It was a bright and sunny day in Jump City like usual, no villains had attacked yet so the Titans took advantage of this and decide to lounge around the Tower doing what they wish.

Cyborg was in the garage working on his baby- I mean car, because he never runs out of things to fix-clean-create (you decide) to that vehicle. Robin was in the gym working out or maybe he was in his office obsessing over the latest criminal, because everyone knows that if Robin isn't in the gym he's in his office.

Beast Boy was playing on the play station wondering why the Titans have yet to buy an Xbox 360 and when they will stop making Ninja Monkeys 4 games or whatever it is most authors had him playing. Whilst Beast Boy was busy on his game across the common room/ kitchen Starfire was busy cooking something that would make your puke look tastier to eat.

Oh yeah! Raven was reading.

Suddenly the alarm rung out throughout the large tower alerting everyone that something bad was going on. All Titans rushed to the big screen and waited for Robin to inform them of the latest crime and which villain's butt they would have to kick extra hard for disturbing their lazy day.

"Red X," Robin growled. Not only did he steal his suit but he tried it on with Starfire his girlfriend... well at the time she was just his friend but damn it did he have feelings for her then!

The Titans flew-drove-teleported over to the scene of the crime; a lab. Broken glass lay everywhere, tables and chairs were turned upside down, books were discarded over the floor, and a black figure with a cape and what looked to be a hockey mask stood on one of the only desks that weren't destroyed.

"Well it's about time, I thought you weren't going to show," Xavier Red- I mean Red X said smugly. It was quite a coincidence that Robin's stolen suit matched his name perfectly, almost like he was the creator of this villain... a coincidence indeed.

Instead of retaliating with a cheesy pun Robin went straight to his teams catch phrase; "Titans GO!"

(AN- I'm going to interrupt the flow of this story with a pointless authors note and annoy the hell out of my readers... now back to the story.)

Gradually throughout the whole fight each Titan was knocked down unconscious except for one: Raven, the greatest Titan that ever lived, that most people can relate to so she's naturally everyone's favourite, the empathy that wasn't allowed to feel, who loved to read depressing poetry because she is a GOTH.

With a flick of her wrist Raven had Red X trapped to the wall using her magic, she held him there whilst the other Titans woke up, all groaning and moaning about the pains their bodies were feeling. Noticing Red X was trapped Robin pulled out his communicator out of his really tiny utility belt and called the police. Whilst he did that Starfire unbuckled the belt from Red X's waist so he could not disappear like he usually did.

Red X took advantage of having Cutie- I mean Starfire near him, leaned over and kissed her right on the lips. All though how he did it no one knows, it must of been hard since he was wearing a full face mask but hey let's just pretend for a split second that he wasn't.

Robin in a full outrage that someone else dared kiss his girl, stormed back to the tower completely ignoring the fact that it was unprofessional.

By this time the police had come and they locked Red X away, the Titans went back home and got back to what they were doing before.

Starfire cooking, Beast Boy playing and Cyborg working.

Oh yeah Raven was reading.

But suddenly Starfire worried about Robin's earlier reaction and decided to ask all of her friends where he might be instead of looking for him herself.

"Friend Cyborg, Friend Beast Boy, Friend Raven do know where Robin might of ventured to?" She asked in her sweet, naive, innocent voice.

"Bedroom," they all replied.

"Thank you Friend Cyborg, Friend Beast Boy and Friend Raven. Come Pet Silky we shall go visit Boyfriend Robin," the alien cheerfully skipped away to Robin's room the door closing behind her.

"Hey since when did Star suddenly start saying 'friend' before each of our names?" Beast Boy asked from over the couch.

"I don't know when did she become me best friend?" Raven asked rhetorically her eyes never leaving her book. Which just so happened to be Edgar Allen Poes 'The Raven' one of her all time favourites.

(AN- another pointless authors note...)

"Boyfriend Robin I seek your companionship," Starfire knocked on Robin's door.

After about three more knocks the door finally opened and there stood Robin without his mask. Starfire gasped in surprise and her eyes began to well up with tears, "Robin your eyes..."

Bright blue eyes stared into sparkly green ones, he smiled shyly. "Yeah, thanks. I thought it was time you saw them."

"Oh Robin, I love you. And although when I first came to this planet I didn't even know what the word 'nice' meant I understand the word 'love,' and I truly believe it was love at first sight when I saw you." Starfire confessed.

"I love you too, from the first moment I saw you, even when we were fighting and I thought you were some sort of alien terrorist I knew you were the woman of my dreams."

The two lovers- well not 'lovers' because they have yet to have sex yet because they are both so pure, kissed passionately, but had to stop before things got out of hand.

"Why were you so mad before?" Starfire questioned.

"I was just mad Red X kissed you. You know me and my jealousy," Robin chuckled nervously.

"I do, but Boyfriend Robin? Always remember that it is you who has my heart and not that klorbag."

"And you have mine," the two once again kissed, but this time they had an audience.

The rest of the Titans watched as the two made out and all smiled. Well all but one.

Raven glared jealously at the two loved up teens and decided to teleport herself to the police prisons where all villains were kept locked up. After walking down the long corridor (light bulbs exploding as she went) she stopped outside a cell. In the cell sat Xavier Red- I mean Red X.

Blasting the cell open Raven made out with the villain and decided if she couldn't have Robin she would just settle for his look-a-like twin. After all, although it was Starfire he was flirting with she felt that it was her and Red X that shared a connection.


Back at the tower Robin and Starfire finally pulled away from their passionate lip lock and stared deeply into one another's eyes.

"Hey Starfire?"

"Yes Boyfriend Robin?"

"Why do you keep talking like that?" Robin asked curiously.

"Talking like what x'inorfa Robin?"

(AN- that's Tamaranean for 'boyfriend')

"Like that... 'Boyfriend Robin' and putting 'friend' before each name, you never spoke like that before."

"I do not know, that is just how most have me speak, is it a problem?"

"Well yeah it's kind of annoying."

"Oh I apologise Boy- I mean Robin."

"Much better," Robin smiled and the two once again started making out.


Alright I know I won't get reviews for this but I do know I'll get readers. This was basically a parody on what most authors are writing like right now.

Now before you start flaming me saying that Starfire does speak like that, I have a link on my profile that has every single Teen Titans episode on there. Please watch at least ONE episode before you start criticising me.

Onto Red X- you all have to agree his character is annoying you, it's totally unoriginal, and it's all the same stories. Now I'm sorry for you people who happen to like this OC but I can't stand him, and I won't continue reading a story if he's in it, I only will if the story is good. Otherwise no.

Raven reading all the time... what is up with that? It's not much of a life is it? And please don't get all defensive on Raven because I had her be all jealous and what not I merely did that so I could point out another cliché. If Starfire isn't with Red X Raven is...

And lastly the AN now doesn't that annoy you? Even if you do it yourself, doesn't it annoy you when you read someone else doing it? Especially over the most pointless things!

Anyway thank you for reading this and please do not take offence.