Sorry this one is so short, but I could, honestly, not think of anything else to say. Maybe, later, I'll come back when I have thought of something. But, for now, I feel like everything that has needed to be said, has been said. I considered trying to make a lemon in this chapter, then thought it just wouldn't fit with the story, over-all, and changed my mind half way through the lemon. I decided to make Roxas as fluffy as I could. Which was difficult, trust me.

So, I want to personally thank "Lollipops and Roxas OH MY" for reading and reviewing the story while I was finishing it. I just thought it humorous in a weird way. So, anyways, I hope everyone is not dissappointed, and if you are... I'm sorry? Either way, thanks for reading it anyways, I put a couple months of research, effort and heart into this. And now I'm weirdly attached to Roxas... which I suppose isn't all bad...

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Plus: A Lie

Happy endings don't exist. Simple as that. And Roxas knew this, Axel knew this, Larxene expected this, Naminé understood this, Kairi ignored this, Riku faced this, hell, even Demyx and Sora knew that there was no such thing as a happy ending.

In the end, all you can hope to achieve is being content.

Content with your home, car, job, spouse, life. That's all you could ever hope for. It's not like a fairy-tale ending will start to spout it's nonsense into your face the moment you're born. Shit happens. Lives end. Lives begin. Lives live.

That's all there is to it. Just to live.

It's ironic, in a way, then, that the entire human race spends their entire existence constantly in pursuit of happiness, of the happy ending they are taught they will always deserve and will always get from fairy-tales.

Roxas felt that, for these misleading lies, Cinderella's story should be extended to the point where her and her prince have been married for 60 years, and then see how well they get along. Aladdin and Jasmine should live as street rats because of Aladdin, and then see if Jasmine still loves him. Ariel and What's-His-Face should have a long-distance relationship, one where Ariel is a mermaid in the fucking ocean again, and then we'll see how long they last, until one of them cheats.

Then again, Roxas could just be thinking this because he's been forced to watch Disney movies all day with Sora, Axel, Naminé, Demyx, Larxene, Riku and Kairi. Oh, and Zexion, Demyx's new boyfriend, the one that got him laid for the third time in his life, but he's so quiet that you usually forget he's there.

So you can understand if he's just a bit annoyed at the moment.

Sora tugged the hem of his shirt lightly, something that, over the year of them being together, Roxas had familiarized with Sora wanting to go to bed. He sighed and stood, dragging the other teen up with him, making the others in the room turn to stare at them. A moment of silence passed as Roxas stood for a second, all eyes on him, daring him to break the Disney marathon they all were having no joy in participating together with each other.

Then he cleared his throat, "Night."

Mumbled replies followed after them as Roxas lead the brunette from the room, up two flights of stairs, and to the blonde's room. Door shut behind them, the brunette crawled into the comfortable bed, curling up as Roxas yawned and blinked around the room. A vague thought told him he should really brush his teeth and put some chapstick on before going to bed, but…

He crawled in next to the other teen, wrapping his arms around the other boy and dragging him to his chest. Sora had become something like a safety blanket to Roxas. He was there almost every night, and on the nights Sora's parents couldn't be convinced to let him sleep over his boyfriend's house, Roxas slept over his house in Sora's bed instead.

Sora was like the stuffed chocobo he carried around everywhere with him when he was a child… That chocobo was in a box at the old house he used to live in with his parents, most likely in the back of the closet of a bedroom that he used to consider his. He couldn't bare to look at that stuff, the meaningful things from his past, all it would do was bring back memories.

So he instead covered them with Sora. Sora was the safety blanket, the one he used to drape over everything in his past, to hide away everything that brought him pain. And he didn't know if that was healthy, and he didn't particularly care, because what he did know was that Sora covered up the pain, for now, at least, he wouldn't suffer from it.

The brunette's arms lazily wrapped around his chest, burying his face into the blonde's collarbone, sleep obviously taking him over quickly. Leaving the blonde to stare at the still destroyed wall across from him, the plaster having been cleaned up long ago but the hole still gaping wide.

He let the memories rush over him. Memories of an entire year to get to this point, and over a year since his world had shattered. It was that short amount of time, or maybe that long amount, it took for Sora to come into his life and begin to glue him back together.

Roxas wasn't sure how to feel about that. At that time, he had wanted nothing more than to disappear, really, he hadn't wanted someone there to fix him. But Sora had been there anyways, Sora had pulled him out of whatever kind of dark dimension the blonde had fallen into, even though Roxas had struggled against him the entire way. And even if he wasn't completely out of there yet, even if it was just the damn drugs Axel was shoving down his throat at the times Sora's time table dictated…

Roxas could only have Sora to thank, to blame. And he wasn't sure anymore, if he really despised the brunette, or if he actually…

Could he even think of that? Could he really think himself capable of actually having those feelings?

"Roxie," The blonde flinched at the muttering, quickly looking down into much deeper blue eyes, ones shining with concern and fighting the exhaustion of the day, "Are you okay, you're breathing fast."

"I-I, uh… Yeah. Fine." The blonde cleared his throat as the other teen just stared at him a bit, then leaned forward and placed a gentle kiss against the blonde's lips.

Sora rubbed small circles softly into his back with one of his hands, burying his face into the blonde's neck, "It's fine."

Tomorrow morning, when Sora woke up, Roxas wouldn't pretend to sleep, he wouldn't hide that he had been staring at the wall he destroyed a year ago, with a chair that had been taken away from him, waiting for Sora to wake up. And he would try and tell him the truth…

He wouldn't lie to Sora anymore, he wouldn't pretend he was fine anymore, he had no need to pretend and lie. He wasn't fine, he wasn't happy, he probably wasn't very sane either.

He was scared, he was just barely content with his life, and it was a damn good thing Axel was making him take those pills. But the thing about Sora, the thing about the person he would still compare to Arsenic, was that Sora would fix that.

Sora had slowly poisoned the old him, slowly killed Roxas. The Roxas that was lying next to the brunette in his bed, holding the sleeping teen with so much comfort, was not the same one from a year ago. They were so different. He was dead, in mind and soul.

It was only a shell walking around, now, only a person Sora had built, Sora had built him, built the new Roxas to match what he wanted. And why Sora had decided to do this to him, Roxas wouldn't understand. Was there something about insane, dangerous, angry and slightly bipolar that turned Sora on or something?

Either way. This Roxas wasn't the Roxas from a year ago. This Roxas could sit through an entire day of school. This Roxas didn't glue his shoes to the floor. This Roxas loved Sora back.

And that was all there was to it.

Tomorrow morning, when Sora woke up, Roxas wouldn't pretend to sleep, he wouldn't hide that he had been staring at the wall he destroyed a year ago, with a chair that had been taken away from him, waiting for Sora to wake up. And he would tell him, definitely, the moment that he wakes up, the truth.

Roxas loved Sora.