Finding Innerhappiness

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Heart On My Sleeve

Darien's P.O.V:


"Hello, Campbell residence" Damn it's her mom. "Hey Mrs. Campbell it's Darien" "Oh Darien, How are you?" "I'm good thanks; listen, is Serena there? I really need to talk to her; it's kind of important".

Ever since she came back with that Damon guy, I haven't been able to get an opportune moment alone to talk to her. I know I have screwed things up, but I am determined to set things right. I miss her; so much it's like I can't breathe, but with that boyfriend of hers around; I'm getting no where.

"I'm very sorry Darien but Serena left about 20 minutes ago; she and Damon are going back to America" NO! she can't go back, I won't let her; she belongs here…with me. "thank you Mrs. Campbell" I reply before hanging up the phone. I need to stop her.

I then hop on my motorbike and head straight to the airport. I just hope that I'm not too late…

Serena's POV:

This is it. I'm going, I don't think I'll ever come back; not now. Everywhere I go reminds me of my time as Sailor Moon and of…Darien.

God how I still love him, I love him with every fibre of my being, he is my oxygen; but then there is Damon. I do love Damon, he healed my wounds and was there for me when no one else was. At least I know that Damon loves me as just Serena and not as Serena: Princess of the moon; heir to the moon kingdom and otherwise guardian known as Sailor Moon. He loves me as I am; and I owe him more than that.

I knew from the very beginning that coming back was a huge mistake, but I owed it to myself to prove everyone wrong and show to them that I can be strong and not the blubbering teenage cry baby that most of Tokyo know me to be.

"Serena; sweetie, we have 15 minutes before we have to board" Damon's gentle voice pulled me from my thoughts giving me a small smile in the process of doing so. "I'm just gonna go to the ladies real quick and then I'll be right back" I say before giving him a quick kiss, as well as a smile.

When I make it to the bathroom, I take a glance at myself in the mirror, before rummaging through my purse to find my lipgloss and chewing gum. I hear the door open, but pay no attention to it. "Hello Serena" a cold voice says to me before WHACK, I fall to the floor and let unconsciousness take me.

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