I feel a surge of pride and remember the conversation I had with Albus last night


"Albus we cannot allow that horrible man near her again."

"we won't my dear, we need to contact the minister of magic, before we can do anything more"

Albus quickly scribbles a note to the minister of magic and seals it and tosses it in the floo.

"She is incredibly bright, how she is related to that muggle is beyond me!" I rant as I pace Albus' office. He is sitting in front of the fire watching me pace and waiting for the an answer from the minister of magic.

"I'm surprised you haven't wore a ditch into the floor yet." he says, I laugh sarcastically and punch him lightly in the arm. The flame flares green and a sealed piece of parchment comes through and lands in Albus' lap. He quickly breaks the seal and reads it.

"Well?" I ask nervously

"It seems the ministry is conducting an investigation into the state of Miss Granger, unless it is deemed untrue she stays with us." He answers happily. He stands up and pulls me close, he picks me up and spins me around before kissing me with an expression of pure happiness on his face.

I am happier than I have been in a long time. I never thought that I would have a daughter, it was several years ago I was told I could never have children. I didn't stop crying for weeks, Albus had to find another teacher to take over my classes for a while. I couldn't believe it Voldemort had ruined my ability to have the family I had always wanted. The soulless reincarnation of the devil had kidnapped, tortured and had several of his death eaters repeatedly rape me. Albus came to save me and I realized how much I really loved him.

**end flashback**

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