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He took a deep and satisfied breath while slowly opening his eyes. He felt so much better after some sleep. The first mate turned onto his side, taking it slowly as his back throbbed dully, it wasn't what he would class as painful…just irritating. The sight that greeted him certainly took his mind off it.

The late evening sun poured through the window giving everything in the room an amber glow. Slightly in front of him, Sanji had his back turned as he got changed. The loose shirt he'd been wearing over his bandaged torso, black dress pants and underwear were all neatly folded and on the chair he'd been sat on when Zoro had fallen asleep.

The blonde's lithe body was highlighted by the sunlight, his hair almost glowing. Zoro watched as the cook pulled on a yukata slowly covering up the expanse of alabaster skin. He noticed the careful way Sanji had to move his injured arm, though it seemed he had deemed it healed enough to discard his sling. As Sanji fastened the sash it accentuated his narrow waist, he turned slowly smiling when he saw dark eyes watching him.

"Pervert." Sanji said as he continued to settle the luxurious fabric against his skin.

"You shouldn't change where I can see you if you don't want me to watch." The swordsman stated sitting up and swinging his legs out of bed.

"You could have averted your eyes…" Sanji replied moving across the room and standing by the bed. "You'll want to change too; the party will be starting soon."

Zoro took hold of the wide sash Sanji wore and pulled him to stand between his knees.

"I'll get changed soon." he mumbled as his hands ran up the cooks sides, enjoying the feel of his lovers toned body through the sheer fabric of the intricately designed yukata. "Suits you." Zoro said appreciatively. The yukata was of a deep blue, darker at the bottom graduating to a lighter shade at Sanji's shoulders. Cresting waves rose from the darkest blue, their foaming tops finishing at the cooks thighs. The wide sash was a contrasting pale blue, like the summer sky. Two beautiful Koi adorned the back of the yukata, their colouring vibrant and rich.

"A compliment? You must have slept well." Sanji teased as he allowed the swordsman's hands to roam. Once again he was captivated by the way those hands moved so gently over his body, a caressing touch… yet at their owners command they could wield a sword savagely enough to carve through any enemy. He placed his hands either side of the first mates legs and leaned forwards, his face merely inches from Zoro's, "Let's see how you look in yours." Sanji said his smoky voice low and inviting.

"Mmm… maybe later." He covered the cooks' mouth, kissing eagerly, his body reacting suddenly to his need to have the cook pressed against him. Zoro wrapped his arms around the blondes' waist possessively, pulling him closer as he deepened the kiss.

The cooks' body melted to his without resistance, but the returned kiss was as fiery as always, neither of them willing to just give the other dominance without a fight. Zoro hitched Sanji's yukata up, his strong calloused hands grasping at the firm ass beneath.

The cook pulled away suddenly, "Oi, I just dressed Marimo. We've got a party to go to… Captains orders."

"So?" Zoro asked smirking and raising an eyebrow, then nipping at Sanji's chin, his teeth scraping at the cook's jaw line as he mumbled, "You can always stop me… if you really want." When the cook only gave a hum that said "I could…but… I won't." Zoro continued. He shuffled further back on the bed pulling Sanji with him so that he had to straddle the swordsman's lap. His hands moved to rub slowly up Sanji's strong thighs.

From his new position Sanji could feel just how aroused the first mate was, Zoro's erection was already straining at the light material of his pants. The cook smirked down at Zoro and slowly, ground his ass down onto the hard length. Zoro let out a hiss, his hands suddenly tightening on Sanji's thighs, much to the cooks' satisfaction.

"You want something Marimo?" Sanji purred as he lowered his mouth to nibble at the shell of Zoro's ear.

"Hnn… surely you can tell." he replied his voice turning husky as he gently rolled his hips upward to meet Sanji's movements. "Think we've got time before the party starts?" Zoro asked as he tilted his head to the side allowing Sanji more access.

Taking advantage of the extra room, Sanji nibbled and kissed his way down to Zoro's collarbone. "Mmm... Maybe."

Sanji raked his slender fingers through short green hair as he continued to grind down onto the swordsman. The low growl he managed to drag from Zoro had him moving a little quicker, his hands running down the first mates light bandages to his hips where he gripped tightly before he suddenly bucked hard against Zoro.

An even louder growl issued from Zoro as the cooks' perfect ass was pressed tantalizingly to his throbbing cock. With impatience that had Sanji chuckle quietly, Zoro roughly pushed the cook's yukata open and away from his powerful thighs exposing a member just as hard as his own. Teasingly he ran his fingers up the taut shaft before wrapping his fingers around it and pumping it slowly.

Smirk was replaced by wanton gaze as the blonde reached down for the swordsman's unoccupied hand. He pulled Zoro's hand level with his mouth, taking two fingers in to be bathed in his saliva; he curled his tongue around them as though they were Zoro's length. He could feel the twitch the first mates cock gave in response. Supporting himself by Zoro's shoulder Sanji raised himself so that he was kneeling up. With a wet "pop" he removed the fingers from his mouth and led them down between his legs. Piercing blue eye never left desire-filled dark eyes as he made Zoro pause, his fingers resting lightly at Sanji's tight entrance. Leaning forward he claimed the first mate's mouth, kiss turning more desperate knowing what he was about to do.

Zoro drank in every movement made by the cook, the way the man moved was mesmerizing, and each movement was so… sexual and erotic. He kissed back with just as much need as Sanji, until an action made his eyes snap open. Both slicked fingers were suddenly driven into the blonde, Sanji moaned loudly into the kiss as he forced the swordsman's fingers deeper into himself.
"F…Fuck…feels so good." He hissed as he pressed himself back trying to feel even more. "Mmm… you know how I like it Zoro…Do it."

The whispered order made Zoro's dick throb even harder, so hard it was almost painful. He adjusted the angle of his wrist and sank his fingers into Sanji right to the knuckle, where he then curled them hitting the cook's prostate where he kept the pressure on, rubbing in quick circular motions. He continued until he could feel pre-cum bead at Sanji's tip, then drew his fingers all the way out. Where he paused, then drove them back in to repeat the almost torturous assault on the sensitive bundle of nerves.

Sanji had dropped his head to Zoro's shoulder where he was panting harshly against the tanned neck. He had half expected, when all this with Zoro had begun, that he would be an unskilled and somewhat selfish lover… how wrong he had been. From their first encounter onward Zoro had taken in what Sanji liked and memorised everything that drove the cook wild. For such a muscle-bound, directionally-retarded man, Zoro was a surprisingly considerate lover. "Hnn, yeah… right there…" Sanji purred.

Zoro bit down on another moan about to escape him. He really got off on knowing he was giving Sanji what he wanted. On any other occasion he would have kept going like this until the cook was a whimpering mess begging for his cock… but, having had to keep his hands off the blonde due to the circumstances of the last few days and that snatched ,heated kiss back in Yoru and Goran's room the swordsman couldn't wait.

Removing his hand from his lover's member, allowing it to spring back against that perfectly flat, muscled stomach, Zoro awkwardly lifted his hips to tug down his pants. A smirk graced his tanned features as Sanji pulled at the other side of his waistband. Clearly the cook was as impatient as the first mate. Zoro allowed a quiet moan to slip out as his length was freed from the restrictive material, straining upwards with need.

Before Zoro had chance to do anything Sanji roughly pulled his fingers from him, grasping the base of Zoro's cock and positioning himself quickly, he gave the swordsman a heated glance before pushing back onto the hardness he craved. With a pleasurable shiver Sanji slowed his movement right down, savouring the borderline pleasure/pain that came with the initial penetration. Tilting his head back Sanji closed his eyes to focus on the feeling of being filled by his lover.

"Sh… Shit" the first mate snarled at the sudden actions of the cook, his control tested as the cook let out a moan that sounded like pure sex itself, pressing himself down onto Zoro's length at an excruciatingly slow pace. Choosing to focus on the pale neck exposed by Sanji tilting his head back, Zoro licked a trail upwards. His arms encircled the cook's slender waist as he pressed his body to Sanji's, a quiet groan leaving him as his cock was trapped between them. He let out a hot breath against Sanji's neck when he felt the cook fully impaled on him. Biting his lip he waited for Sanji, the cook got pissy if he moved too quickly.

The circling of Sanji's narrow hips signaled Zoro to move, he looked back up at the blonde, who was now gazing down at him, that single blue eye beginning to glaze over. He lifted Sanji slightly, and then rolled his hips upward watching as Sanji met each movement. He clearly wasn't moving fast enough for the cook when two slender hands forced him down onto the bed by the shoulders', where they stayed as the cook supported himself as he began to ride the swordsman for all he was worth.

"Impatient…" Zoro teased as he gripped Sanji's hips helping him to move.

"Want me… to stop… shit head?" Sanji growled, beginning to pant as he picked up the pace, his stomach and thighs tensing and relaxing, the muscles moving fluidly under his flawless skin.

The first mate's answer was more guttural sound than coherent speech. As he turned his head to the side he was positive he'd seen a glimpse of orange hair at the window… Damn sea witch… might as well give her something to gawp at… Zoro turned his attention back to Sanji with a sly grin. He snapped his hips upward. Hard. "Fuck…" He hissed out, "So damn tight."

Sanji cried out at the sudden jolt that sent white hot pleasure up his spine. His nails dragged lightly over the bandages covering Zoro's muscular chest his head dropped forwards, the veil of blonde obscuring his face, moving in time with his breathing. "Shit… do it again…" Sanji growled out as he arched his back more. He'd been desperate for this ever since that last time on deck…

Zoro did as he was told, slamming himself harder still into that pleasurable heat. He wished his bandages were gone… he loved the feel of Sanji's blunt nails scraping across his chest. What two things he loved more were the look on Sanji's face and the sounds he made.

In an attempt to drag more of those delightful sounds from Sanji the swordsman pushed himself more, his thrusts more brutal each time the blonde cried out.

"Are you going to cum for me?" the first mate asked, lust-laced voice rough and predatory sounding.

"Fffuck... yes if you keep...that up...shit hnnn..." Sanji mewled between each body jarring thrust

"Then... ask nicely." Zoro said an evil gleam in his eye as his hips slowed to an agonizingly slow pace. As he sank in to the hilt he kept the pressure on Sanji's prostate...while it felt good it wouldn't be enough for him.

Sanji snarled and looked down at Zoro through his blonde bangs. "Fuck off Marimo." Sanji dug his nails into the bandage clad chest as he moved his hips impatiently, fucking himself on Zoro's hard length.

The evil gleam in those dark eyes was joined by an evil grin as Zoro's strong, tanned hands held Sanji's narrow hips still in an iron grip.

"Say. It." Zoro growled out in a commanding tone as he tortured the cook further. His eyes dancing, never leaving the frustrated glare he was being fixed with.

"Bastard... just move!" Sanji all but whined out, his body shaking from the pleasure and the deprivation.

"Say... It..." Zoro rumbled low in his throat. "Fucking, say it." His tone induced a shiver in Sanji and the swordsman smirked even more. He loved the fact Sanji was on the verge of snapping while his delicate flower...A.K.A sea witch was listening intently.

"Just fuck me shit head." Sanji groaned as Zoro moved his hips ever so slightly.

Zoro was finding it a real strain to keep up the teasing; the cook was so hot and tight around his needy throbbing member. He clenched his teeth for a moment while he circled his hips very, very slowly. The sensation was maddening. He stopped, and when he considered himself capable of speaking steadily he said,

"Indulge me... ask nicely and I'll consider indulging you..."

The subtle movement of Zoro's hips was driving the blonde crazy. He bit back a frustrated whimper, trying to take a deep breath to calm himself. The breath ended up being a loud gasp as Zoro took that moment to thrust up quickly... then resume the torture. Sanji's tight and ready length dripped pre-cum onto Zoro's stomach, his body was shuddering violently now, teeth gritted, eyes searing into Zoro. Another hard thrust had Sanji whimper in frustration before he snarled at the swordsman below him,

"Fuck me Zoro... please, just screw me dammit!" His legs were shaking as he tried in vain to make Zoro move. "Nnn! Marimo do it! Move! Just... Zoro, make me cum... PLEASE!"

Almost purring at the tone of Sanji's voice Zoro's grip loosened on Sanji's hips,

"Since you asked so nicely..."

Zoro's voice was strained, teeth clenched as Sanji bucked desperately as soon as the first mate let go of his hips. He watched as Sanji's head fell back, hands moving behind him to Zoro's thighs as he braced himself. Rolling his hips gently at first, then moving in time with Sanji, Zoro was determined to remember every detail of this as the cook let go completely, his back was arched as he supported himself on Zoro's legs, the plains of lithe muscle moving so smoothly under lightly flushed skin. Blonde hair clinging to his face, mouth hanging open letting out those glorious sounds.

The swordsman braced himself more by his feet, pushing away from the bed beneath him to better meet Sanji with bruising force. He moved a hand to fist Sanji's cock moving his thumb over the tip and smearing the pre-cum down the thick shaft as his hand worked the cook into even more of a frenzy.

"Shit... Zoro... I'm...aaah!" Sanji suddenly leaned forward grasping at Zoro's shoulders as he cried out.

"Cum. Now." Zoro commanded pumping Sanji's length faster as he ground his cock into Sanji without mercy.

His back arched impossibly, hips jerking wildly as he was pushed over the edge by Zoro's voice and actions. He kept his gaze locked on Zoro as his vision blurred and his body rocked with each pulse, cursing uncontrollably in a voice that was raw due to all his snarling and growling.

"Zoro, Fuck! Zoro!"

The look on Sanji's face and the fact that he had cum hard on Zoro's command made the swordsman lose the iron control he had his body under. As Sanji's muscles clenched almost painfully around him he managed three more ragged thrusts before he suddenly tensed, his member pulsing, filling Sanji until cum began to dribble down the cooks' pale thighs. His low rumbling voice was possessive as he called his lovers name.

Breathing heavily, Sanji leaning his forehead to Zoro's they came down from the heady high of their climax together. For the first time Zoro nuzzled against Sanji and pulled him closer. The blonde breathed in the scent of the swordsman, musky with a hint of steel.

"You...cuddling? Not getting soft in your old age are you?" Sanji chuckled against Zoro's neck, hissing lightly as he shifted and Zoro slipped from him.

"Hnn, Baka," He pushed lightly at Sanji's shoulder, "Like hell. You put on quite the show you know." Zoro grinned.

Sanji pushed himself back up into a sitting position over Zoro, "Not hard when you look like this" He ran a hand up from flat stomach right up into his hair, grinning smugly. "Now... get your lazy ass up, we got a party to go to."

Sanji got off the bed, shivering as more of Zoro's cum ran down the inside of his pale thighs. He grabbed a towel and began to clean himself up as Zoro sat up with a sigh. Swinging his legs over the edge of the bed he set his feet down and stood up stretching.

"I'm in the mood for some good saké... a bottle or five should do." He said as Sanji threw him a towel.

"You drink too much and you're on your own Marimo... I don't do puke." Sanji moved to the chair at the far side of the room, "Sensei left this for you... I gotta admit it's pretty nice." Sanji held up a black yukata with a ghostly dragon figure embroidered in silver thread, a silver/grey sash to accompany it.

"Baka... when have you ever seen me drunk enough to puke... in fact when have you ever seen me dru..." Zoro stopped talking when he turned around to look at Sanji, his cocky smirk being replaced by an expression Sanji was not familiar with from the swordsman. Quietly the first mate made his way over, taking the sleeve of the yukata in his hand and ran his fingers over the smooth material. "Sensei had this made for me before I left... When I was leaving he said he would keep it for my "triumphant return" ... I was supposed to return here the strongest swordsman in the world before wearing it."

"Pfft! Snap out of it ass hole." Sanji snorted seeing that the swordsman was considering not wearing it and possibly going into brooding-overdrive. "Maybe you don't see this as the time to wear it but... I think perhaps the rest of your home island would. To them you have made a triumphant return. If you hadn't turned up, hadn't destroyed the Brotherhood, you really think any of them would have lasted that much longer? You'll see when you go out there; you'll see how much of a difference you've made." Sanji shoved the yukata at him. "Stop with the shit brooding, you're forcing me to give you a pep talk...and it's making my toes curl." Sanji smirked.

"Ha! I thought it was your eyebrow that it was making curl." Zoro replied grinning and shrugging into the yukata, wrapping it around his broad frame, folding it into place and picking up the sash.

"Baka-Marimo." Sanji said turning to look at the swordsman as he reached the door. He had to admit, the bastard looked good in that yukata. He opened the door and almost tripped over... "Nami-swan?" He fell on his ass in surprise.

"Told you, you put on a good show." Zoro laughed as he put on his sash, settling it just right.

"You knew she was out here? DAMN YOU MARIMO!" Sanji shrieked as Robin and Chopper came past. The archaeologist was laughing, her delicate hand in front of her mouth while Chopper dashed to Nami's side to stop the trickle of blood from her nose as she continued to twitch on the ground.

"I'll keep a better eye on our voyeur for the rest of the evening, apologies cook-san." Robin said still chuckling as she and Chopper helped Nami up in her stupor and carted her off to clean her up.

"R..Robin-chan... I don't know why you would need to keep an eye on her I...err...that is...we won't be doing anything!" Sanji said his cheeks aflame.

"You sure about that?" Zoro purred behind him, hands running up the back of Sanji's thighs.

Sanji jumped at the touch, spun round and gave a one-eyed glare that would set a lesser being on fire. "You. Knew!" He pointed a shaking finger at the first mate "Fucking exhibitionist!" He growled, "I'll get you back for this shit head."

Sanji's tirade was cut short as the old woman came by to inform him that the Captain was shouting for the feast. He bowed politely and stated he would be along presently. "Once I've dealt with the rubber stomach from hell... you'll regret this." The cook threatened before jogging off to catch up with the old lady.

Zoro was left chuckling his ass off at the door.

It was now dark and the party was in full swing. Luffy, Chopper and Usopp were dancing on a table, chopsticks in their mouths and up their noses while Brook and Franky along with a few talented villagers played music. Nami was gambling with some of the older men and women, placing bets on various different things, while Robin was quietly conversing with some of the village elders. The children were tearing about playing a number of games... Zoro sighed as he reclined on a bench a few feet away from everyone else, he was on his fourth bottle of saké, he was relaxed, satisfied that the village was in a happier state, his dark eyes were currently taking in his Sensei and Emiko being dragged up to join the table dancing. He smiled broadly. Only one thing was missing and that was the cook. Though he'd seen him briefly during the feast, he'd only caught glimpses of him rushing about keeping peoples plates and glasses topped up.

"You should smile more often, makes a change from your usual scowl." A smokey voice said from behind him before he felt a lick to the shell of his ear.

"I'd wondered where you'd got to." Zoro said without moving.

"A Feast means a busy cook. Anyway, I came to fetch you so you can talk to Naga; he's been looking for you." Sanji moved around to face him, "Mmm... you look fuckin' good in that." Sanji's gaze was heated.

"You look good too... though you always look better out of your clothes ero-cook."

"Oh how original." Sanji snorted. "Come on don't keep the man waiting." Sanji started to walk off, Zoro following. The cook lead him right up to the Dojo... the new Dojo.

"That's... amazing..." Zoro said quietly, "It looks exactly like it used to..."

"Sanji smiled, the look on Zoro's face was priceless. "You should see inside." He led the swordsman inside, grinning every time he heard Zoro make a sound of admiration. Usopp and Franky had done a damn good job.

"He said he'd meet you in here." Sanji slid the door open to the small kitchen area and walked in.

"Sensei and the kids will love this ... have they seen it yet?" Zoro asked wandering around the kitchen and stopping by a counter in the center.

"Yeah, while you were sleeping. He said..." Sanji was suddenly cut off by a loud shout.


Sanji's eyes shot wide, "Oh fuck no!" Sanji pushed Zoro out of the way slid open the double cupboard and scrambled in, folding his legs against him. "You even hint I'm in here and I swear I'll fillet you then feed you to him." Sanji hissed before sliding the doors shut.

Luffy skidded into the room a split second later, holding his straw hat on his head,

"Ah! Zoro, have you seen Sanji? I want more meat... and some of the village kids want to be there to watch me ask because they think it's funny when his eyebrow twitches," The captain was bouncing impatiently from one foot to the other.

"Err... yeah, I've seen him," Zoro tried to restrain his laughter as a faint growl could be heard from the cupboard... he was pretty sure he could feel the eyebrow in question twitch from where he was stood. When Sanji heard Zoro say yes he opened the cupboard and gave Zoro a bite to the shin. Wincing, and coughing to cover up his surprised yelp Zoro continued, "He was heading back towards the old lady's house about five minutes ago..."

"Zoro! We've been looking for you," Naga said smiling broadly as he came in with Sensei and Emiko, "Where's Sanji-san?" he asked looking around.

With Luffy still there and a cook willing to bite his leg off Zoro could only repeat what he'd said to Luffy.

"Aww! That's a shame, we wanted to thank him for the wonderful food and all the hard work he put into getting this party organised." Emiko pouted looking like she'd been enjoying as much saké as Zoro. Her cheeks were flushed attractively and wisps of her hair had fallen down from the elaborate up-do she was wearing it in.

Inside the cupboard...an evil gleam had come to Sanji's eyes. "Payback." He whispered to himself. Edging his body into a different position Sanji faced the swordsman. He was glad Franky and Usopp had decided that a large counter was required... when Zoro was stood by it; it came up to the bottom of his ribs.

Sanji pulled Zoro's legs forwards so he had to step closer, snickering quietly he could feel the muscles in Zoro's legs tense as he expected another bite, instead he ran his slender hands, ever so slowly, upwards.

Goosebumps crept along Zoro's skin as the cooks hands travelled up his legs. When he tried to move away from the secretive touches Sanji clamped a hand around the swordsman's ankle. Zoro leant forward on the counter to support himself as he tried to shake Sanji's hand free.

"I'm going to find Sanji," Luffy said still bouncing about. "Ja ne!"

With that the Captain bounced from the room in his never ending quest for food.

"I like Luffy." Emiko stated, "He's so happy all the time… we can be like that now if we like." She smiled widely, "It's all because of you!" She chirped as she clung to Naga for support. She had obviously enjoyed the party so far.

"No… not just me Emiko. There was no way I could have destroyed the statue without the rest of them."

Sanji's hands were now at Zoro's thighs and travelling toward the inside of his legs, teasingly close to his groin. He could feel the swordsman's legs tensing in anticipation and smirked.

"Modesty from you? Never thought I'd hear it, I don't think you knew the meaning of the word when we were young." Naga chuckled. "Do you remember when…"

Zoro's mind drifted away from the conversation as Sanji lightly grazed his nails down the inside of his thighs. He almost yelped out when he felt Sanji's hot tongue tracing the scratches he'd made. The blonde then groped Zoro's ass firmly, pulling him closer and lazily lapping at the crease between thigh and groin, his cheek pressing lightly on the first mates quickly hardening member.

"She kicked your ass from one end of the room to the other after all that bragging you'd done."

Zoro chuckled weakly in response as the rest of them laughed heartily.

"Aww, Zoro don't be sheepish about it." Emiko giggled, "It was a long time ago. Oh! What about when you and Naga…"

The swordsman was leaning heavily on the counter now, his elbows planted firmly and hands clasped until his knuckles were beginning to turn white. Sanji was licking and suckling the tip of Zoro's cock, making any kind of response other than very basic movements and simple sounds far too complex for him. He could feel his face beginning to flush and just nodded along with the conversation and reminiscing hoping they would decide to re-join the party before…before…

Sanji curled his fingers around the base of Zoro's cock and took him whole in one swift and fluid movement.

Zoro clenched his hands so tight he thought he was going to break his own fingers. He dropped his head so that his forehead rested on his hands. He shook his head and wished that they would leave before he couldn't keep his mouth shut any longer.

Apparently his actions fit perfectly with whatever Sensei had just been saying because Emiko laughed even harder and pointed to him,

"See! See! He does remember!"

"Everybody remembers that little incident." Naga joined in.

"Look!" Emiko laughed even harder, "He's even blushing!"

Much to his chagrin he could feel Sanji chuckle despite having his cock deep in the blonde's throat. The vibrations it caused were making Zoro's knees tremble.

He cleared his throat trying to speak, but it seemed Sanji wanted his discomfort to continue as he swallowed around Zoro's member cutting off any sound the first mate was about to make. His hips bucked gently as Sanji began to pull back his lips forming a tight seal as he sucked firmly.

"Sh…Shouldn't you be …out enjoying the party?" Zoro struggled to say steadily, covering up the curse that was about to slip from his lips. "It's not like you've had a p…party recently." He stated, his voice sounding odd to him due to being able to hear his pulse over everything else.

"Zoro doesn't like being teased." Emiko pouted… "But he is right; I would like some more of the saké that Sanji brought."

Zoro face palmed. That was most likely the saké the cook had been rationing out before they got to the island. It was Zoro's!

"It's different to ours," Naga mused, "Nowhere near as strong as what we make though."

"Sanji's a thoughtful soul isn't he?" Emiko hiccupped delicately.

When Sanji heard that he paused in lapping up the pre-cum dripping from Zoro's slit to listen. Though his hand didn't cease in massaging Zoro's balls, the swordsman was granted some kind of reprieve.

"Oh?" Zoro prompted.

"He said he would swap the store of saké he had with some of ours so you had something to take with you, from here that you would be able to enjoy when you leave. Sanji-kun said that you would enjoy the stronger drink more."

"Well isn't that sweet of him." Zoro chuckled, and then coughed over another yelp as Sanji gave a rough lick to Zoro's now overly sensitive tip. "Perhaps you should find him Emiko… I know that saké was his special store so there can't have been many bottles."

"Really? I like Sanji-kun." She chirped again. "In fact I like all of the crew they're lovely, which reminds me, I need to tell Sanji he looks nothing like his wanted poster… he's far more good looking." She giggled at the look she got from Naga before continuing. "There is quite a little fan club going for your cook!"

Either Sanji was psychic or knew Zoro far better than the first mate had guessed because before he was even through rolling his eyes there was a sharp bite to his thigh.

Much to the swordsman's relief Emiko began pulling Naga towards the door and it looked as though the room was about to clear when Sensei turned back with a serious face. As the noise of Naga and Emiko leaving died away Sanji was about to get out of the cupboard when Zoro's hand dropped down to warn him there was still someone present. When Sensei began to talk Sanji could hear the serious tone and stopped in his Marimo teasing.

"You've done well for yourself Zoro. You have some very loyal friends. Zoro… we wanted to come and ask you together, though it seems the plan has changed slightly," Sensei stopped to take a breath before he continued, "Will you consider staying? Help me get the dojo back on its feet? Get it back to being renowned and it will pull the best swordsmen in the world here to challenge and compete again. You could achieve your dream that way."

Sanji sat wide eyed in the cupboard. He suddenly didn't want to be there, this was a discussion that should have been between just Zoro and Sensei.

"Sensei…" Zoro said quietly

Unexpectedly Sanji was willing the swordsman to say no. He'd thought that perhaps everyone would split up eventually but not now! Not when he'd just…

"It's a fantastic offer Sensei… but I can't and in all honesty I don't want to." He shifted in front of the cupboard, his yukata falling back into place now that Sanji's hands and mouth weren't roaming over him.

"I made a promise to Luffy to be his first mate, to be a pirate until he had become Pirate King." He replied. "I can't leave the crew until then, it would leave my promise broken. Also I will return here when I have the title I promised Kuina, I couldn't settle here until I'd done that."

"I thought you might say something like that… It was worth asking. I appreciate your honesty and I know there are… other…reasons that you want to stay with the crew. You've always been loyal, and I have to say I'm proud of the man you have become. Live out your dreams Roronoa Zoro; come back with your promises fulfilled." Sensei smiled meaning every word.

Smiling back Zoro nodded it was a simple gesture that his teacher knew well. He watched his sensei leave and sighed.

"You, cook, are a cruel fucker." Said the swordsman adjusting himself uncomfortably before crouching to look at Sanji in his little cubby hole. "Oi, what's wrong?" He asked on seeing a strange look on Sanji's face.

The cook went a very deep shade of red before suddenly blurting out, "I think I possibly…might… more than like… you." He raised a hand to cover his eyes so Zoro couldn't see his face.

A smile crept across the swordsman's tanned features as he got on all fours to lean in and nip at the cooks chin.

"Good." He said simply, just one word, but it had Sanji uncover his face.


"Yes… it means we finally agree on something." He smirked.

"You too?" Sanji questioned, his blush becoming even darker.

"Yes… but there is something we need to get straight first cook." Zoro said his voice firm.

Sanji nodded and looked at him, no clue what the first mate was going to say.

"You ever put yourself in a position where you're going to get yourself killed and I've told you to leave me and I swear I'll follow you and kick your ass twice over."

Shocked by what was said Sanji stayed silent for a moment before he indignantly replied,

"Baka! You're one to talk throwing yourself in front of people and ending up half way to whatever place is reserved for you in swordsman's paradise! You can't make conditions that apply to me and not to you! Zoro, we're pirates… it's not a risk free living. Death comes to everyone at some point Marimo… be it that they've just admitted…stuff… or not."

Sitting back a little Zoro considered the blondes words.

"It's not often you're right cook… but I guess in this case you are." Zoro looked at the cook, "One more thing though… no dancing about like you do with the girls and no hand holding or …girly shit… ok?"

"You are seriously in a world of your own. Firstly like hell I'm going to dance about after you shithead and secondly, Girly Shit? Don't make me laugh!" Sanji snorted back to his usual self.

"You say that…when you just admitted you love me … sat in a cupboard." Zoro laughed.

"I…I didn't say love!" Sanji spluttered as Zoro continued to laugh.

His laughter was cut short as Sanji shoved him backwards, however, in his haste to get out of the cupboard his long legs were fouled by his yukata and he came tumbling down on top of Zoro.

"Goddammit… fucks sake." He grumbled.

"That's not what you said last time you were on top of me cook." Zoro commented pulling Sanji further on top of him and grinding lightly against him.

"You're an idiot." Sanji said as he was pulled closer. A smirk crept onto Sanji's pale face as he felt Zoro's hard cock press against his hip. "Hmmm… unfinished business I think…" he said in a quiet purr as he lightly tugged at Zoro's earrings with his teeth.

"Yeah…that was pure cruelty what you did, you have no idea how hard it was trying not to give away the fact you were in there swallowing my cock."

"I know perfectly well how "hard" it was for you… believe me." He reached down to grope Zoro through his yukata. "Seems to me you're still finding it… hard." His fingers traced the hardness beneath the sleek material.

"Nnnn…" Zoro groaned as he gave the room a quick look over. "It's not like we have company… you could finish the unfinished business now." He pressed himself into the cooks teasing touch.

"Now, now Marimo all good things come to those who wait." Sanji pushed himself up off the swordsman. "Let's enjoy the party first ne?" The cook offered his hand to the swordsman, who took it while muttering darkly about teasing blondes.

It was the early hours and there were bodies everywhere. Men, women and even children… all passed out drunk or exhausted after a party Straw Hat style.

"Not bad… I think you outdid yourself Cook." Zoro chuckled as he walked back towards the dojo his arms laden with two children.

"Yeah… but then you can't expect any less from the Grand Line's best cook." He smirked as he tilted his head upward to blow out a plume of smoke before hitching one of the children he was carrying a little further up. It was a good job he had perfected the art of smoking "hands free" a long time ago, Naga was busy carrying Emiko and Sensei…well he wasn't in any fit state to carry anyone.

~~~~A few hours ago~~~~

Sanji had been surprised when the mild mannered dojo teacher had challenged his ex-student to a drink off, but apparently it had been something they had enjoyed in the last few years before Zoro had left… it was for old time's sake. A number of tables had been loaded down with Saké and the crew plus a few of the villagers had wagered on the result. While the crew bet on Zoro, the villagers bet on Sensei, all of them being confident they would win.

Drink after drink was downed, banter was rife between the two of them, smiles widening with each drink taken. Nami was actually beginning to worry when it came out that Zoro had yet to beat Sensei. Despite his appearance the dojo master could handle his alcohol.

The pair of them had to finish the drinks on the table and then move onto the next, a few steps were required between each table. At the third table Sensei stumbled slightly, Zoro was still walking steadily. With a smirk he offered his teacher support to get to the next table, this was refused with more challenging talk.

At the fourth table Sensei was still drinking steadily, yet Zoro seemed to be slowing. As they came to the last drink both of them stood. The first mate swayed dangerously, gripping the edge of the table before he stood straight again.

"Looks like Sensei is going to keep his title~" Naga had teased laughing, almost as worse for wear as Emiko who was still hiccupping delicately every now and then.

"You can stop faking it Roronoa Zoro." The older man chuckled as he weaved between the tables. The village children were giggling at the adults making a spectacle of themselves.

"I know you're faking Zoro… You were always a bad liar." Sensei gripped his arm as he over balanced, "It... hic… would be disrespectful to not give a challenge your all." He grinned as he made the last step on his own. Shaking his head Zoro stood up straight walked without the slightest waver and sat at the table, picking up his first drink while Sensei was still trying to seat himself.

"Kampai!" Zoro said once Sensei was settled. He then proceeded to drink six more cups of saké one after another while Sensei turned a light shade of green.

"Look!" giggled Emiko. "Sensei matches Zoro's hair."

The older man turned one of Zoro's empty glasses upside down as a signal that he was giving in. Nami immediately slapped Zoro on the back, that "I'm in the Beli" glow about her person. While Luffy went for a more direct show of appreciation… in tackling Zoro clear off the chair he was sitting on while laughing his rubber ass off.

Between them Zoro and Sanji made sure everyone got settled into their rooms at the dojo, the children each having a bed of their own now. Seeing the children settled Naga went to put Emiko to bed while Zoro said goodnight to his Sensei. Sanji left them to their conversation. He had decided to take a smoke outside. The dojo stood at the base of a hill which overlooked the cove that the Thousand Sunny was now anchored in. He sat at the edge letting his long legs dangle freely over the side, traditional wooden geta hanging loosely on his feet as the pleasant breeze tugged at his yukata.

"Well, that's it. Everyone is either passed out where they partied or in bed." Zoro said collapsing to the ground next to Sanji with a sigh.

The cook stubbed out his cigarette on a nearby rock and flicked it out to sea before leaning over the swordsman, his hand resting by Zoro's shoulder as he lowered his head to a mere inch from his face.

"You… look a little drunk." Sanji whispered looking into a pair of slightly glazed onyx eyes.

"I wouldn't say drunk… but I can definitely feel the booze." Zoro admitted chuckling. "It's been a long time since I drank that much."

"No wonder you can feel it, that stuff is 80 proof and between you both you went through eight and a half large bottles! It's pretty surprising that neither of you have puked your kidney's up."

"Heh, no chance of that, what a waste of saké that would be!" He leaned up and licked at Sanji's lower lip.

Sanji grinned as he allowed his tongue to flick out to tease at Zoro's before kissing him roughly. "Unfinished business?" he asked pulling back a little and quirking his visible brow.

"Unfinished business." Zoro replied watching the cook straddle him at the waist.

Reaching down to his sash Sanji slowly unwrapped it, his yukata hanging loosely on his slender frame. When Zoro reached up to part the thin material so that his lover's body was on display the cook smirked and quickly bound Zoro's wrists together with the silken sash.

With a growl Zoro looked at Sanji, his look of barely disguised frustration and annoyance making Sanji laugh outright.

"What? You thought I'd forgotten about your little stunt earlier? I told you I would get you back for making me sound like a whore in front of Nami-San."

"Oh come on, it wasn't that bad! You enjoyed it, I enjoyed it… Nami enjoyed it." He smirked.

"You're a bastard, do you know that?" Despite his words his hands began to work on Zoro's sash, loosening it enough to push the black yukata open. By the time he'd finished the yukata was hanging from Zoro's arms, silvery-grey sash still around his toned waist.

"So you keep telling me." Zoro replied as he watched the cook work.

Sanji stood up and turned his back on the swordsman, slowly inching his yukata from his shoulders revealing his pale, lean body. He lowered his arms and let the material fall from him, pooling at his feet. Bending almost in half Sanji picked up the clothing and folded it neatly, gently placing it in the lush grass.

"Just how flexible are you?" Zoro questioned as he took in the way Sanji's muscles flexed and shifted.

Stepping back slightly Sanji spoke on a purr,

"Let's see shall we?" He leaned back, arms moving above his head as he bent further. Reaching back he planted his hands firmly either side of Zoro, tilting his head back to look at the swordsman. "Not bad eh?" He grinned as he sank lower, shifting more so he could fold his legs beneath him. Now effectively he was kneeling, with a tilt of his hips he pressed his ass to the first mates growing erection.

"Not bad at all…" Zoro rumbled as one of the cooks hands pushed at his elbows making him raise his bound hands above his head. Pressing his feet into the soft grass Zoro pushed his hips upward to grind against Sanji's ass.

"Oi…impatient." Sanji chuckled as he pressed back more firmly, preventing the swordsman from grinding anymore. He stretched his arms up; nails raking up the first mates tanned arms as he flattened his body to Zoro's. He then very slowly circled his hips. "You want to fuck again?" He asked, his smoky voice beginning to hold that tone of desire Zoro was already addicted to.

"What do you think?" Zoro said as his heart began to pound. The cook was rubbing himself against the swordsman's firm body like a cat in heat. He moved his hands down Zoro's sides and turned his head to nip at the first mates neck.

"I think you want me to fuck you… to pound you until you cum so hard you pass out. You want to feel me split you wide open… Don't you Marimo?"

A growl left the first mate, along with a tensing of his powerful body that Sanji had come to know as Zoro becoming impatient.

"Well..? What do you want Marimo? … Do you want me to screw you so hard that you cry out and wake everyone up?" Sanji continued to purr out as he began to sit up more, causing his ass to press more at the needy member beneath him.


The tone of that deep voice sent a delightful shiver down Sanji's spine. Frustration and desire intermingled. Relenting… slightly… Sanji moved, he nudged the swordsman's legs open wider and settled between them on his knees. Placing his hands at the swordsman's hips he leant forward and ran those cool slender hands up and over Zoro's body. He let his fingers tease at the edges of the bandages keeping the expanse of tanned skin hidden.

He was disturbed from his explorations when Zoro heaved himself into a sitting position. A questioning sound issued from the blonde as he was unceremoniously disturbed.

"Take them off." Zoro said as he put his bound hands behind Sanji, holding him in place.

"Chopper will kill you in the morning." Sanji snickered, his hands moving to where the light bandages were secured. "I'm not taking the blame."

"I don't care. I'll take the blame. Take them off." He said impatiently as Sanji began to unravel them. This time he wanted to feel Sanji's hands over his bare skin, not through bandages.

The cook's hands worked to gradually remove the bandages, with each bit of skin exposed the blonde kissed and nipped along it making Zoro groan softly. Once he'd rolled the bandages up and discarded them he ran his hands down the swordsman's chest, nails lightly grazing across the bronzed skin.

With both hands pressed against Zoro's broad chest he shoved him backwards, ducking low so that he could push the swordsman's arms back up and out of the way. He stretched his lithe body out over Zoro's, bucking his hips lightly as their hard lengths pressed together.

With a grunt Zoro was pressed into the grass, a quiet moan leaving him at the feel of the cool soft ground beneath him. The moan got louder as Sanji moved against him, rolling his hips to meet each tantalising movement. When Sanji began to drag his nails lightly up Zoro's sides the swordsman tilted his head back, mouth hanging open slightly so that the cook could hear his quickened breathing.

Taking advantage of the exposed neck Sanji bit firmly at the juncture between neck and shoulder, gaining from it the all too familiar lusty growl this kind of treatment elicited from the first mate. He loved being able to make Zoro moan and growl with desire. It was like a mini triumph that he could cause the stoic swordsman to make those sounds by simple touches… no one else could do that, Zoro wouldn't let them, wouldn't show them this side of him.

"Do you want me?" He said in a heated whisper by Zoro's ear before tugging at the three gold earrings with his teeth. The cook dipped his tongue into Zoro's ear causing a shiver to run through the strong body under him.

Zoro closed his eyes at the tone of Sanji's voice, smoky and full of lust.

"You know I do." He rumbled in reply.

"Good," came the single word response. The blonde moved lower down Zoro's body, raking his nails over the now exposed chest leaving reddened marks, delighting at feeling the solid muscles tense and relax under his hands. The hiss given through clenched teeth along with the swordsman's hips straining upward made Sanji smirk. Settled once more between Zoro's legs the cook dipped a hand between his thighs teasing lower, tracing the line of the first mate's ass until he drew his fingers back up to ghost over heavy balls and lightly twitching member.

"Shit… cook will you just fuck me!" He growled feeling Sanji's pale hands moving away from his cock.

"Depends…" Sanji said coyly.


"Whether you can be polite or not."

"Polite?" He raised an eyebrow. "What are you talking about?"

"Address me properly and I'll give you exactly what you want." Sanji said with a little shrug as he trailed his fingers across the red marks left behind by his nails a moment before.

"Address you properly? What the hell does that mean?"

"You mean; "What the hell does that mean…Sanji-Sama."" He smirked evilly. If the Marimo thought he was getting away with his stunt earlier in the evening he was seriously mistaken.

"What? Hell no shitty-cook."

"Awww… now, now Marimo-kun, we both know you want this." The cook said as he circled a dark nipple.

"I'm not… saying it." Zoro said firmly.

"Are you sure?" The cook said as he lowered his head to suckle at Zoro's erect nipple, tongue leisurely lapping over it before he grazed it lightly with his teeth. A pale hand moved gradually to Zoro's stomach and lower, stopping at the crease between thigh and groin to rub firm little circles into the tanned skin.

Zoro arched into the touches, helpless to urge Sanji on physically with his hands bound and unwilling to urge him on verbally…well, unwilling to say what Sanji wanted anyway.

"You want this too, cook." He stated his voice strained. The first mate gave a little jolt when Sanji gave a tug to his sensitive nipple.

"I do… I want to sink deep into your ass and pound you until I can't hold it anymore. I want to fuck you until I come so hard that you can feel the cum dribbling down your thighs while I'm still inside you." He bit up to Zoro's ear and whispered, "You'd like that wouldn't you?" groaning wantonly in the swordsman's ear Sanji ground against him, tight and twitching member pressed against Zoro's.

His dark eyes rolled back as a low and needy moan left him. Sanji's voice always got to him…

With a smirk he dipped his tongue into his lover's ear before he purred quietly.

"You're so hard…" He shifted so his length rubbed more against Zoro's. "All you have to do is say you want it…politely." He moaned louder as he slowly moved lower on that muscular body, his cock now pressed at the first mate's ass. Reaching down between them Sanji wrapped his hand around his own cock and stroked it leisurely. With every upward stroke his tip nudged at Zoro's tight hole, pre-cum smearing around it.

In a vain attempt to feel more Zoro tilted his hips but Sanji just moved to compensate, keeping the sensation to an infuriating minimum.

"Fuck!" he growled out savagely. He could feel the cooks tip pressing to his ass, he wanted to push back to it but the cook just moved to stop him doing that. "S… Sanji…" he managed to choke out when he felt a single finger trace the thick vein on the underside of his length.

"Say it…" Sanji moaned loudly watching the swordsman's face. He loved the needy almost desperate look painted over Zoro's face. Pressing forward with his hips Sanji began to tease at the tight ring of muscle with the head of his cock. An even louder groan left him as he struggled not to give in to his body's urge to just screw Zoro raw, pulling back again before repeating the motion.

Feeling Sanji almost press into him Zoro cursed again. The cook smirked above him, beginning to look worse for wear himself as the stoic swordsman's body and voice told him all he needed to know – He wanted him, wanted him badly.

"Say… it… Zoro…" Sanji said, each word punctuated by a gentle thrust.

Heart pounding Zoro looked up into the heated blue gaze. It was only two words… two words and he'd get everything he craved.

"You want…to say it, I can see it in your eyes Marimo." Sanji taunted pressing a little harder; slowly his cock stretched the ring of muscle, almost pushing past it. "Come on…. Nnn! Zoro I can feel it, you're so hot inside." He then withdrew again.

"Cook! … Dammit…" He rolled his head to the side and arched his back. A light sheen of sweat covered the squirming bronze body beneath the cook. He watched with fascination as the swordsman seemed to take a deep breath, biting on his lower lip and eyes closing under furrowed brows. "P… please. Fuck…. S… Sanji… … Sama."

The words washed over Sanji making him shiver. Zoro's deep lust tinged voice was music to his ears. With a roll of his hips he sank into the willing body, arms bracing him either side of Zoro began to tremble as he thrust further into the almost painful tightness.

A strangled curse left Zoro as he felt Sanji penetrate; digging his heels into the soft grass he tried to relax enough to allow Sanji in as deep as he wanted. He felt as though he was about to split in two, the glorious pain tinted pleasure making him groan and writhe under his lover.

"Sanji…fuck…" He choked out as his nails dug into the material confining his hands.

A groan left Sanji as he continued to sink into the swordsman. Mouth by Zoro's ear the cook breathed his words heatedly into it.

"Can you feel me swordsman? Can you feel me sinking deep… into you?" He purred.

A simple nod from the swordsman made Sanji smirk against the tanned ear, he licked along the strong neck tasting the salt of the first mates skin. He could feel the racing pulse, the tensing of the threaded muscles as Zoro gasped when he ground in as deep as possible. He bit down firmly over the racing pulse and growled possessively.

"Y…Yes… Fuck! I can feel you." He answered his eyes glazing over as Sanji began to slowly rock his hips. "H...Harder."

Sanji moved to his knees, pulling Zoro closer by the hips. He then took Zoro's legs and hooked them over his shoulder leaning forward so that Zoro had to bend at the waist. The new position caused Sanji to press in deeper. He ground in hard with small yet forceful movements that had the swordsman moaning loudly between rasping breaths.

"Nnn… you like that don't you Zoro?" The cook breathed as he turned his head to bite at the smooth leg resting on his shoulder.

No words would come…just more sounds of ecstasy as he clenched tightly around Sanji's length. His hands were fisted in the grass above his head, the muscles shifting under tanned skin.

With a low chuckle Sanji decided that the swordsman had, had enough teasing… of course this conclusion was reached by Sanji being eager to fuck Zoro, but, there was no way he was telling the first mate that. As he raked his nails along Zoro's side he picked up a brutal and fast rhythm, the sound of skin on skin drowned out by Zoro's cursing and moaning. Reaching down Sanji tugged Zoro's hands from the grass and led them down to his neglected cock. When the swordsman's dark eyes connected with his he whispered,

"Let me watch you…"

With his heated gaze still on Sanji, Zoro hissed through his teeth as he curled his fingers around his needy cock. With his hands bound as they were it was awkward at first… but he soon overcame it. He worked over his hardened member with both hands in slow firm strokes. His breath hitched as Sanji licked his lips while watching intently, his hips keeping up the punishing rhythm.

Sea blue eyes drifted up Zoro's,

"You look good… like this…"

Sanji's hand went to fist in short green hair for a moment before his hand drifted to the flushed cheek, where his thumb traced the cheek bone gently. In that one gesture the situation changed. When the swordsman leaned in to the unusually tender touch Sanji's heart began to pound harder than before. He moved Zoro's legs to either side of him, lowering them to the ground. Sanji impatiently tugged at the sash he had restrained Zoro's hands with, suddenly desperate to feel those hands against his skin.

Leaning down to his lover Sanji laced his fingers with Zoro's as they leisurely stroked the swordsman's cock. His hips slowed as he took more time over his lover.

With his hands now free to roam, his lead Sanji's hand in working over his erection, savouring the feel of their hands together. His free hand moved up the cook's chest to the back of his neck, where he pulled the cook forward and claimed his mouth in a hungry kiss. He had sensed the sudden change in the cook, the tender touch…

Sanji groaned into the swordsman's mouth, his eyes slowly closed as he slid his tongue against Zoro's, the wet friction making him groan more. When Zoro's hand snaked up into his hair Sanji's free hand grasped at the strong tan shoulder, nails digging in lightly, his hips matched the rhythm of their hands.

Breaking the kiss for breath Zoro looked into Sanji's visible eye trying to judge what he was feeling. Something wordless passed between them in that look, something that made them both press closer. Zoro hooked his legs around Sanji's waist and rocked in time to his lover. The desperation to climax gone as they both enjoyed each other's bodies, taking time over it.

As they slowly built each other up to climax, their panting breaths mingling as they moved together, forehead to forehead, whispered curses and called out names mumbled against each other's lips.

As the pleasure spiralled they were clinging tighter to each other more, the closeness heightening the experience.

"Fuck… Sanji… MNnnn." Zoro pressed closer to the blonde, "Cl…close…" He choked out as he allowed his head to fall back so that the cook could continue bite at his neck.

Sanji groaned against the strong muscled neck at the clear need in his lover's voice. Roughly he pulled Zoro's hand away from his member so that he could fist it firmly himself, Zoro's climax suddenly becoming more important than his own. He wanted to hear the swordsman cry out, wanted him unrestrained and writhing in ecstasy beneath him. The fingers of Sanji's free hand laced with Zoro's as he forced the swordsman's hand to the ground above his head.

Stretched over his lover Sanji moved with more force, delighting in the sounds it pulled from Zoro. "Cum Zoro…" Sanji panted as he leant down to tease at Zoro's lips. He pulled back his hips and slammed forward only to grind in; keeping the pressure on the spot he knew drove his lover wild.

Zoro bucked erratically beneath Sanji, his body reacting to the intense pleasure almost violently. His fingers tightened around Sanji's as he was thrown into his climax, teetering on the brink for a moment, he gasped, his whole body tensing before finally the pleasure crashed around him.

"Sanji! Sanji!" He cried out as he felt his own hot cum spill over his stomach and the hand still working over his cock firmly. His legs tightened around the cook's waist as he held him as deep as possible. His back arched away from the lush grass as his body was gripped by a climax so intense it robbed him of anything other than the ability to feel. A sword-worn hand gripped tightly at Sanji's pale arm as he used it to anchor himself to the reality knocked out of focus in a haze of pleasure.

Feeling Zoro clench impossibly tight around him Sanji let out a choked cry of his own, bucking desperately to join his lover in climax. He watched the swordsman's face contort in pleasure, his powerful body moving beneath him and his deep voice calling out for him. Sanji ran his cum coated hand up Zoro's heaving chest, stopping over his racing heartbeat. With one more savage thrust Sanji came, his hips twitching with every pulse of his cock as Zoro's body milked him of everything he had. Trembling as he came down from the high of his orgasm, he lay atop Zoro, uncaring of the sticky mess between them.

Lowering his legs tiredly Zoro shifted Sanji to lay more comfortably over him, he curved his arms around his lover, the pale skin beneath his arms slick with sweat. With a satisfied sigh he settled back and relaxed.

Sanji reached up and poked at the swordsman's forehead,

"No way are we falling asleep here." He mumbled before letting his arm drop back down.

"Picky cook." Zoro rolled so that he was on top of the cook, "What's wrong with sleeping out here?" He chuckled as he bent to kiss along the cooks jaw. "You afraid of bugs or somethin'?"

"N...No! I just happen to enjoy a comfortable bed you fuckin' barbarian." Sanji smirked. I hate bugs you green bastard. "Besides… I was kind of hoping we could continue our… "Unfinished Business" in the new bath Franky and Usopp built in the Dojo…" Sanji said coyly. Whatever the subtle change had been between them just now, it had left Sanji with a hunger for the swordsman that was yet to be sated.

"A bath you say…" Zoro's dark eyes danced with amusement "Then…since it is new… don't you think some responsible adults should go and check it works ok?" Zoro pushed himself to his feet, and once steady he offered his hand to Sanji.

"Mmm… I agree though… maybe lose the responsible bit… we are pirates after all." He laughed his smoky laugh and took Zoro's hand, on standing he pulled the first mate close and gave him an idea of how badly he wanted the bath with a hungry and demanding kiss. Gathering their things quickly the pair made their way to the bath to …enjoy… the hot water.

The next morning dawned far too early for Zoro who was robbed of the warmth he had been curled against when Sanji decided to get up and make breakfast…for the village. He rolled onto his back, shielding his eyes from the sunlight streaming into the room from the open window. With a very satisfied smile the swordsman stretched out in bed. Last night he and Sanji had enjoyed the bath… twice (just to be doubly sure it was safe for general use.) Then Zoro had been hungry so Sanji made him a snack in the kitchen… one he served on his own body… then they had gone to bed, together.

It had been Sanji's request that they shared a bed, one that Zoro was more than happy to comply with. Whatever had changed between them… he was glad of it, he felt content now, settled and content. Sleeping next to Sanji, their legs tangled and his arms draped over him, the swordsman had slept soundly. To wake to a chaste kiss from the cook had also been a rather smile inducing experience.

Once the village had been fed and Chopper's best remedy for hang overs had been widely circulated, Nami had announced that the Log Pose had set. The next few hours were spent loading the Sunny up with all the generous gifts the villagers had given them. Sanji's food store was bursting and he had several new recipes to master, Chopper had herbs coming out of places on the Sunny he didn't know existed. Usopp and Franky were fawning over an alloy that they had apparently found difficult to get hold of on other islands. Brook had been given a book full of traditional music along with a snapshot of the Rumbar Pirates in their early days provided by a village elder. Nami was taking with her a selection of maps plus half of the treasure from the Brotherhood. Robin had collected a number of interesting texts and a fragment of what looked to be part of a poneglyph. Luffy was excited by the fact that the children had gotten together and drawn a picture of him that spanned fourteen pieces of paper; it was in full colour too. The village elders had also gifted him a pouch for storage that stretched almost as much as him… this, the Captain had told Sanji, was for his future Bento's… earning him a swift kick to the back of the head.

Boarding the Sunny the crew let Zoro have some time alone with his Sensei.

They had spent some time at Kuina's grave where Zoro made his promise again and lit some incense. They talked of the plans that Sensei had for the Dojo and of how much they looked forward to seeing each other again. On returning to the Dojo he was greeted by the whole village cheering his name, the crew stood with them. Grinning Zoro had acted like he'd taken it all in his stride, but Sanji could see the look in his eyes, the surprise and deep appreciation of the gesture. Naga and Emiko along with some of the craftsmen had created a meditation alter for Zoro, the centre of which held a jade charm in the form of a traditional dragon climbing heaven-ward.

The crew had been carried on the villager's shoulders back to the ship with cheers and laughter to accompany them.

Shouts of well wishes and admiration along with return invites and challenges of eating and drinking contests reached them over the waves as the Sunny finally pulled away from the island. They waved until their arms burned and shouted their farewells until the island was but a spec on the horizon.

Slowly the crew left the ship rail and went about re-settling on the ship after their…holiday. Luffy was still stood by Zoro, watching as the swordsman's eyes stayed on the horizon.

"You could have stayed if you'd wanted to…" Luffy said.

"Eh?" Zoro turned to grin at his Captain, "You mean leave you on the ship with a cook that would kick your ass if there wasn't someone to hold you back from the fridge raids?" Zoro shook his head and laughed, "Wouldn't want to miss out on the adventures anyway."

Luffy slapped Zoro on the back,

"Good!" He gave a huge grin and bounced off as was customary of their Captain.

Still smiling Zoro turned back to watch the horizon, chin resting on his hand was he leaned at the rail. The talk he'd had with his Sensei had been a good one. They had spoken about all the things that mattered to Zoro most…even Sanji. His smile grew as he thought about the previous night, how things had been different.

"Smiling Marimo… I could get used to that rather than your scowl." Sanji said sauntering up behind him. He came to lean at the rail with Zoro, smoking a cigarette. He wasn't wearing his jacket and had his sleeves rolled up to the elbows, tie loose and top button undone.

Zoro chuckled but said nothing.

"I'm glad you decided not to stay… y'know… for Luffy's sake." Sanji said staring out to sea.

"Yeah? … Good. There were a few things that had me getting back on the ship."

"Really?" Sanji blew out a long stream of smoke and flicked the spent cigarette over the rail, "Hmmm, what would they be? The fights, the food and the supply of booze?"


Sanji turned to Zoro and looked at the smirk growing on the tanned features. He raised a curled brow in question.

"It was my promise…" He left a long pause, "And maybe… the moody, foul mouthed fucker who provides me with the fights, the food and the alcohol…" Grinning Zoro dodged the kick that came his way, quickly closing the gap between himself and the cook and making him over-balance so they fell to the deck.

As the pair shared a heated look Robin shook her head.

"Oh great… Deck sex? … C'mon Chopper I'd rather not watch." Usopp said as he dragged a blushing reindeer away with him. "I'll warn the rest of them." He grumbled, "Exhibitionists…"

"Navigator-san… Do you realise that Zoro could probably have you in debt by charging you to watch?" Robin asked as she was discretely leaving her Nakama to their rather recently discovered feelings.

"R…Robiiiin!" Nami said in what was close to a whine. "I'm not watching!" Even as she said it the navigator was looking over her shoulder while following Robin. Watching as Zoro rid the cook of his shirt.

"Nami-san… for a Navigator, whose job it is to watch the horizon and the Log Pose… you have a very loose interpretation of "watching"." The older woman laughed at the scowl she received. "Shouldn't you be counting out your treasure?"

That was the ticket. Nami moved quicker than the raven haired woman, evidently her new found hobby still paled in comparison to her obsession with Beli.

"…Well… That's one way to clear the deck." Sanji chuckled throatily as he allowed the first mate to slowly divest him of his clothing.

"Mmm… almost as effective as you using pot washing to clear the galley."

Sanji smirked in response. "I won't have to now will I?" He raised his curled brow, "If you stay behind to do the washing up… they'll think we're gonna fuck over the sink and leave…"

Zoro laughed as he tugged at Sanji's belt, "Now… I'm pretty sure, the only reason I would be staying behind to do the washing up would be the very reason you mentioned…"

"Maybe you'll get a reward for helping out in the kitchen more…" Sanji said coyly watching Zoro lick a line up his stomach and over his chest.

"Then maybe I'll help out more and see where it gets me…"

"I look forward to it."

"So do I."

The talking stopped as the pair found more worthwhile things for their mouths to do.

"I suppose you're right Navigator-san… with the right photographs you could stand to make a lot of money from those two…" Robin admitted with a smile as she uncrossed her arms, petals falling discretely on deck. "Actually… have you ever heard of this wonderful thing called… Doujinshi? … They have it on some islands…"


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