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Author's Note: Anyone have any ideas for a good story title?? Okay, I'm so excited to see the finale tonight; just don't want it to be over! Anyone else?

Character(s): Kate Beckett, Richard Castle


Genre: Humor

Rating: K+ (for the usage of a cuss word)

Kate Beckett walked through the door of her two bedroom apartment feeling drained, to the fullest sense of that word. She threw her bag down on the dark brown sofa that covered one wall of her living room. It had been an miserable day; a young girl had been murdered by her psychotic mother and what was worse was that Castle wasn't there to make her feel better.

The detective slipped out of her shoes before heading directly for her bedroom and passing her bathroom. Kate paused at the doorway of the bathroom as she thought. That was what she needed a nice hot bath.

Kate spent the next few minutes arranging the scents and candles in her bathroom before slipping into the tub. Kate leaned back, worked on clearing her thoughts, and taking deep, calming breaths. The detective had no clue how long she had been in the bath when she heard the doorbell ring-she just knew that the water wasn't as hot as it once was.

At first, the thought had crossed her mind to just ignore it and she did...until the doorbell rang once more and then and again and again. Kate groaned and stood up from the tub, grabbing a towel and wrapping it around her tightly.

She walked towards the door and opened it only to see Richard Castle in her doorway. Of freaking course, when she had just begun to feel better.

"Castle. What are you doing here?" Kate asked. She wasn't in the mood for his antics right then.

"Katie, well, no need to be mean, but I heard you had a bad day so I thought you might want to wine..." He held up the bottle that he'd been holding behind his back. "...and some company." He finished; grinning at her.

"Castle, that's really nice of you, but..." Kate didn't continue because at that moment Castle decided to slip around her and walk into her apartment.

"Wow, so this is the home of Katherine Beckett...I never did picture it to be like this." He gestured around.

"What exactly did you picture it to be like?" Kate asked advancing closer to him.

"Well, um...,well...kind of... darker, I guess, and more..." He stepped back a few feet from her. "...slutty."

"Slutty?" Kate asked and walked towards him slowly. Castle thought of how much she reminded him of a lioness approaching her prey right then and unfortunately he was the prey.

He began backing away from her and tripped on something only to trip Kate somehow in the process of falling . The detective shrieked and tried to catch herself, but she failed. She then put her hands up to break her fall, which caused her towel to fall and reveal, well...a lot.

Castle fell to the ground and got a soaking wet Kate Beckett on top of him. A naked Kate Beckett.

"Well, Rick, if you really wanted to be in this position all you had to do was ask." She giggled and stood up preceding to retrieve her discarded towel.

Castle layed there for a minute repeating the sentence over and over again in his mind. Did she just steal one of his lines?