her did she panic and back away.

"No...I'm sorry I just can't..."

"That aright Momo, go if you want" Kira said quietly.

The small girl thought about it for a minute but then an idea came into her head, she might not be willing to join in with them but there was no harm in watching, after all she had no idea how it worked between two men so why not get a first hand view.

"Could, I maybe watch?"

Kira looked over at Hisagi, it was his dominants choice, he wasn't bothered if the girl wanted to watch, and it wasn't much different than her joining in anyway.

"Sure just go sit over there, we're not bothered."

Momo dashed off to the window seat and settled as Hisagi drew the smaller blonde into his arms, they seemed so comfortable with each other that Momo just couldn't be disgusted. Hisagi growled when Kira bit down on his bottom lip making the skin break slightly, the bigger man retaliated by shoving the blonde up against the wall and grinding their erections together. He was rewarded with Izuru throwing his head back and moaning while thrusting his hips up harder against Shuuhei while being pinned against the wall. The black haired man slid his hands down Izuru's back and under his arse to his lean but strong thighs, with one insistent pull he had the blonde's legs wrapped around his waist. The result of this was that their erections came into constant contact and caused Shuuhei to growl, their clothes were quick to come off and within minutes Izuru was panting with back and neck arched as Shuuhei pushed into him. Although the blonde was relaxed and prepared he was tight and Shuuhei was only just keeping in control of himself. Izuru shifted and tightened his legs around the dark haired mans waist before he spoke.

"Just fucking move already Shuuhei!"

Shuuhei loved it when the usually calm and collected Izuru was wound up enough to start cursing at him, so with a grin he drew back so only the head of his erection was inside the blonde before slamming back in with enough force to make the wall groan as Izuru howled and arched so it looked like his spine might snap. Shuuhei growled and pounded the smaller vice-captain into the wall; there was no way Izuru was walking away from this.

They had both forgotten the little brunette in the corner who was wide eyed and open mouthed, who didn't know Kira could scream like that or that he was that flexible, after all a spine shouldn't be able to bend that much. Momo just about regained her whit's as Shuuhei gently pulled out of Izuru and threw both their clothes on. He flashed a grin at Momo and shunpo'd out of the room with a hissing Izuru held safely in his arms.

In Captain Hitsugaya's office.

Hitsugaya and Matsumoto were sitting at a desk drinking sake, Matsumoto had persuaded Hitsugaya to have a glass or two and now they were babbling at each others, talking about how much they love sake and started drinking more.

"Matsumoto pass me that sake bottle"

"Which one captain there are three"

"Well the one with the most in" Matsumoto pass him the bottle and he downed it in one.

"Captain why are you so small?" Matsumoto asked

"Well why do you have big boobs?"

"I asked first"

"I am the captain"

"Ok, I don't know why I have big boobs they get in the way and if I lie face down I can't breathe, now why are you so small"

"I have always been small and there is nothing wrong with it"

The captain and Vice-captain drank all that they could and fell asleep on the floor Matsumoto had Captain Hitsugaya over the top of her and yet she couldn't feel him. Matsumoto had a evil idea and un tied her captains pants, she pulled them down just to have a little peak at his mad hood, she gasped.

"Well that's the only part of you sir that isn't small hehehe" She dressed him again and let sleep over take her.

Off with Shunsui and Nanao.

Shunsui and Nanao were at squad 8, and Nanao was working to catch up what work she had missed.

"My sweet Nanao-chan, I never got to kiss you"

"Well that's good"

"No its not, please will you let your captain kiss you"

"If I did would you do your work"

"Yes I would" Nanao walked over to Shunsui slowly, she held up her book and kissed him lightly on the lips behind it.

"Will you do your work now sir"

"Yes my sweet Nanao-chan" The good thing about that kiss was that Nanao had just found out that one little kiss wasn't that bad and she had the power over her captain, he was now working like he had never worked before.

Mean while in the room with Ichigo and Kisuke.

The blonde quickly removed Ichigo's clothes, he was far past waiting now after all his little strawberry had been driving him crazy all day and that dare had just pushed him over the edge.

Kisuke had never had much control when it came to Ichigo, so now he never bothered trying if he could get away with it. After all he wasn't a perverted shopkeeper for nothing. Ichigo dragged him out of his thoughts by practically ripping his clothes off him in a lust hazed frenzy to get at his skin. Kisuke grinned and leaned down so the smaller, lighter male was pinned by his weight, then he proceeded to show the berry just how perverted he could really be. If anyone asked Ichigo why he was wearing bands around both wrists all the answer you would get was low growling about 'stupid perverted blonde shopkeepers.'

A few weeks later everyone was acing different, the head captain didn't know what to make of it.

Byakuya was smiling all the time. Renji was always there with his Captain and they would often stand very close.

Ichigo was coming less and less to the Soul Society; Rukia said he had planning with Kisuke.

Captain Soi Fon wasn't bossing her squad around as much; she had seemed to found herself a little black cat.

Vice-Captains Momo, Hisagi and Kira, are always blushing when they saw each other, and they demand that they get put on the same missions, all the time.

Captain Hitsugaya hasn't once complained about his vice-captain, Matsumoto is even doing work for him.

Shunsui and Nanao are fighting less, and she seems to let him do whatever he wants. She even let him kiss her when he asked to.

The head Captain was very confused, he left it down to the fact he was old and never brought it up again.