Renji couldn't help staring.

He just hoped the other male would not be aware of the fact; but he just couldn't look away.

They had sparred, and now they were bathing in Urahara's underground spring, when Renji found himself peering at Ichigo.

He now knew the other male for so long, they had fought side by side, faced death, and got through so many shit; and now he was nearly drooling, just because the orange haired male was naked? That was just ridiculous.

Renji had seen him in way more awkward situations.

But here he was, glancing upon that lean, yet well muscular body that was Ichigo's. He had grown so much since their first encounter...

".. Renji?"

the other must have spoken for quite some time, judging by the look in his eyes

"You spaced out, or what is wrong?"

Renji blinked a few times

"... I... mind was drifting"

"Yeah, I'd never guessed that."


"Now, that's more like you. What's the matter now?"

Renji spun to hide his flushing face, pretending to wash his intimate area.

"It's nothing, my mind just drifted away." he said

"... must have been a pretty one" Ichigo chuckled

Renji turned back and watched him stupefied

"..watcha mean?"

Ichigo nearly burst into laughter "You nearly drooled, so you must've been thinking 'bout some pretty chick. Or dude. Your twisted enough"

Now Renji really went red, and his groin stirred in excitement

"..I.. err... what? Twisted? Me?"

Ichigo nodded, not aware of Renji's arousal hidden by the glistening surface "Nearly as twisted as this weird shop keeper"

Renji growled at that and immediately tackled Ichigo, dunking his head under water.

"I'd never date ya dad!" he snarled "And there's nothin' twisted 'bout liking guys!" he concluded

Ichigo grinned "So you're into dudes? I knew it!"

"I never said that! I just said there's nothing wrong about it!" Renji tried to vindicate

The smaller one grinned even wider "then just admit it! C'mon, my dad dates that weirdo, you can tell me!"

He had just meant to tease Renji, he was completely unaware of that he just had hit it. Renji knew that, sighed, grabbed a towel, left the pond and said "Yeah, you're right. I'm into guys. Happy now?" and left.

Ichigo stood there, naked, dripping, in the middle of the pond in the secret training ground under the shop that belonged to his weird dad's even weirder boyfriend, and was dumbstruck.

His best friend, the one he had willingly died for, the one he would trust not just only with his, but with his whole family's life, just told him he was into guys, and left.

When he found his voice back,Renji was long gone

"..you lookin' at me in this way?"

Renji could slap himself.

You big dumbass, why'd ya do that? that kiddo is your goddamn best friend!....

He paced around on the schoolyard, not knowing where else to go.

"KUSO!" he shouted frustrated

"That's not how you should talk on a schoolyard, ya know?"

He spun

"Ichigo? How'd ya find me?"

Ichigo sneered "It's not that I can't track reiatsu at all, ya know? And you don't made a big effort on hiding yours..."

he cleared his throat

"I'm sorry I didn't say anything" me mumbled "and for teasing you"

Renji blinked twice

".. sorry for making you uneasy." he smiled at Ichigo, offering peace with his words

Ichigo blushed "I.. I gotta ask you something"

"Go ahead"

"are... are ..you lookin' at me in this way?" he blurted out

"this way?" Renji cocked an eyebrow

"Ya know what I mean, don't make me say it!"

"You mean.. if I jerk off thinking of you?" that was Renji, subtle was a foreign word to him.

Ichigo blushed "do you?"

Renji mused about it and weighed his words well

"no" that was not a lie "but I'm afraid I might." he locked eyes with Ichigo, who went crimson

"...you might?" Ichigo winced

"I think I grow attracted to you"

Renji had decided to get honest, and blunt, in order to save what was to save of their friendship. It may have been better to lie, but it would have bit him someday in the future, he knew.

Ichigo had gone silent.

He opened his mouth a few times, but said anything, and shut it again.

Renji watched him a few minutes, and then talked again.

"I think, I should leave you alone for a while, get your thoughts clear, and we can talk on. That's if ya want to."

Ichigo simply nodded.

End of 1


kuso(糞) - 1: (Colloquialism) bullshit; shit; damn; 2: (Noun) (Colloquialism) feces; excrement; (adj-f) 3: damn (adds emphasis and or annoyance to next word, e.g. damn hot, damn kids, etc.); damned

this was planned as PWP, but that bitch mutated, and suddenly had a pseudo plot.

Smexing will come later, though.

Ichigo: wait, I thought I could make up my mind on this?

Renji: obviously, our opinions are rejected

Ichigo: *glares* ... yeah, as if you mind that.

Renji: *smirks*