"Fuck you now? But I don't want to.. you're so goddamn responsive..." Renji nearly pouted

Ichigo felt his ears starting to burn, but his arousal was bigger than his shame for being responsive what sounded to him like inexperienced.

Renji obviously could read that in his eyes

"Ain't nothing wrong with that," He scissored his fingers "it's goddamn hot"

Ichigo's head hung slightly back, he closed his eyes and enjoyed the feeling of being stretched.

"Feels good?"

"..un... yes! Feels... aw.. aw... awesome!"

"That's it, moan for me, and I'll fuck you with my fingers!"

"but... I ... un... I want you... to.. ahhh.. fuck me for real!"

Ichigo writhed beneath Renji, trying to make the other proceed.

"Not yet, sweetheart" Renji moaned in his ear "I quite like the way you move with my fingers fucking you open"

Ichigo's whole body jerked and he tossed his head to the side. His jaw hung slightly down, leaving his lips parted, so his breath ghosted out in heated puffs.

"Cut that sweeee... uhn... theart crap already and dooooo~ah me!"

"pushy, he?" Renji just grinned wider "But that ain't get you anywhere"

He proved his point by stabbing Ichigo's prostate a few times

"RENJI! ... please!" Ichigo whined.

Renji was amazed that he had the other already reduced to a whimpering, moaning mass, with his hair hanging damp in his eyes, his face bright red, his eyes heavy lidded and his breath coming out in a ragged way that could hardly be called rhythm.

"ng.. Renji, you're such a tease! I ...ah... want you!"

Something in Renji's eyes changed.

"But you already have me" he whispered low, caressing Ichigo's body, and slowly kissing him.

Then he lined his cock up with Ichigo's puckered entrance and buried himself in one swift motion.

He halted to give the teen the possibility to adjust, and to admire his flushed face that burned in all shades of red.

Renji again leaned forward to whisper a promise in Ichigo's ear.

Ichigo's eyes flew open, he wanted to say something, but then screwed them shut the same second because Renji had started to [i]thrust[/i] and hit his prostate straight-on.

He took his time to slowly withdraw, until only the head remained inside, just to slam back hard and deep, then over again.

Ichigo sounded like a needy bitch in heat in his own ears, but he couldn't care less.

It felt so good. If just Renji would move a little bit faster and deeper, he surely would go insane. He bucked his hips, frantically trying to meet Renji's sweet, slow, torturous thrusts.

Renji just clamped down on his hips, keeping them in place, and going on in that mind-blowing rhythm, still always aiming for his sweet spot.

"Renji, ah, please, I .. no more.. can't take it.. no longer. ..fuck... harder.. faster.. please... PLEASERENJIOMIGAWD, YES!"

Renji smirked as he began to thrust harder and faster, biting back some comment like 'since you asked so nicely'.

He felt his own needs grow with every thrust, but he still didn't want to rush things. He wanted to make Ichigo feel as much pleasure as possible, to prove his promise.

He slowed down again. leaving the man beneath him whimpering and whining for more.

Ichigo tried to buck his hips again, more impatient this time, needier.

"Ren.. I... need you... please.. fuck me!"

Renji was completely lost.

While before he had taken his sweet time to torture the other, he now pounded into him merciless.

Ichigo cried out in pleasure, his back arching off the mattress, with just his heels and head staying in contact with it. Renji supported himself on one arm, while he had the other flung around Ichigo's frame to intensify the power of his thrusts.

His hips were snapping back and forth in a wild rhythm, driven by basic instincts, by the need to sate his lust, and possessiveness.

He bit down hard on Ichigo's pectoral muscle, not hard enough to draw blood, but hard enough to bruise and mark.

Ichigo just screamed in pleasure, unconsciously happily welcoming Renji's dominance.

Yes, he had loved fucking the big loud mouth, he had enjoyed the fact that he was able to make him scream in lust, that he had been the one giving; but he had even more enjoyed that Renji had still been in control.

He had always carried the world on his shoulders; saving his family, saving Rukia, saving Orihime, saving Soul Society, saving the whole goddamn world.

And now he could let go, let someone else take the lead, lean back, lay down and simply enjoy getting his brains fucked out by his personal sex god.

He would never admit that, but he loved the fact that he could submit to Renji without seeming weak and pathetic.

And obviously Renji loved that, too. He stared into his face, his eyes, locking their gazes.

His face was flushed from arousal, and from exertion, his lips parted, his breath rugged and non-rhythmic.

He groaned deep and low in his chest, his hair still up in that spiky ponytail, but fallen apart mostly.

Ichigo could not draw his eyes away, he had to keep them open, had to keep staring at the beauty of the other man.

He neither recognized his own screaming, his own breathless babbling, nor did he care. All that counted was the moment, Renji inside him, Renji wrapping his body around him, and the promise he'd made earlier.

"You already possess me, and I'll always be there, as long as you want me, as long as you love me."



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