Hello everyone! I'm trying to keep this author note short and sweet, but I need to explain this story a little bit. I already am working on one Tamora Pierce novel with Sarralyn Salmalin, Daine and Numair's daughter. Currently, I have gotten obsessed with Percy Jackson and the Olympians. I tried doing a one-shot, but it failed miserably. I am not the best writer in 1st person, and when the readers are already familiar with the character. So, now that I have rambled on and on, here is the crossover.


Sarralyn Salmalin carefully picked her way through the dense forest surrounding Corus, the capitol of Tortall. She was to meet her 'mentor,' the badger god to learn more about her newfound immortality. You see, through different genetics, breeding, and all those different kinds of variables, Sarra had somehow ended up an immortal goddess. Her grandma was Sarra (Which is where Sarralyn got her name) the Green Lady of Snowsdale in Galla. Sarralyn's grandfather was Wieryn, the God of the hunt. Now, about 2 months prior, the god Mithros had granted Sarralyn permission to become a goddess, and to still live among the mortals. In world of the gods, someone doesn't truly acquire their godly traits until they acknowledge that they truly are a divine being. So when Sarralyn was still a mortal, she had the magical Gift, inherited from her father and wild magic, inherited from her mother. Sarralyn became Imani, the goddess of wild magic and shapeshifting; although around most she still was known as Sarra.

After poking around in the woods for a while, she finally found a nice spot that overlooked Corus quite well, and was well-secluded. Sitting down against a tree, she shut her eyes in hopes to snag a quick nap before the badger god arrived. Sarra had no such luck. The air in front of her shimmered, and the badger god poked his furry head into Sarra's palm. Greetings Sarra. He said, using the mind voice he had to use in the mortal realms. Are you enjoying being known as Imani? Sarra sighed. She had thought it a pretty name, but it still took some getting used to. "I'm fine, badger," Sarra spoke softly. "It just takes some getting used to. I've been called some interesting names before, but they were always nicknames that never lasted, not a name I am going to be attached to for the rest of eternity." The badger smiled, if badgers can smile. You'll do fine, Imani. I just had wanted to check on you, make sure you hadn't decided to lock yourself in a cave. Sarra was quick to reply. "Me? You'd be lucky if you could get me out of the water. Or if you really wanted to punish me you could drop me off in a cave by the sea." Sarra finished her voice full of irony. Everyone knew that Sarra loved the sea. That and the forest were some of her favorite places to be. There were lots of animals there, and she was never lonely, and when she was there, she was able to use her turquoise Gift to control them to her will. Farewell Sarra. The badger spoke before he shimmered into the mist and was gone.

Sarra climbed to her feet, wincing at her sore muscles. She really didn't feel like walking the few miles back to Corus. Sarra contemplated flying there as an eagle, but a tickling sensation at the back of her mind caused her attention to shift. She sensed Stormwings to her right, and two mortals. Unsure if the humans were okay, she went to investigate, her turquoise eyes catching every small movement of the forest. When she got over a small crest, her eyes were met with the sight of two Stormwings battling two mortals. One human was a girl with wavy blonde hair. The other was a boy with raven black hair, almost similar to her father's. The two appeared to be about eighteen years of age. They both looked like they were having difficulty keeping the Stormwings at bay. Sarra extended her right arm and turquoise fire shot from her palm, engulfing the first Stormwing. The second met the same unseemly fate. The boy and girl both turned to look at Sarra, the boy touching something to his sword and it shrank into some kind of tube. Sarra took a few more steps forward, and then extended her hand for the pair to shake. The girl then turned her grey eyes on Sarra. Sarra gulped. Her mother, Daine had the same shade of grey eyes. They were rare, and in her mind a sign of beauty. The boy however, had green eyes that reminded Sarra of the sea, instantly making her wish she could be in Pirate's Swoop or at the Tower. The boy shook hands first.

"Percy Jackson," he said. "And this is my friend Annabeth Chase."

Sarra smiled and shook both their hands.

The girl, Annabeth opened her mouth for the first time. "Where in the name of Zeus are we?"

"Zeus?" Sarra asked, slightly confused. "Who is that?"

Percy answered "Have you ever heard of Greek mythology?"

Sarra shook her head no. "In fact," she said, "I don't even know what Greek is. Are you sure you don't mean Gallan?" Sarra paused for a moment before her hands flew to her face in shock. "Oh, Mithros I forgot to even tell you my name! I'm Sarralyn Salmalin, also known as the goddess Imani, goddess of wild magic and shape shifters."

Percy and Annabeth looked at Sarra in slight bewilderment. It was Annabeth who spoke. "A goddess you say?" Sarra nodded. "Who are your parents then? One of the Big Three? Or maybe a lesser goddess."

"I have absolutely no idea what you are talking about," Sarra said calmly, "But I must ask you, how did you get here?"

"Well," Percy voiced, "we were just, walking, when this crack in the earth opened without us seeing it, and we kind of, fell in. Next thing we knew, we were battling those things."

"Stormwings," Sarra said matter-of-factly. "They don't die unless they are killed. The same with other immortals. But that doesn't matter. What is important is if you could show me where this 'hole' was that you appeared out of." Sarra's voice was getting more excited, like a little child on Midwinter.

Percy and Annabeth pointed in the direction of a clump of rocks, two of them leaning together to make a kind of tent. "When we opened our eyes we were in the middle of those two with those monsters outside, waiting to kill us." Annabeth said, shuddering at the memory, and the stench of the Stormwings.

Sarra hurried over to the rocks to have a closer look at them. "I…I think th…that maybe you guys have found a wormhole connecting two different worlds. My Da talks about them all the time. He thinks they are real…but I never believed him, until now." Her voice trailed off. "Anyways," Sarra said, though you could still tell that she was excited by her discovery, "I think it would be best if I brought you two with me to the palace. The forest is no place for two mortals to be roaming around in."

"Palace?" Percy asked excitedly "Like you mean…castle?"

Sarra looked at Percy skeptively, wondering why a boy nearly 5 or so years older than her could get so excited about going to a palace. She then imagined that he might be a peasant in his world, their clothes didn't have the best look to them. "Of course a castle-palace silly," she chided, feeling comfortable with the two, "are there any other kinds?"


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- Sarra Salmalin