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Isabella POV

It had been exactly two months, three days and four hours since they left me. Since he told me I wasn't good enough for him and that he didn't love me. I am a complete wreck, I don't talk to anyone from school I just sit around and act like the broken hearted girl I am. Charlie doesn't know what to do with me and is contemplating sending me to live with Renee.

"Bella you have school get up!" Charlie said from my door way. Ugh I hated school, sure I was a good student I had straight A's but it was only because I had all the time in the world to do homework. I got out of my once comforting bed and stumbled into the bathroom to shower. I stood under the relaxing water and thought about Edward and his family. I still couldn't believe that my once best friend and the family who said they loved me could leave, but they did. I shook my head to get the memories out and wrapped a towel around my now wet body. I didn't really care about my appearance anymore, but for some reason I felt like dressing semi-normal. I put on a once tight pair of light skinny jeans and a red long sleeve top. Everything was so loose; I guess I lost some weight over the past few months. I suppose that's what happens when you don't eat like a normal person should Bella. I laughed to myself at my sick joke and went to my vanity to put on some light makeup. The clock read seven thirty, shit I was late. I ran down the stairs and grabbed a granola bar before grabbing my keys and getting in my truck. The drive to school was quick and before I knew what was happening I was in my first period class.

"Bella did you hear about the new kids coming tomorrow?" Jessica surprisingly asked me.

"Uh no Jess, do you know who they are?" I tried sounding normal. She smiled and shook her head. I decided I was going to try and be normal again. I had spent way too much time moping around like someone died.

"Are you feeling better yet?" Jess asked looking at my somewhat put together outfit and makeup.

"Yeah kind of, I think I will be better now" I answered with a genuine smile.

"Oh good Bella we've missed you, actually I wanted to ask you something" She whispered.

"Alright, what?" I asked confused.

"Well Angela and I were going to Seattle today to shop, and your clothes look too big now. So I was wondering if maybe you wanted to come with us." She said purely excited. I did need new clothes; I guess it wouldn't be too horrible.

"Sure when are you leaving?" I smiled.

"Oh well we were going to leave at lunch, do you think your dad will be alright with that?" She asked a little more skeptically now. I thought about it and was positive my dad wouldn't mind, he has wanted me to act like a normal teenager for two months.

"Yeah I will call him after class, I doubt he will mind." I whispered before turning back to the front of class. I was glad they had accepted me so easily; I had been zombie like for the last two months. Lunch came around sooner than I thought it would. Charlie seemed more excited than I was that I was going shopping and said that he would see me when we got back.

"Bella, I am so excited that you are coming" Angela said while hugging me. We were on our way out to the parking lot, I guess Jess was driving. We all got in and drove over to the bank to get money out. I had been working at Newton's so I had plenty, which was good considering I needed a new wardrobe.

"So Bella what kind of stuff do you need?" Jess asked once we were almost to Seattle.

"Um well I was hoping you guys would be able to help me with that. None of my clothes fit now so I need a new wardrobe pretty much. I want to change my style though, just to start over I guess." I sighed.

"This is going to be so much fun Bella. Of course we can help!" Angela squealed. I laughed and we were silent for the next ten minutes until we pulled into the mall parking lot. We all got out and they grabbed my arm to pull me along. I was starting to regret coming with them. They pulled me into Victoria's secret first guessing that since my clothes didn't fit I would need new underwear and bras. They were right of course but I was worried about what they were going to pick out for me.

"Come on Bella you said you wanted a new style!" Jess whined when I freaked out at the lacey things they had grabbed.

"Alright I guess" I grimaced. I wasn't particularly happy about not having even a single pair of comfortable panties. They dragged me over to the bras and lingerie next and started looking for the right size. Eventually they picked out three bras and two night gowns. I decided not to fight them about the skimpy push up things they were holding.

"Okay next store!" Angela sang after I had paid. We walked into a very bright store. I wasn't sure what to look for; all I ever bought were plane tee shirts and jeans. Angela and Jess split up leaving me in front of a rack of dresses. I mindlessly looked through them and finally picked out one I liked. It was a black and white summer dress that had big black floral patterns on the bottom.

"Bella over here" Angela yelled and I walked over to see her holding her weight in denim and bright over the top shirts. Jessica soon joined us with her pile by the dressing rooms. I tried on the dress I picked first since I knew it would be one of the only things I approved of.

"Bella that looks amazing on you" They said in unison. I laughed and spun around before striking a model pose. They laughed at me and handed me another outfit to try on. We spent about an hour in that store and I ended up with five complete outfits, minus the shoes. They each got one outfit and decided on another store before I was even out of the first one. We continued the process of the first store in the next five or so until they decided it was time for shoes and accessories. I groaned and they rolled their eyes.

"Isn't this place amazing" Jessica asked once we had made it to the shoe store.

"Yeah I guess" I yawned. The shoe store looked like every girls dream; to me it looked like hell and a lot of painful days ahead. They made me try on countless pairs of heels and boots without letting me look at the sneakers.

"Please let me buy one pair of comfortable shoes, I can't run in heels" I protested. I had started jogging every day about a week after they left to help keep my mind of things. Eventually they gave in and let my buy one pair of running shoes amongst the six pairs of heels and astonishingly high heeled boots.

"All we have to do now is get makeup Bella and then I promise we can leave" Jessica laughed. I nodded and followed her into a store that smelled like ten different perfumes. I coughed and tried to turn around but they dragged me back. They through a lot of random things I had no idea how to use at me and made me smell a few different sprays before finally allowing me to pay for the over abundance of beauty products. The day finally ended and I got home with about thirty new outfits. I had never owned this amount of clothes before in my life.

"Hey dad I'm home" I called into the silent house.

"Hey Bells, oh wow do you need some help with all that?" Charlie asked taking in the bags that surrounded me in the living room.

"That would be great dad" I sighed and we began taking trips up the stairs with all of my new stuff.

"I knew you were going shopping; I didn't realize you were capable of buying this much." Charlie laughed. He knew me so well, I hated shopping and today was a perfect example of why.

"I made the mistake in tell them I wanted a new style so that I could start over" I groaned. He chuckled and shook his head before leaving me alone with my new wardrobe. It took me and hour and a half to put it all away in my closet and then another half an hour to put all my make up on my vanity. I threw my old stuff in a bag and told Charlie to take it to a thrift store or goodwill. I made grilled cheese for dinner and went upstairs to sleep. I had a weird feeling about the new kids that are coming; their story was so much like the Cullen's it was scary.

So that is my first chapter. I know it is boring, but I needed to get out there why Bella was so different now and it wouldn't make since if I didn't add all of that in there. Next chapter is when Bella meets the new kids, and that is where the story actually starts. Review please?

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