Soo…. Um… Okay, this is what happens: Nagihiko gets captured by the SCHOOL, they try and make a perfect clone of him, they fail, now there's a girl who looks exactly like Nagihiko, and she has to pretend to be him…. Yeah… Um, that's about as far as I've gotten, so just read and enjoy~! Oh yeah. Since I've read all the Maximum Ride books and watched every single Shugo Chara episode, it's going to take place assuming current knowledge of them… I don't think that they're will be many people from the Maximum Ride books. Might include the Flock, but can't really figure out why they'd be in Japan.

After School

Nagihiko waved good bye to his friends and left the Royal Garden. There was an eerie feeling creeping up on him that something bad was going to happen, but he tried to ignore it. When he got out of range from the school, a couple of people approached him. "We are here to take you," One said, making it sound like a warning. For some reason, they reminded Nagihiko of wolves, cornering some prey. Only he was the prey. Nagihiko sighed and looked at them with an oh-please expression.

"Where and why?" He narrowed his eyes.

"The SCHOOL. As for why…. Well, you should know that," The only girl in the group gave him a look that he considered an alpha wolf look. Nagihiko clenched his teeth. He didn't want to go back there, he was lucky enough he managed to escape once, but…. Well, at that place, twice was just pushing it. And he didn't want to take any chances. So Nagihiko bolted, the people quickly changing into wolf beasts and following. He had guessed that they were erasers, but…. Man, this was going to suck. Then one of the erasers came up from behind him and shocked him with some sort of taser. The last thing Nagihiko muttered before fainting was, "Not again,"

And then it was dark.


Nagihiko woke up and rubbed his head. Rhythm was looking at him nervously. As in I-really-don't-want-to-tell-you-this nervous. Then he saw someone who looked exactly like him and had his school uniform. The person scowled.

"What, never seen yourself in a mirror?" Nagihiko could tell—even though she tried to disguise her voice—that it was a girl.

"Normally the mirrors don't talk back," He pointed out. She smirked.

"Well I suppose I should fill you in. I'm a clone, make to take your place while you stay here and rot in hell," The girl gave him a look. "Obviously, I'm not a perfect clone. But I can do my job well enough,"

"I wouldn't doubt it," Nagihiko muttered. "Got a name?"

She laughed, cold heartedly. "Well I guess I'm Nadeshiko, aren't I?"

Nagihiko looked at her for a minute. Then he said, "Can you Character Change with my Charas?"

"Yes. I also know everything you know, experienced everything you have, and am a very good actor," Nadeshiko grinned. "You don't have a chance,"

Nagihiko sighed. She was right, he didn't have a chance. Well… A thought dawned on him. It was a long shot, but it wasn't impossible. There was one way he could make her blow her cover.

"Hey," Nagihiko said. "Let's make a deal,"

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